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Body grips, clamps and chains are a set of straightening tooling designed for repair activities. In the process, they provide the necessary traction by which the master corrects the deformation of the target structure, that is, of the body. Devices of this type can have different parameters, characteristics and functionality. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the possible requirements to the device. Usually body clip is selected for a specific car model, but there are universal kits.

General information about straightening clamps

body clamp

Straightening the car clip is a part of repair body kits. Restoration of the geometry of the metal of the body eliminates the possibility of thermal effects, therefore, provided efforts are purely mechanical in nature. In other words, is the hydraulic pressure, which corrected the shortcomings of the geometric shape. Specifically, the clamp for body repair is used as a latch structure. The composition of the kit includes mounting bolts, opening the clamp, the mounting bracket, the device for unfolding of grip, skid pad, etc. the clip is only component in the overall technical organization of the process. The basis of job offer stocks and power hydraulics. But this does not lessen the importance of the clip because its reliability and service life depends on the security of the repair.


clip to bodywork

Models the clips are different on different parameters, the main of which is the maximum load. On average, this arrangement is calculated to work with 2-5 tons. This does not mean that the load corresponds to the tonnage of the car. Traction is not always related to the weight of the car, because the stretching is performed in the horizontal direction in which thrust is determined only by the complexity of deformation and the characteristics of the body design. It is necessary to consider the number of areas that supports the tool. The simplest models have a 2-ton force only in the forward direction and the middle segment is able to work also in the lateral direction. Usually body clip of this type allows a 5-ton load at the direct and 2-ton – in the lateral direction. From the point of view of opportunities of the grip, it is important to count the width of the clip. The universal is the value of 120 mm. with regard to the weight of the tool, it varies from 1-2 up to 15 lbs.


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Recommendations for usage

clips body repair

Working with clips is only a step in the overall straightening of the event aimed at the correction of the geometry of the body. In the first place are selected so-called control zone – the places where it would be appropriate to mount the clamps. Then the car starts on the stocks with the most favorable situation from the point of view of installation. Experts recommend positioning the car so that the power strut and the body were separated by a distance of 60-70 cm. then installed body clip. His hands the elements of a set can be locking screws, adjusting their height. By the way, height is determined by the location of the deformed parts. If there is confidence in the correctness of the chosen configuration of the installation, proceed to the final fastening of bolts. To test the quality of the tightening of the fixing elements will need after each traction. If you omit this caveat, there is a risk of rupture of the clamp, which may result in an accident.

Supplies for clamps

body clamp your hands

Accessories for straightening of the body are selected not so much for the clip, but for a common set of stocks with the aim of improving the quality and efficiency of the work process. What may be required in this operation? Depending on the snap sometimes masters use chemicals. This can be, for example, lubrication of metal fasteners in the form of nanoampere. Themselves the clips to the body of the pile can directly contact with chains and straps. It is important that these components correspond to the clamp on the characteristics of reliability. This is especially true of blades, made of composite materials.


The Clips produced by many companies, but the best development is the specialized manufacturers mounting accessories and automotive tools. In this sense, we can distinguish firms Jonnesway, JTC and AIST. Good premium kit is the company FORCE. Modification 62511 withstands 5-ton load and can be used in the schemes of chain fixing with bolts. As noted by users, this clamp is characterized by high strength and durability. On the market and domestic body clip from the companies “top” and “a Whale”. Such models are less sophisticated and functional, but perfectly suited for simple straightening work with the bodies of cars.

How much is a clip?

clips for body building berth

Models with a pulling force of about 2 t for 1.5-2 thousand rubles Is unidirectional devices that have minimal packaging and are made of cheap metal alloys. In the middle segment presented a bidirectional mechanisms suitable for use with loads of about 3 T. Such a tool available in an average of 2-3 thousand the Most resilient clamps for body repair with three courses of action are estimated at 6-7 thousand Models of this type are mainly used in professional workshops specializing in the correction of complex body deformities.

How to choose the best model?

To Start the selection should be the configuration of the future mechanism. The standard scheme assumes the use of a versatile set of 4 grips. This option is suitable for most cars,and in this case, it remains only to evaluate the possible tractive capacity of the above characteristics. But for certain modifications of vehicles may require a body clip, complemented by a special fixing system. In particular, some models of Mercedes and BMW need extra clamps designed for connection with the pins mounted on the lateral surface of the body. Have their own characteristics and the system of fixing the Honda. And for cars with transverse beams is to use the mechanisms of the clips with rocker.


clips and grips, bodywork

Regardless of the nature of the operation, before each use, check the state of the clip. Even if the surface of metal parts appear ready to use, you will need to assess the effectiveness of the work function. Especially with screw clamps and grips for body repair with thread subject to deformation, which can take place risk with the technique of rectification. The maintenance is done and after working the event. In this case, you may have the same chemicals, which is necessary to lubricate the surface of the tool. The presence of the protective coating protects items from the destruction of the structure. However, it is advisable to initially acquire devices that have a factory galvanization. This coating protects not only against corrosion, but also reduces the internal stress of the metal.


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