Information management: concept, the basic approaches and types of companies


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Information management is the technology the main components of which are:

- staff

- the documents, software and hardware support processes.

In recent years, it is this type of governance is becoming popular because of the transition of society to a new postindustrial stage of development.

The Great importance of information system management that must be regulatory approved. They represent organizationally ordered set of arrays of documents and technology with the use of computers and communications that implement a system of intprocessid.

An Information system designed to store, process, search, distribute, transmit and provide the data. Therefore, it is necessary to consider in more detail the peculiarities of their formation and functioning.

Information management in the organization is developing in accordance with the following provisions.

First, it is only within a particular firm.

Second, the information becomes an independent factor of production that lies in the decision-making process.

Third, information management is related not only to information but to the whole of the information work of the organization. And he is more ambitious and broader meaning than simple document management.

Information management - it features the management of the development and application of data in the interests of the company. Its main purpose is to ensure the company's development by regulating various types of activities.

There is a different interpretation of the concept "information management" in different countries.

At the German school it refers to a set of goals and objectives of management, which concerns the sphere of formation and use of resource information.

In an English school interpreted IT-management in view of the complex management tasks associated with system information.

In the definition information management includes an extensive range of managerial tasks, the solution of which will depend on the achievement of the objectives of a specific enterprise. This is achieved through consistent and effective management of information resources and technologies of the company.

In this type of management in accordance with the above parameters, we can characterize two kinds of companies.

In companies with a high level of application of information management, and a series of indicators:

  • The organization's leadership is able to explain the complete procedure of the organization;

  • The top management is directly involved in the basic procedures and taking strategic orders;

  • There are clear business goals, in order to make investments in this sphere;

  • There is dynamics to decrease the change in control.

In companies with a low level of application of information management, it is possible to allocate the following number of indicators:

  • The top leadership. it management is perceived as a sector with a low return on investment;

  • Information management this form becomes a barrier in order to implement the new strategy of the company;

  • Inconsistent or slow action in making decisions in it;

  • The top management is not able to explain the basic and ongoing procedure under this management;

  • Projects of the company in it never fit into the budget or deadlines;

  • Often changing management arrangements.

Due to the presence of these two management approaches theory and practice of information management in Russia requires considerable work.

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