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About the work of CVT company Jatco, a lot of rumors. Someone got lucky with buying a car, and someone after a few tens of thousands forced to change the box under warranty. What affects the endurance of this node? What is actually the resource variable to "Nissan X Trail"?

Model CVT RE0F10A

Since 2007, the company Nissan has decided to equip the SUV "X-Trail" boxes variable speed type. Body T31 of the first generation were equipped with a CVT Jatco RE0F10A (aka CVT-7).CVT on Nissan x trail owner reviews

Its capacity is calculated on engine capacity from 1.6 to 2.5 L. These data provided by the dealerships. However, on the website of the company Jatco provided a little more volume from 1.6 to 1.8 L. If CVT-7 is designed for subcompact cars, it becomes clear why he is so hard to work out your life without a break.

Torque car reaches a maximum of 180 Nm, while the engines with a displacement of 2 l and more issue 200 Nm. The CVT can't cope with this load.

Aggressive driving creates a need for a rapid shift between gears, as well as in the design of the variator a lot of rubbing compounds, its wear is accelerated significantly. So a lot depends on how you uses the CVT to "Nissan X Trail" the car owner himself.


From working some of the elements of the CVT to "Nissan X Trail" T31 depends on its service life?

Most of the load when changing gears carry the bearings of the pulleys, the pulleys and belt transmit a rotation from the drive shaft to the slave. The caveat is that these pulleys are completely smooth, and the grip strap is only due to friction.


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According to owner reviews, the CVT "Nissan X Trail" generation T31 makes itself felt after only 80 000-100 000 km, although the promised resource - 200 000.resource of CVT for Nissan x trail

First worn out bearings starting to emit a characteristic hum. Depends on the belt tension. If the bearing is not doing its function of the tensile force of the belt is reduced, it starts to slip, not allowing the shafts of signal transmission. In the first stage malfunction common box to "Nissan X Trail" "troit" (there are jerks). This is because the pulleys, turning idle, deformed, getting scuffs and scrapes.replacement of the CVT for Nissan x trail

There is on the hydraulic unit element for regulating the gear ratio is a step motor. He monitors the accelerator pedal position and travel mode. Information transfer is on the moving parts of the pulleys by foot step-motor, which is quite fragile and wear out quickly, which leads to the variator only on one speed.

Repair of a variator to "Nissan X Trail" T31 is problematic: if there are spare parts for replacement, their price will be unpleasantly high. The service can carry out Troubleshooting and an estimate. But if the warranty is still valid, experts recommend replacing the variator on "Nissan X-Trail."

Model RE0F10D (CVT-8)

Refine the type of variator to "Nissan X Trail" CVT-8 increased its resource and endurance to aggressive style of driving.

CVT on Nissan x trail reviews

The Weight of the powertrain have reduced, made more compact oil pump. Reduced friction of the belt on the pulleys is 40%, thereby reducing the pressure on them. For fuel economy change in the transmission ratio made speed.

According to the owner reviews on the CVT to "Nissan X Trail" CVT-8, we can assume that it lasts longer. His resource is designed for 250 000 km of operation.

Features of the Jatco CVT

The CVT is fundamentally different from the box "automatic" or "robot". It has no gears, due to which the engine load is to use a CVT on Nissan x trail

How to use the CVT to "Nissan X Trail" and what's driving manners stick to the box last longer?

  1. During warmup the car should not press the gas pedal, trying to speed up the process. Box reacts on the accelerator even in neutral gear.
  2. A start gives a huge load on the belt and pulleys, greatly increasing their wear.
  3. Ride on rough terrain negatively affects the condition of the variator.
  4. Vehicle with variable speed transmission cannot be towed or attempt to get wheel spin ("pusher").
  5. Not recommended for towing other vehicles, in addition to automobile trailer.

The owner Reviews on the CVT to "Nissan X-Trail", his features are that created this unit for a leisurely drive on smooth roads.

Change the oil and THEN

According to the regulations of the manufacturer maintenance of the variator should be done every 60,000 km operation. To be sure, motorists are trying to pass IT more often - after 40 000-50 000.

Change the oil in the variator to "Nissan X Trail" can spend like a HUNDRED, and himself.

To change the transmission fluid in the CVT, you must have:

  • Oil;
  • Strainer and filter to the oil cooler;
  • Gaskets for the sump and oil cooler;
  • Capacity for waste oil.

Oil for continuously variable transmissions

Based on what CVT stands for "Nissan X Trail", is selected, and transmission fluid. Auto body T31 released oil, NS2, auto body T32 - NS3.CVT on Nissan x trail oil change

Oil NS3 designed for betraveling speed drives and operate at higher temperatures. It has a low viscosity and, according to developers, is suitable for CVT-8, and for the CVT-7. However, owner reviews on the CVT to "Nissan X Trail" with a box CVT-7 working on NS3, suggests that may appear extraneous noise due to the lack of lubricating oil layer.

Changing the transmission fluid in the CVT-7

To Start the procedure with the warming up of the engine and CVT box to "Nissan X Trail". Then:

  1. Car driving on the overpass. Fit well and an observation well.
  2. Turn off engine protection and remove the left wheel.
  3. Inner Fender to remove completely is not necessary, only half.
  4. Capacity for the waste liquid is substituted for the drain hole and Unscrew the plug.
  5. Will Have to wait about a hour till all the liquid to drain.
  6. The pan is also about oil. Remove it and drain off the oil residues.
  7. If the strainer is still possible to wash with diesel fuel or liquid to clean the carb, it will save money, if not, you'll have to change the filter.
  8. Magnets and the bottom of the sump a good wash.
  9. Insert the strainer (laundered or new).
  10. In a pan, installed new gasket and return it to the place.
  11. Remove the battery and moves towards the air filter. You now have access to the filter cooler. Remove it.
  12. Install a new filter and gasket chiller.
  13. Return to their seats.
  14. Pour the new transmission fluid.
  15. Check the oil level using the dipstick.

Changing the oil in the CVT-8

A Feature of the CVT-8 that he does not have the factory dipstick. Check the level by filling the new oil, or to call the service station. There is a probe, which is inserted into the neck to fill.

To replace the oil you will need:

  • Washer for drain plug;
  • Seal;
  • Particle filter and ring to it;
  • Transmission fluid (5 liters for partial replacement, 12 l, for a full withdrawal of the pallet);
  • Ring for fine filter himself;
  • Ring for tube level control.

As in the case with the oil change on the CVT-7, the machine must be put on the lift or a viewing hole. In this case you will need a helper and diagnostic scanner. If there is no scanner, you can substitute a thermometer (necessarily digital) on the pallet.

To access the bottom, driving the car on a pit or hoist. Further:

  1. Unscrew drain plug. Must flow up to 5 l of oil.
  2. Remove the pan and strainer, wash them.
  3. Install everything back in place. If the filter is not subject to further exploitation - change it for a new one.
  4. If you need a partial replacement, then pour the oil, place it in the level, and the procedure ends.
  5. To fully replace pour 3 liters of fluid through the opening in the top (which was formerly the probe).
  6. Start the engine and go through the selector under all provisions of the box, stopping at each for 5 seconds.
  7. Drain the oil and repeat the process.
  8. Wait until the box temperature is 35CO.
  9. Here you will need an assistant who will have a car.
  10. Unscrew the plug Overflow Plug. Pour oil to leak down from the neck.
  11. Auto Start and pass the lever through all ranges with a delay for 5 sec. Fix the lever in position "P".
  12. Again pour oil until it starts to overflow. Twist the cap back on.

A Complete replacement of the transmission fluid held. You can now reset the counter value.


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