Anti-corrosion treatment of the body. Anti-corrosion treatment of the bottom of the car. Anti-corrosion materials


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Domestic auto industry is technologically readily absorbs all the charm of the global industry. This process is reflected in fashionable editions sportivnyh versions of the best models Togliatti, and the craze of new electronic assistants. But there are a lot of Russian traditions in the field, which today is quite relevant. Means of dealing with the rust body just in time for this and treat. Another thing is that modern methods of dealing with the defeat of metal, very different from the Soviet “recipes”. So, if until the 90-ies of the metal was covered with tar and bitumen based mastic, today anti-corrosion treatment of the body provides a wider range of effective methods.

anti-corrosion treatment of the body

The Principle of operation of Antikor

First you need to decide what exactly needs to be protected the car body. Of course, first and foremost it is contact with the water which may penetrate under the paint coating. But the process of rusting usually starts at the points of contact of the metal with foreign material and electrolyte. Accordingly, any anti-corrosion treatment of the car body is directed primarily to the sealing of the foundations. The effect of isolation in different ways, but the main task is to prevent contact of the surface with other materials. This does not mean that the whole body should be strengthened by Antikor. A large part of the area are preserved under the factory coating. Additional processing is required in the most vulnerable areas, among which the door rack, the side walls sills, wheel arches, etc.


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corrosion protection

What machines?

In Russia, the popular anti-corrosion treatment associated with prolonged usage of cars, while the Europeans change cars every three years. If you plan to quick change used cars or domestic news in such transactions makes no sense. Another thing is that the anti-corrosion treatment of the body is necessary in cases of mechanical damages of its elements. Even the slightest chip requires appropriate protection. It is important to consider another aspect-the availability of the plant Plastpolymer protection, which is valid for 2-3 years. If road chemicals and abrasives will not be able to start the reaction during this period is higher as a protective layer. But to put on regular special hope is not worth it. When calculating long-term use of the machine still makes sense to turn to special services in the service station.

How is the anti-corrosion treatment of the body?

anti-corrosion treatment of the car body

Much depends on the specific material that you want to cover the body, but in most cases, the algorithm perform the same. The first thing is being prepared surface. Specialists clean the car and thoroughly dried. If there are traces of the previous treatment is their removal. Next is applied a new medium – again, processing techniques may be different. For example, the paint is applied using sprayers and mastic – special spatulas. Main – to anti-corrosion treatment of the body is covered all problem areas. After that “working” areas are dried a few hours.

What materials are used in the processing?

On the market you can find a huge selection of different remedies. The most common options include paints, mastics, tapes and priming compositions. The application of film coating, from the point of view of sealing, is a good solution, but the smallest damage can lead to tragic results. Pretty good reviews receive a bituminous mastic, wax mixture and anti-corrosion materials based on synthetic. But here, every manufacturer has its own proprietary blend, the efficiency of which is largely determined by the additives in the form of bronze, zinc, rubber, and polymer additives. The advantages of the combined means is the fact that they can be counteracted and corrosion, and other destructive processes. In the end, is extended and the overall service life of load-bearing elements of the car.

anti-corrosion treatment price

Corrosion protection for the bottom

The Bottom requires special protection, as this portion is not only influences the chemical properties, but also mechanical damage. Accordingly, the tape and paint formulations completely rejected. Perhaps the use of the mastic, but only from the category of strongly hardening. The most efficient solution to protect this part is considered multilayer coating comprising a mixture of phosphates, supplemented by inclusions of aluminum or zinc. This also introduced anticorrosive paint protection from the primer or the same postmark. In the end, implemented a kind of “cake”, is able to protect the underbody from corrosion and from physical damage. The most radical way to protect this part of the car involves the installation of plates-protectors of the same combination of zinc and aluminum. But are such structures expensive and in all variations require regular updates.

anticorrosive paint

Issue price

Car services in most cases offer two approaches to processing. The first provides for the full protection of the car, and the second – a partial adjustment of the condition of problem areas. Funds are used about the same, and the cost depends on the class of car. For example, a compact a-class can be partially Refine for 5-7 thousand rubles For trucks is usually recommended full anti-corrosion treatment, the price of which varies from 10 to 15 thousand. Separately the protection of hidden and hard-to-reach elements, which include exhaust system, wheel arches and sills. But in such cases the funds are applied the most effective – for example, a pleasant, angevine film and liquid lockers. The cost of this protection is 3-5 thousand.


anticorrosive material

A Good tool for the function of protective coatings will be and gentle nature of the operation of the vehicle. Support the body clean, timely recovery of the paint layer and the sparing use the machine in bad weather – here are the basic preventive measures available for any driver. Of course, corrosion protection contributes to preventing the destructive processes of metal, but it may not be enough. In any case, adherence to preventive measures will increase the interval between updates protects against rust coatings. Also do not forget that each repair must be accompanied by special processing of the damaged site, whether it is the formation of small cleavage, or the formation of the weld.

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