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In the era of globalization the profession of a translator becomes relevant as never before. In this article you will learn about the types, functions and income of the translators.

Types of translation works

What is known about translation as a profession? Probably only the fact that this expert is high-quality translation of texts, dialogues or various oral statements. However, this profession has a fairly wide range of species and subspecies. So if a person has a good knowledge in a particular language, he is able to work in the following areas:

  • The state of any organization. This can be attributed to the foreign Ministry, various record companies or film companies. The person who wants to work in this field must have a special education and a good reputation.
  • Freelancing. This work in a free environment. Here it is enough to establish itself from the best side. Education as such is not required.

The Interpreter is able to perform the following types of work:

  • Orally;
  • Working with text;
  • Video.

What is the salary of a translator? The answer to this question will be given next.

Key responsibilities interpreter

Regardless of where exactly does the person engaged in translations, there are certain functions that need to perform these experts. how much does a translatorTo a large extent the duties and depends on the answer to the question about how much earns a translator. So how can distinguish?

  • Working with documents, regulations, presentations, etc. this should not be lost semantic content, style and vocabulary.
  • Work on editing texts. Reduction, modification or correction; again, the translator must fully preserve the original meaning of the text.
  • Business correspondence, conversations and negotiations.
  • Support of officers at various meetings, conferences, negotiations etc Implementation of simultaneous translation.

The Most current language

Which language is the most important and relevant today? how to earn translators EnglishMost say that it is English. Of course, it is. I'm sure many would like to know how to earn the translators of the English language. And here arises one major problem: English is one of the most underpaid. This is due to many reasons. But the main is the fact that more and more people learn this language and need translators simply disappears. Nevertheless, 67% of the vacancies falls on the English language - that's really interesting paradox!


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What other languages in the labour market are considered important? According to statistics, 14% of the vacancies are in German. Thus, it is the language of Germany is in second place after English. The remaining share falls on the French (5 %), Chinese (4 %) and Spanish (2 %).

The Question of how much a translator earns, is very difficult. To uncover this topic difficult, because depend on income from many factors. And yet it is possible to reveal the most basic points. More on that later.

Translator in the field of freelancing

Every day "free translators" is becoming more. This is due, of course, with the development of Internet technologies and the emergence of new exchanges of content. It is worth noting that a freelancer has more opportunities than workers in formal organization. Because in the Internet there is a lot of information, content, videos and texts could be translated and put it for review.

How much earns a freelance translator? To answer this question in one word fail. Here everything will depend on the following factors:

  • The level of congestion of an interpreter;
  • Relevance of the content for translation;
  • The number of Internet users, in need of content, and more.

However it Should be noted that with respect to the professional interpreter is able to earn monthly up to 1 thousand $ (if we are talking about exchanges of content).

Income depending on language

What is the salary of Chinese interpreter? And the Italian? Such questions are people who think that target language depends on the income. But is it really? The answer to this question will be given next.how to earn translators English

There is a special statistics allowing one to estimate the cost of interpreters depending on the language direction. Given the fact that the average salary of the specialist is about 40 thousand rubles, it is necessary to take into account the following information:

  • Greek - 85 thousand rubles;
  • Arabic - 61 thousand rubles;
  • Japanese language - up to 60 thousand rubles;
  • Chinese language - 47 thousand rubles;
  • The Kazakh language - 42 thousand rubles;
  • Italian - 36 thousand rubles.

As you can see, the leading position of the Greek language. It is people mastering the language, earn the most money. However, you can ask the question, where is the English language. How to earn the translators of the English language? Oddly enough, but mastering the language professionals earn very little - a bit less than the translation from Italian.

Education to work as a translator

Whether you want to study in different schools to master the profession of a translator? Depend in this case, everything is from where it wants to carry out his career. So, it is unlikely the foreign Ministry or in the prestigious record company will take a person without proper education. To get into this kind of company and work there officially, you need to try very hard.how much does a Chinese language interpreter the idea is to get a degree in the University in the language profession, earn at least a little work experience, to participate in various language competitions, etc.

If a person wants to work as a translator in the field of freelancing, then he will not have so much strain. Here everything is much simpler: you only need to send a couple of test works to the customer and to establish itself as a quality specialist. But sometimes the way a freelance translator can be difficult and winding. In fact, to prove themselves the best positions to try very well.

Income depending on place of work

The Official organizations that need competent translators with higher education in Russia is really a lot. The level of income also depends on the region where the specialist. how to earn translators in RussiaHow to earn translators in Russia? This will be discussed further.

Here are the statistics, according to which the average salary varies depending on the region (referring to the work of a simultaneous interpreter):

  • Moscow oblast - from 60 to 100 thousand rubles;
  • Leningrad oblast - from 40 to 80 thousand rubles;
  • Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and Kazan - the 30 to 45 thousand rubles;
  • Other major cities from 27 to 45 thousand rubles.

How to earn more?

There are several tips for people who want to do the translation. If you follow the following recommendations, all questions like "how much does a translator of Chinese, Italian or Spanish languages" will disappear by themselves. After all, everything depends not so much on the source, how much of the applied effort.how much does the translator of the Chinese

  • You Need to constantly improve. So, if it seems that the language was studied far and wide and there's nowhere, not worth the stay. You must open a new, sometimes highly specialized facets of the language. The comfort zone is harmful, and to remain in it in any case.
  • Prestigious company or organization.
  • Choice of place of residence and, accordingly, work.


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