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In the light of motorcycles Suzuki Motor Corporation is the undisputed leader. The reputation, the years, perfect quality, safety and reliability – the calling card of their products. It is also worth noting that all vehicles produced under this brand, equipped in full compliance with the latest technical requirements. Buying a scooter "Suzuki" (the reviews from owners and experts, only positive), you can be sure a hundred percent that it will last for years.

History Suzuki Motor Corporation

The history of the company began with the 1909 At that time it was called Suzuki Loom Works. Engaged in production of motorbikes, motorcycles and looms. By 1930 the demand for cars has increased dramatically and it was decided to open up a new direction. Development began in 1937, but due to the outbreak of the war the production has closed.

In 1951, the company again began to gain momentum. And in 1952 the world was presented the first Suzuki motorcycle. The success was overwhelming, so the production equipment began to increase to a greater extent due to state support.

In 1980, the products sold under the brand Suzuki, took a strong position on the markets throughout the world. And from that moment the lineup began to fill up lightweight variants of motorcycles-scooters. Gemma first came off the Assembly line in 1981

Currently, the company's net profit is about $ 500 million.Suzuki scooter

Scooter "Suzuki": prices and model range

The Line scooters pleases its abundance. Model you can pick up like a tough guy and gentle girl. All motorcycles presented in good quality, appearance is bright and modern. The company provides products with different models and specifications. They all have good handling and control of security.


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To Undertake a detailed review of all models scooter brand Suzuki unrealistic, therefore, consider the most popular:

  • Suzuki Lets 2 new (sports 2000-2008 model year) – 300 thousand rubles.
  • Suzuki Sepia (budget option, but with good technical characteristics, 1989-1993) – 150 - 200 thousand rubles.
  • Suzuki Skywave 650 (scooter luxury 2001-2010) – 600-620 thousand RUB
  • Suzuki Skywave 250 (new generation with updated specifications 2006-2012) – 400 thousand.
  • Suzuki Address V125 (sport scooter 2005-2011) – the average cost of 200 thousand rubles.
  • Suzuki Address V50 (legendary sports model 2006-2012) – roughly about 150 thousand rubles.

Scooter “Suzuki Address 50”

First of all, this scooter is a classic representative of pure-blooded Japanese. Moves it fairly sharp the engine is a 50 CC It is a horizontal two-stroke motor with top fuel injection into the crank chamber through the flap valve. It should be noted that this detail is often the cause of unsuccessful engine start. The motor almost never overheats, thanks to the reliable forced cooling system. Start the scooter in two ways: electric starter or manual.

The Engine has a capacity of 6.5 horsepower. Produced by modern standards long enough — as much as 6 years! It is a great success among the motorcycle technology with a particularly small volume of the engine, so we can assume that a scooter “Suzuki Address 50” — a real survivor!

Design of plastic fairings of the model is more like the swift conqueror of city streets. Color represented a fairly wide range of colors, so to speak, for every taste and color. But for rural areas it is quite suitable. Clearance (or clearance) of 150 mm and soft telescopic front suspension allude to comfortable movement.

A Big plus need to allocate a double seat that allows, if needed, to transfer the passenger. Beneath it is a roomy lockable storage compartment for helmet. Also its free volume can be used as a cargo Bay. Unlike modern models, the Luggage compartment is made of metal. In the rear provides outdoor boot designed for the transport of bulk cargo.Suzuki scooter reviews


The onboard electronics designed for 12 volts and has a fairly powerful generator. Power supply scheme of the onboard network is quite simple. Capabilities of the generator allow you to install the improved head lights and a small sound system. On a scooter "Suzuki" if you want you can even put a motorcycle alarm.


  • Engine-petrol, designation — AD-50;
  • Displacement-49 CC;
  • Cooling — authoritative.
  • Dimensions wheels – 90/90 R10;
  • Brakes-drum type with rope drive;
  • Fuel tank-plastic, with a capacity of 3.5 liters;
  • Drive – at the rear wheel, the V-belt (CVT);
  • Oil tank — plastic, capacity 2.5 liter;
  • Curb weight without driver – 66 kg;
  • Years of issue – 1986-1991.

Important points

Despite his age, has good maintainability and lack of problem finding and the availability of spare parts.

In the failure to purchase the required parts through online stores or in specialized centers. Most bearings scooter have domestic counterparts. In the repair andthe replacement of these nodes is important to see the marking. Competitor's prices are a pleasant surprise.Suzuki scooters prices

Helpful tips

  1. When driving fast definitely need to mix gasoline with oil alone, and then in the future guaranteed no problems with piston group.
  2. Plastic cover defects very well to soldering and painting, nice effect on the budget repair.

In General, with timely maintenance of equipment and use recommended by the manufacturer of lubricants — almost “unbreakable”. Scooter “Suzuki” – a good old Japanese quality. Good luck on the road!

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