The car "Gazelle" axle rear: circuit, replacement, repair and recommendations


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Domestic car "Gazelle" axle rear is equipped with a separately modelled gearbox and sump stamped-welded type. The latter is box-shaped section, welded of steel plates koukouras. Attached to them back, booster the gearbox mounting, leaf spring pads, cushioning and fixing the rack mounting brackets, controller, brakes, axle with flanges. It serves for mounting the wheel hubs and brake elements. The main transmission of the bridge and its differential mounted in the gear casing bolted to the frame of the considered node.

Gazelle axle rear


In order to machine "Gazelle" axle rear served reliably for a long time, it is recommended to follow a few rules of maintenance. The main ones are the following.

It is Necessary to control the lack of an oil leak on the cuffs of the driving gear and the wheel hub, and also through the spacer gear case and flanges of the axle shafts, the filling and discharge cover. It should be noted that the condensation in these areas does not indicate a leak if there are no signs of falling raindrops.

You Need to check the oil level in the crankcase bridge, top up if necessary with ATF.

The oil change must be done according to the special card to use lubrication.

You want to check the tightening of the bolts fixing the gearbox, the axles and the adjustment of the bearings of wheel hubs.

Below is a diagram of the reporting node.

oil seal rear axle Gazelle

General symptoms

Pay attention to the work of the rear axle, when at least one of the characteristics listed below:

  1. Increased noise and rumble in working condition.
  2. Incorrect operation of the node changes (pulsating noise).
  3. The Emergence of the sounds of the high pitched (whine).
  4. A Loud knock in the area of the considered node when activating the accelerator on turns or when coasting.
  5. Fixed custom sounds and crunch.

In addition, the auto "Gazelle" axle rear needs repair, if there is a leak of oil through the plane of the crankcase seal or drain plugs.


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Methods of eliminating defects

The following are the basic malfunctions and ways of their elimination.

Weakened fixing bolts or nuts driven sprocket, Carter – want to tighten the fasteners.

Wear the appearance of bearing play gears or differential ­– need to check status of items, if necessary, their replacement or adjustment of the preload.

Insufficient oil level or use of non-recommended fluids – to replenish the level back to normal or replace the oil suitable option.

There are burrs, cracks, chips on bearings, gear teeth-replace defective parts.

A Clogged breather – to make it clear.

Excessive wear of the elements – the issue is solved by installing a new one.

If the crankcase gasket or the oil seal of the rear axle ("Gazelle") occur, it is necessary to replace the parts.

repair rear axle Gazelle

Where to start the disassembly and replacement

To fix the reporting node and replace the defective parts, you must disassemble the rear axle, which is quite a difficult and laborious task. The following steps describes the stages of the removal:

  1. The Special cap key, unscrewed the bolts (10 PCs.) fixing the reducer.
  2. The Gearbox will be removed carefully so as not to damage the gasket (the work carried out on the stand).
  3. Removed the flange of a leading gear and cuff, then put the label of the location of the caps relative to the screws of the bearings and the crankcase.
  4. Flange is removed from the sleeve, with the key, unscrewed the bolts of locking plates, which are removed.
  5. The Cap or socket wrench, Unscrew the fasteners of the bearing caps, after which they are dismantled.
  6. With the use of a screwdriver or the key is removed the adjusting nut, then a box of satellites.
  7. In the case of reverse installation of the same bearings are marked with their outer ring for mounting to the old place.
  8. To simplify the Assembly and put the label on the box of the satellites, and then unscrewed the bolts of the gear.

replacement rear axle Gazelle

Further actions

Disassembly and replacement of the rear axle ("Gazelle") continue on the following items:

  • Light hammer blows on the drift strays and removed the gear box;
  • Using a special tool or chisel, which is inserted between the end face of the inner ring of the bearing and the frame of the differential, the ring is pushed to the side and removed through the resulting clearance mounting blades (screwdriver);
  • Put the label of the location differentials relative to satelitnim axes, Unscrew the fastener;
  • Box rasskazyvaetsya by tapping with hammer on soft drift;
  • Removed the side gears and bearing washer;
  • Removed the leading gear in a manner similar to the disclosure box;
  • Removed the adjusting and outer rings of the bearings.

The Shank of the rear axle ("Gazelle") and other elements should not have cracks, chips and deformities. All worn parts should be replaced. Before Assembly, parts must be lubricated and to carry out the mounting procedure in a mirrored order.


After a hundred thousand kilometers, experts recommend to replace the bearings in the site, regardless of their status. If there are signs of malfunction, and the repair of the rear axle ("Gazelle") is drawn, avoiding more serious damage, you should follow a few rules.

First, do not overload the vehicle, especially in the summer. Secondly, minimize the use of the first transmission, the drive which has a particularly negative impact on the gearbox. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sudden starting, steep and long ascents.

 shank rear axle Gazelle

The car "Gazelle" axle rear will last longer if you buy and use only high quality and recommended oil to replace not less than every 35-40 thousand miles. Timely elimination of backlash, avoiding slipping on snow or dirt can also contribute to increasing the life of this node.


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