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“Chery-Amulet” is perhaps the most popular sedan of the Chinese production on Russian territory. The reasons for such a demand lies in the rich standard configuration and a low price. And the cost on this machine is really tempting (240 thousand rubles for a new car with air conditioner – think about it). By the way, domestic “prior" no air-conditioning system costs about 275 thousand. But should we trust such a tempting offer from a “Chinese”? How reliable will be “Chery-Amulet”? Owner reviews will help to sort out these issues.Chery amulet owner reviews


And let's start our review with the exterior. The car's appearance is “Chery-Amulet” more like a sedan, but if you look more detail, you notice that the machine is equipped with a fifth door. And this is the Lord's, not hatchback or even sedan. It is nothing like a liftback. As for the front part, the machine is quite typical for the Chinese industry looks full of plagiarism. Not spared this wave and our “Chery-Amulet”. Owner reviews say that externally, the car is similar to the “seat-Toledo”, only 20 years ago. Some compare design innovations with “Hyundai Accent”. But whatever it was, the Chinese liftback is not nasty outside. On the contrary, it is quite sturdy and attractive machine.

engine Chery amuletInterior

The Majority of the Chinese automotive industry is observed in the inner part of the sedan “Chery-Amulet”. Owner reviews say that the novelty, like all the other Asian small car, it has beige trim and a modest line of torpedoes. But in the cabin of the sedan has something that distinguishes it from the gray mass of other models – build quality. Inside there are irregularities in the gaps and all kinds of cracks. The materials are very high quality and does not rattle in transit. The instrument panel is well lit, and everything is easily readable, both day and night.


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Dynamic characteristics and motor

“Chery-Amulet” equipped with a gasoline engine from the ‘Mitsubishi’ with a capacity of 94 HP and a working volume of 1,600 cubic centimetres. And despite the fact that the Japanese engine made in China, it does not cause the owners of any complaints about the reliability and dynamics. By the way, acceleration to “hundreds” is 11.5 seconds and maximum speed is 170 kilometers per hour. The only thing bad is the fuel consumption-on the combined cycle the car consumes 8,2 liters of fuel (could be smaller).

box of Chery amulet

A Box of “Chery-Amulet” - mechanical, 5-speed. The plans for a Chinese - development of infinitely variable transmission, so that in the future, the extension specifications.


Based on this, we can say that “Chery-Amulet”, despite its shortcomings, is one of the best "public sector" of his class. And even if you compare the “Chinese” with more expensive ‘Priori”, the deficiencies it would still be less than that of the Vase. Therefore, “Chery-Amulet" (owner reviews also say this moment) - a good option for cheap family car which can be operated for daily work and travel.

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