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The Choice of winter tires for drivers is sometimes a daunting task. And no wonder, because the options there are many, both cheap and at a high price. But the high cost may not always mean high quality and Vice versa. How to avoid mistakes in this case? Will help detailed analysis of the information as provided by the manufacturer, and based on the fact that the drivers, when you write your reviews. Amtel Nordmaster will be our today's test subject. Will try on the basis of available information to determine whether to buy the tires for your car and to whom it would suit best.

Destiny model series tire

As you can see from the name Amtel Nordmaster ST, it's rubber you want to use in the winter season. As stated by the manufacturer, it possesses all the necessary features that can ensure safe driving in the harsh Russian winter. The list of problems associated with the weather, with which the tires can handle, are ice, icy pavement or dirt, wet pavement and snow slush. Basically, it lists all of the weather conditions that occur on local roads. Just need to know how the rubber will cope with them and due to what is happening.

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Special rubber compound

The Main problem faced by manufacturers in the design of a winter tyre is the balance of the rubber composition. Silica tyres Amtel Nordmaster 2 should be of such consistency that when a relatively high temperature not too soft and not to be subjected to this damage. However, it should not harden at relatively low temperatures, because it is a very negative effect on the hitch with a slippery road surface.


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It is these problems, according to the manufacturer, were eliminated thanks to an updated formula of rubber compound, patented and developed with the establishment of the tire of the novelty. Rubber has sufficient softness and not spreading at zero temperature. Silica R14 Amtel Nordmaster received a solid molecular structure with its silicon oxidizing agent, are responsible for resistance to premature wear. All this in complex allows to expect a quality product, able to cope with domestic winter roads.

 amtel nordmaster st


To order the driver and passengers can feel confident during the development was thought out in a variety of innovative solutions, among which a special form of tire tread. He received a large number of embedded Z-shaped lamellae, scattered as it seems at first glance, in a chaotic manner on the surface. In fact, however, they are clearly ordered and its location provide reliable rowing and grip, not only on startup but also while driving at an acceptable speed mode depending on the driving situation.

The tread pattern of the tires Amtel Nordmaster symmetrical. At its center are two axial continuous line with many small lamellae at the edges. Their goal is to maintain stability and ensuring a secure and smooth maneuvering without risk of skidding. In addition to all these elements, confidence studding adds high-quality rubber.

tires amtel nordmaster 2

The Presence of spines, providing a coupling mechanism on ice

If the protector is designed to create good grip on snow or in slush, on solid ice in a battle come the other elements – spikes. In this model, their location is thought possible that allowing a small number of them to create a reliable grip to almost mirror the ice surface. Do not think that they are simply placed in locations where it was most convenient. In fact, the spikes here form ten separate planes, each of which increases the grip not only during the dispersal and movement, but also during emergency braking, which increases your chances to respond quickly when a disaster occurs. In Amtel Nordmaster ST thorn uses a standard form, so in the case of fallout it can be easily replaced at any tire store.

tires amtel nordmaster

Wear rubber

The Question of the durability of the developers are also not spared. To increase tire life managed through the use of several methods to increase resistance to abrasion.

The First – this is a special carbon additives in the rubber mixture. They enhance her strength, so that it is less susceptible to various punctures cuts, and therefore, can last much longer. These additives increase the density of the rubber and not allow it to rapidly wear off even at relatively high temperatures and driving on clean dry asphalt.

The Second aspect that enhances durability – it is the use of double-layer protector. Working surface made of a hard but pliable rubber that does not allow it to fade prematurely. However, despite this rigidity, due to the mobility of the second layer of the tire does not lose its excellent characteristics regarding stability on slippery surfaces or in snow, and this is confirmed by reviews. Amtel Nordmaster, as we shall see later, was quite a good model.

r14 amtel nordmaster

Carbon and acid as components that increase grip

These components, providing high wear resistance of rubber, and have a pleasant side effect. Although, even in this case, it's hard to say what kind of property is incidental, because they both have a very positive impact on the performance as a whole. We are talking about what is used in the composition of the rubber Amtel Nordmaster ST technical carbon and silicon, the oxidizing agent can not only increase the strength of the silica, but also provide enhanced contact with the road surface, whereby the coupling mechanism, and with it confidence in driving increased.

amtel nordmaster st thorn

Positive feedback drivers

To evaluate whether the test results and the manufacturers are the truth, you can explore the Amtel Nordmaster reviews from real drivers who have already been using this rubber for some time. To begin, consider the positive aspects noted them in my reviews:

  • The Main advantage, perhaps, which is especially important is low cost compared to competitors. Often at a low price, you can expect to catch here, however, it will not, because, as you can see further, rubber turned out to be surprisingly good.
  • Strength to the working surface and sidewalls. Winter – it's a time of year when many dangers may be hidden under snow cover, and breakaway spurs and chunks of ice to be almost sharper than glass or nails. However, many drivers noted the high strength and wear resistance of tires Amtel Nordmaster CL, as well as its ability to deal with various problems on the roads and avoid damage.
  • Durable spikes. A large number of spike models is the rapid loss of spines. If these tires will hold you properly run, then this problem will not have to face, even with a relatively aggressive riding style.
  • High permeability. The developers knowingly worked on the tread design and placement of spines, since all of this has yielded positive results, thanks to which tyres surely go even in deep loose snow or smooth ice mirror.

This is the main advantages, and it is already clear that the rubber is pretty high quality, and the manufacturer has kept its promises. However, this model has received some negative sides.

tires amtel nordmaster cl

Cons noted by users

Perhaps this section will be quite small. The first disadvantage – high noise, especially when driving on pure asphalt. However, the moment characteristic of all tires, in which there are thorns, because they are the source of the noise, and this is confirmed by other reviews. Amtel Nordmaster in this case, simply no exception.

The Second – deterioration of characteristics at high speeds. But then you can emphasize. In most cases in the winter time should be reasonable and not to go with the maximum allowable speed, or even exceed it, and to navigate depending on the actual traffic situation.

Otherwise, more definite minuses not seen. Several drivers have noted the rapid loss of spines, but they are a little on the background of those who, on the contrary, notices their reliable fastening. Therefore, this situation may be the consequence of either a poor batch, or, more likely, the effects of improper break-in.


This rubber, which are of Russian origin, is featured suitable for harsh winter conditions and able to cope with most difficulties encountered when driving on winter roads. Tires...

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