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One of the most popular currently the car «Kia» (country of origin-Korea) for the past 13 years of happy motorists. Model "Sorento" debuted in 2002 in America. After the presentation, in car dealerships Chicago car rapidly began to gain popularity. In all there were three generations of the Kia Sorento.

Kia country of origin

I generation

History, as already mentioned above, started in 2002 It was then that everyone saw the first SUV «Kia Sorento”. Country of origin – South Korea, but the Assembly was carried out at several factories «Kia motors». The first was the home of cars, second – in Russia, the third – in the Philippines, and later, due to increased demand from American buyers, it was decided to conduct Assembly in the US.

As for the Russian plant, which was located in Izhevsk, at that time there were only screwdriver Assembly. If you call this process, in simple terms, the finished items have entered the shop, where it was necessary to collect them together.

After 4 years the decision was made to upgrade the model. During the restyling has changed the design of the car and installed a new, more powerful powertrain.

Generation II

The First generation was manufactured for 7 years, but in 2009 in the South Korean capital Seoul was presented a new version of «Kia». Country of origin auto "Sorento" could vary, because the Assembly runs in different places. As a rule, in this matter are guided by the markets. For example, in Russia it was decided to abandon Izhevsk, and production moved to Kazakhstan. In Ust-Kamenogorsk specially built plant, which is called “Asia Avto”. Concern «Kia motors» installed there the most modern equipment, so the build quality can not survive on the Russian market delivered a reliable car. By the way, you need to pay attention to what Korean experts closely monitor the product that comes off the Assembly line.


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Kia what country the manufacturer

Generation III

In 2014, the Koreans introduced a completely updated car «Kia». The country also set up a “bride” in Paris. A year later the opportunity to buy model in the Russian market. However, one condition – was “Avtotor”. In 2013, the pipeline transported to Kaliningrad. Those who want American or Korean Assembly, will have to shell out a considerable amount, as officially it is not sold in Russia.

Description Kia Sorento 2015

In Russia Kia Sorento is quite a popular car. And it is safe to say that right from the first day sales of the machine took the leading position in the segment. It is worth to dwell more specifically on the expense of what it managed to do. Any restyling of the car anyway changing appearance, the same goes for lineup «Kia». Producing country have tried to put in her maximum effort. In the front of the Sorento has received a new grille and bumper with new optics. Front lights navigation lights purchased LED, and came back to LEDs.

Kia Sorento country of origin

Innovations in auto Kia

What is fundamentally new in his car suggested by the Koreans? Of course, bold decisions in the exterior and cabin interior, more fuel-efficient diesel engine with the turbine, the suspension became more rigid, and the ground clearance is decreased by 1 cm, while from the point of view of security is much increased body rigidity – approximately 18%.

In terms of comfort, "Kia" (country of origin – South Korea) is the leader in this category, top-end version of the car is impressive. When you first approach the car immediately illuminated handles, and with direct motor starting screen you can see the position of the front wheels. For the cold season the car has nice detail for the type of heating steering wheel and seats on three levels. Most importantly, all these functions are already in the basic version. Dashboard in car completely new, gave way to plastic, it became matte and more convenient. The wheel is not very informative, even subject to the control buttons of the amplifier.

Rear visibility is a small but clear. On the go, even in economy mode, stock motor for long enough, because under the hood a turbocharged diesel. To sit in the car, people with below-average growth will have to try, it's very high landing, and indeed the lower part of the body feel like in this crossover, as in the SUV. Not particularly conveniently located for the brake pedal - next to the place to stay. This is too low, it is likely to cling to it by accident. In General, the machine became much better.

car, Kia country of origin

Competitors Kia Sorento 2015

Who can become a real competitor or already is for the Korean crossover «Kia»? What country is the car manufacturer of the same class? Of Course, South Korea. But you can mention Japan, and the United States, and several others. Of the models it is worth mentioning a Chevrolet Captiva with an engine 2.2 liters and power 184 HP Car is produced by enterprise Bupyeong. Still have a Hyundai Santa Fe with the same engine but 13 HP is stronger Opel Antara with characteristics similar to Captiva. Well, the Toyota RAV4 - all with the same engine displacement, but much less powerful, only 150 horses. The model is assembled in Japan and other countries, because of the Toyota plant 52.


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