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“Mitsubishi Shariot” is a Japanese - made minivan for 6 passengers. Serial production model was launched in 1991. The latest edition of the model dates back to 2003. the Machine was designed purely for the domestic market. So to find it in Russia is quite difficult. Despite the low prevalence, quite positive of the car Mitsubishi Chariot owners. The machine has a comfortable interior and reliable engines. What is a van Mitsubishi Chariot? Specifications, photos and review car – further in our article.


The Car has a classic appearance for those years. Earlier, the Japanese practiced strict lines and shapes. But towards the nineties bodies have become more slick and streamlined. It happened with van Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis. Looks like the first generation car, the reader can see in the photo below. mitsubishi chariot specificationsThe Machine has dvuhsistemnaya optics and compact grille. Similar forms were used on the sedan "GALANT". Bumper was not painted in body color. But even without the paint it didn't. So, the shade of the bumper and the so-called foliage (wide side rails) was lighter than the body itself. The mirror is also painted in body color.

In 1997 the second generation Mitsubishi Chariot. Along with the technical characteristics (which we discuss a little later) changed the appearance. Looks like the updated minivan after 1997, the reader can see in the photo below. mitsubishi chariotThe Appearance of the car significantly upgraded. The Japanese used new, crystal optics with white turn signals. Now they are part of a single spotlight. Fog lights have become a lot more. Increased and grille. And the bumper is now painted in body color. From the "foliage" made the decision to get rid of. Instead, the Japanese used a narrow moldings. Changed and the shape of the mirrors – they are now more elongated and angular. The rear roof line is also upgraded. Now there is no such clear transition between the a-pillar and the rear passenger door.


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As for the size, it has a standard size for its class. Body length is 4.5 meters, width-1.7 meters, height-1.6 meters. The ground clearance on a standard 14-inch disk drives is 16 inches. It is enough for riding around the pits or the dirt, as noted by the owners. Especially well-suited to off-road four-wheel drive versions. The car feels confident and in loose snow, breaking through the road.


According to the owners, inside of a minivan Mitsubishi Chariot comfortable enough – pleased with comfortable fit and excellent noise isolation. Steering, as expected for a Japanese car, – the right. There are no buttons and fancy stitching. Among finishing only meet plastic insert “wood” on the centre console and side vents. mitsubishi chariot grandisOn Top of the Central console there is a small on-Board computer with a separate visor. Also there is provided a radio (in standard-cassette), and a mechanical control unit climate. A distinctive feature of the van “Mitsubishi Shariot” - the location of the gearshift lever. If the other minivans handle was integrated into the front panel, it has a separate console with glove box bottom. Next is the cigarette lighter. The pen has a chrome insert. Each seat is equipped with a separate armrest – this is a big plus for this car. There is a good range of adjustments as the backrest and the bottom cushion. Due to the lack of the rear shelf speakers fitted in the side of the body. mitsubishi chariot reviewsIn the trunk there is a hidden alcove that opens to the pen. The seats themselves unable to get out of the sled to form a flat cargo Bay. Owner reviews say the build quality of the cabin. Leather seats not crack ahead of time. Plastic doesn't rattle, the gaps are not “walk”. In the car there are many compartments and glove boxes. “Mitsubishi Shariot”, thus, perfectly suited for long family trips.


The Range of power units comprised three petrol engines. The first generation of minivans were equipped with a 4-cylinder motor a working volume of 2350 cubic inches. The maximum power of the unit – 145 horsepower. Torque at three thousand revolutions – 206 Nm. The engine already had fuel injection fuel injection.

Since 1997, this engine was upgraded. So, when the same volume of 2,350 cubic centimeters it has already issued 165 HP. And the torque increased by 25 Nm. Also in the line there was a 6-cylinder powerplant. If the volume of 3 liters, he gave 215 HP.


The Car was equipped with different transmissions. Version with front-wheel drive equipped with automatic transmission in 4 steps. As for the AWD versions, they equipped five-speed manual transmission. Owner reviews noted the high reliability of the machine. However, the fuel consumption of Mitsubishi Chariot automatic 20 percent higher than mechanics (an average of 15.6 liters 2.4 liter motor). Yes, and the track was very high speed at the last gear.


Front suspension Mitsubishi Chariot – independent type struts "McPherson".The back is semi-beam coil springs and two levers. Brakes-hydraulic. Installed front ventilated discs, rear-drums.automatic transmission mitsubishi chariot


Now this car can only be purchased on the secondary market. The price of the second generation of minivans is from 180 to 280 thousand rubles with the average mileage 165-200 thousand kilometers.

So, we found what has a Mitsubishi Chariot design, specifications and cost. I hope this information was useful for you.


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