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In recent years the issue of employment arose very sharply. And to choose the right place, we have to study numerous reviews on employers. What are the reviews of employees of "Sportmaster" gets in the way? Because here, as experience shows, very often referring students for part-time work. And people with higher education are also found in similar stores. Let's try to understand, you should pay attention to this company or not.staff Sportmaster


What awaits us if we get jobs here? "Sportmaster" feedback from employees (Moscow and other Russian cities) is shown different. But as the selected activities of the opinions expressed good. After all, this company is engaged in selling sporting goods. Has one name it is possible to guess.

"Sportmaster" anyone can pick up sportswear, footwear, accessories, exercise equipment, and a variety of items for an active holiday according to your taste. And with all this choice there is good. "Sportmaster" reviews of staff (Voronezh or any other city - no matter where the staff) earns in terms of the spectrum of choice is more than adequate. With employees and customers agree. Here you can really find everything for active rest and healthy lifestyle. Of course, prices are also encouraging.


But this is only one side of the "coin". Well that like to shop to potential buyers. And what this bill can give employees? How firms are inside the network? Because the different Newspapers are often invited to work in "Sportmaster". Feedback from staff about her, in truth, mixed. And most of them are positive regarding the proposed vacancies.


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For Example, you can easily and simply get a job as a management consultant or a cashier. These are the most common jobs that exist in any city in "Sportmaster". The task here is simple - service and consulting clients, as well as transactions of purchase and staff

In addition, in recent years more and more workers are needed in the stores, "Sportmaster". Employee feedback from these activities is not so radiant as you may think. After work will have in full force. Sometimes even you will require more than you can give. Therefore, among the storekeepers of the company there is a turnover.

A Variety of merchandisers and promoters are also required to work in the "Sportmaster". The staff (Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad - no matter what the city in question) in this sense more positive. Because, as a rule, these jobs are temporary. And all day to be at the work place is not necessary.

The Interview

The First phase, which will go on the road to employment is the interview. About the process worried, perhaps, many potential workers no matter where they turned. Only work in "Sportmaster" the feedback from staff in terms of commencement of employment and complete the interview gets very good.

The Thing is that in many regions you will visit any shop of a network, refer to senior Manager, to speak with him, to fill in the questionnaire of the applicant and show their summary. It may also be absent. A big role in employment, your resume is not important. That's all the problems solved. It remains only to wait until you will be contacted and informed of the decision come to you for the selected position or not. Reviews of employees of "Sportmaster" in terms of recruitment, particularly a new delight.

Occasionally you may be invited to the head office of the company in your city. But the interview is not much different from a conversation with a senior Manager. No stress, friendly atmosphere and nice people - that's what awaits you. This fact can not but rejoice. And most likely, you will definitely suited for the position. New footage of the trade staff


"Sportmaster" feedback from employees regarding the work schedule, unfortunately, gets longer as positive as we would like. The problem is that only new employees I can assure that this feature is more than comfortable. In the future, the opinion is changing in the worst way.

Why so? Initially you agree to a shift schedule with fixed days off. It is possible to apply the principle of 2/2 or 5/2. All documents will be obtained that you work according to a specified scheme. But in reality will be a little different.

The Store "Sportmaster" feedback from staff was terrible in terms of work schedule gets what contract terms are often not followed. Yes, it happens in many organizations. Only in the "Sportmaster" you all too often will ask to go to the switch. Of course, no extra pay. Plus, over time, fixed weekend will turn into a floating, if not disappear. And will have to work for 10-12 hours, from opening to closing of store in your city. Not everyone is happy with the attitude of staff.

Terms and Conditions

But something good the Corporation is also available. For example, the working conditions in which employees have. Of course, this is mostly about sales. Warehouses working conditions not very good - small, stuffy rooms that are poorly ventilated, not everyone is satisfied. But such is the situation for many firms.

But the managers are in greater comfort. Feedback from employees about company "Sportmaster" in this sense is good. After all, the shops are spacious, warm, equipped with climate control. This means that even in the heat or cold no one will freeze and will not suffer from lack of air.Sportmaster staff Moscow

There are offices where you can eat. As such, a break for lunch at "Sportmaster" is missing. And managers have dinner when buyers or no, or very few of them. Toilets are available in most stores. So few people have to stand in a queue in the shared restroom at the Mall.

Social guarantees

Social protection of employees - an important point in employment. If conditions are not met, there are few who agree to work in a particular company. Reviews of employees of "Sportmaster" on the social guarantees very positive. After all, despite some of its negative aspects, tries to comply with the laws. And of course, all the staff provides social guarantees.

They usually include sick leave and vacation. Often to get a well deserved rest from your employer is extremely difficult. But not in the "Sportmaster". The main rule - at least a year to work on jobs. And then there will be no problems. The exception is a session for students. If you want to relax, as a new frame, you can leave this idea - too much effort spent to achieve a result.

However, here too there is a shortage. Pregnant women in "Sportmaster" under the guise of employees do not like. And despite the laws of girls in the state is very often dismissed. The reasons are, even if they do not exist. And to the young ladies, recently married and planning to have kids in the next few years, are skeptical.


The company Management and its relationships with staff and their effect on the opinions about the Corporation. Unfortunately, "Sportmaster" in this sense is no better than anywhere else. Employees are not very happy with his leadership. And for good reason.warehouses Sportmaster staff

For Example, the attitude to subordinates. Some shops found the manual, which does not consider people those who are below them in status. And of course, these employees are treated unfairly to the subordinates. Shift their responsibilities, download jobs, forced to work on weekends as well as leave the workplace without overtime surcharges.

In addition to all the above, not to mention the fact that nobody is going to keep you in the event of a conflict in the network. Or kicked out, or forced to resign, or the attitude will change and become disgusting. If you're used to pointed out, and normally applies to unfair relationship, with the leaders of "Sportmaster" you will never have problems. In other cases, conflicts are inevitable.


But if to speak about ordinary employees, between them very often there is a friendly atmosphere, which helps to fight against unjust authorities. We can say that "Sportmaster" - is a great place to meet new friends. Competition itself is not the same as career prospects. This means that no one will "cut the throat" for his work in "Sportmaster".

Yes, conflicts among employees occur. But these isolated cases are stopped quickly. In General, the work in this organization take friendly, helpful and open people. It helps to relieve tension in the workplace, as well as attracting new customers in the trading network.


Very bad things happening with salaries. There are reviews of employees of "Sportmaster" only frightened. Especially new staff and students who still do not know what lies ahead.


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