A Wide Range Of Products Makes It The Leader In Sales Of Bimetallic Radiators Sira


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The Problem of choosing a radiator makes you think any buyer. Often the choice is between steel and aluminum radiator. Bimetallic radiators Sira will answer all Your questions. This type of sinks will be the best choice for all Central heating systems. Such incidents as the instability pressure or spontaneous flow of heat, will not create problems. The combination of steel and aluminum make universal radiators for all types of premises, from residential apartments to office buildings. Steel middle of the radiator, namely, the pipe through which coolant circulates, allow you to quickly heat the area of the room. In this case you can safely forget about all corrosion processes. Aluminium, in turn, allows us to produce enough light housing. Thus, the combination of these two metals makes bimetallic radiators energy efficient with low energy consumption. All this thanks to strict quality control all products are durable, efficient operation life up to 20 years. Working pressure of produced radiators is 40 atmospheres, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances possible robot even at 170 atmospheres. Working temperature up to 1100C.

For those buyers who care about how the heat exchangers will fit in the interior of their dwelling, the designers have developed an interesting and even unusual curved shape with no sharp nodes. Colors varied.

The electronic cigarette battery will fully guarantee the absence of corrosion and the ambient noise, by using special strips that provide high integrity. The seams of the radiator is made without welding, and such design allows to withstand the pressure of about 170 atmospheres. Another convenient feature that can be installed in one-pipe heating system, as well as without any inconvenience in a twin. Warranty from manufacturer, thanks to its strict quality control, is about 20 years!

Radiators Sira universal because available in separate units, most often at 2 - 3 sections, thanks to such features there is a possibility to equip the device with the required number of sections. The connection of the radiators will not be absolutely no difficulty, because the wall mounting is done using special brackets. When buying one should not forget about the diameter of the pipe.

Buy bimetallic radiators in today's world, it is absolutely not difficult. A wide range of products provided in the product catalog on the manufacturer's website or in specialized shops, where consultants will answer all your questions. First and foremost, You need to calculate the required number of installed radiators for heating the entire premises. For this it is necessary to take into account the floor area, the heat capacity of the radiator and, of course, do not forget about the size of the heater.

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