Tissue paper: how to use it?


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Modern industry is developing rapidly, offering consumers all the new varieties and the variety of products. Did not escape these trends and be familiar with the material, like tissue paper. And if earlier by this phrase meant a very specific thing – paper, from which was produced a cigarette, today the range of products under this designation is so broad that it can be used almost anywhere.

Today she still uses and the tobacco industry, but only if we are talking about the simple, classic version of the paper. In addition, tissue paper is used as packaging material, including for festive decoration of the bouquets, buttonholes or simply gifts. The wide color range allows you to choose the most suitable option for virtually every event, so you can create countless design decisions.

For many fans of such popular destinations as the hand-made thin colored paper became another platform for the manifestation of creative imagination – quite a few affordable and simple materials that she transformed into magnificent flowers, which is safe to arrange the interior space, the wedding procession, banquets and children's matinees. Tissue paper, some wire cutters – in fact everything you need to create genuine masterpieces of needlework.

Applies a thin paper and another kind of needlework – create greeting cards with your own hands. This gift can please anyone, after all, this is a very exclusive thing created for him. Paper cards can be of different thicknesses that can model absolutely any shape and create an application with different degrees of complexity. This, of guarantees the implementation of any, even the most complex of the author's imagination, so this paper is perfect for a variety of ages. Create amazing cards and the kids who first try themselves in the art of the application, and adults working on the author's masterpieces.

In addition, it truly is indispensable for restoration work in the painting, with the restoration of the icons and antiquities, as well as when working with fragile paper documents. Archives, art workshops and even a chemical laboratory – it's not all modern enterprises are constantly in need of this amazing paper.


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One of the varieties of tissue paper is the so-called waxed paper. This is a subtle paper, impregnated, coated or covered on both sides by a special film, which includes paraffin. This paper, referred to in the professional slang of parafiscal, great for food packaging before storing. After applying to it the protective layer it takes on the property not to pass air and moisture that guarantees the safety of products Packed in it for a long time. It is often also used to wysylania all kinds of containers with food, wraps oiled mechanical parts, preservation of certain products. Despite the fact that paraffine is very similar to paper, utterly saturated with oil, it doesn't leave a greasy residue either on the arms or on products which makes it very convenient to use.

This tissue paper perfectly replaces plastic wrap and film packaging, since its structure contains much more natural components.

Applies a thin paper and another kind of needlework – create greeting cards with your own hands. This gift can please anyone, after all, this is a very exclusive thing created for him.

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