What is a CV compared to a resume.


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Doing a job search, very often you saw the requirement that I must provide a detailed CV or resume in electronic form. I wonder what is CV and how it differs from a summaryOf what's the difference?

The Difference

Consider what they tell us about the dictionary of these concepts. A resume or CV? So, the summary is very succinct, brief idea about something important from your life. A CV - what is it? CV itA Curriculum vitae, as stated in the dictionary, this is a story about work activities, areas of study, and other data about life, which are important in the job search. In other words, the summary should be written in order to tell about work, about your education, experience, skills and abilities. But CV writing in order to tell you about every place of work, each specialty acquired while studying in different universities.

Many do not realize that require the subject, when asked to send a resume or CV. About education first and foremost to tell the requirement to provide a CV. Then you can move on to the description of the experience in which you just list all the places where I had to work, since graduating from the school to the present time. This section is a technical description of biographical data, date of admission, date of leaving or moving to a new place. But when I write summary (unlike the CV), it is not necessary to tell you about every place of work, where they had to work after graduation.


In summary a welcome feature when emphasize and bold text or font of achievements at different jobs, tell you about my progress in various positions. And in that CV, it is also welcome? No, no highlighting or markings are not encouraged, but most importantly when composing a CV is to use personal pronouns in first person, when there are listing different duties. resume or cvIs Not followed in the preparation of the CV to mention about your marital status, nationality, personal data. As in CV and resume writing section about your Hobbies and Hobbies should be tied closely to the place of work, which are written in these documents. As a sales agent no matter if you play football or hockey. The CV is adopted to clearly describe their professional qualities according to the chronology of your career, and in summary it is possible to begin with a description of their best qualities, and then go to work experience on different positions. In summary it is necessary to describe not just a time of work and duration, and to list their achievements, the results of their activities. And after that you can specify data such as the ability to work on computer, knowledge of languages and their education. Not an example of a CV, resume will fit on 1 or 2 pages A4. In summary a lot is not necessary to tell. But the CV - what is it? It can be stretched on all 3-4 pages – it all depends on the duration of your employment. When reading a professional resume, you can immediately evaluate the test and make the decision of hiring or rejecting. But CV do not go.


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Summary Points

A Properly written resume will be one of the important reasons that can recruit. When writing it is necessary to consider the task – to get a reading summary to take you. Any special standards when writing a CV do not exist. But there are some important points that all try to follow:

  1. Consider a job that is in front of you when writing the summary.
  2. Properly use the marketing when writing your resume.
  3. Match summary not for the fact that you immediately took on the work, and to achieve the purpose you to definitely the interview.
  4. Understand the difference summary of the novel or story, everything should be described clearly and concisely.
  5. In the description of their achievements and career descriptions, use clear wording, do not write about the facts vague.
  6. Make the beginning of the summary is very effective.
  7. Write a positive text.
  8. Never repeat.
  9. Transmit through a summary of their knowledge and experience.what is cv and how it differs from CV

Goal summary

A Good resume is a document which disclosed your goal. What you strive for, your dreams. You need plain text to describe your aspirations for the desired post. An important purpose of the resume should be an indication of the motives and reasons for finding a new job. All this must be carefully prescribed, because such questions you will be asked at the first meeting with the employer. In professional CV should reflect your best qualities indicate how you can help the company in office, what are the benefits for the company, taking you to work.


What is CV and how to write it? example cvWhen writing a CV you need common sense first and foremost. No standards or sample will not help to write a good CV. It is not necessary to pay attention to the scope of this document. No matter how many pages of text is CV, the main thing - to describe all about yourself in terms of the rank you want to get. It is not necessary to be limited to technical transfer, where he worked, and indicate what worked, what they were doing, what successes you have achieved in office. But at the same time, we must always try to write concisely are not welcome literary opus. If you praise yourself, clearly, without superfluous words. You should describe only those Hobbies that are relevant to the position you want to occupy. In any case it is impossible in the text to allow the lie. For example, you report that you have an idea about the program C1, and the question during the interview about the ability to work in this accounting program will say almost do not know. This will jeopardize any other information about yourself that you provide in the CV.

Tips when writing a CV

CV - what is it and what advice can you give? When writing you have to remember what the requirements put forward to the position for which you are applying. Before writing is always good and understand all that is require from anyone who wants to get the job done. what is a cv and how to writeThe Written text should be clearly structured paragraphs, an important place is allocated, if necessary, should be paragraphs and subparagraphs. Do not write in the same font. Write information about yourself as promotional text about the product you want to sell profitably. But try to be precise in the description of their positive qualities. Highlight your achievements and skills that will help you with the work of the proposed post. Form of writing a CV should not be too literary, the description of yourself and praise should be concise and sober. Structurally, it is necessary to explain your strengths, tell us about that before you did that helped your former company to achieve good results. To confirm the veracity of the described facts about yourself, try to refer to specific people who can confirm them. Before sending a CV try to correctly check the text and layout. Check out how the reading your biography on the loved ones. When properly drafted CV's always a success when finding a new job.


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