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Motorbike Honda CRF 450 is considered one of the leaders in its class. This model, which is available since 2000, is so popular that there are many “clones”, which cost less, but characteristics more modest. There are several versions of this bike, designed for similar but different purposes.

honda crf 450


Characteristics of each of the species models are presented in the following table.




Dirt bike with kick starter, without mirrors and headlights


Hard-Enduro with appropriate settings of engine and suspension


Enduro with electric start, mirrors and headlights.

Manufacturer has decided to build 3 similar bike in one database. It extends the functionality and allows each potential buyer to choose the appropriate to his needs motorcycle Honda CRF 450.


All 3 models have small differences. But in many ways their characteristics are similar. Volume 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine is 449 cm3. The fuel injection is carried out using carb. At 7500 rpm the bike is capable of producing up to fifty horsepower.

The bike has 5-speed gearbox, and drive is by chain.

The Front suspension is a fork with a stroke of 315 mm. Rear mounted monoshock with progression, which also is 315 mm.

honda crf 450 specifications

Brakes are typical for the class. Front mounted hydraulic disc with a piston caliper. Rear brake hydraulic disc with 1-piston caliper. The diameter of both discs - 240 mm. motorcycle Tank Honda CRF 450 can accommodate 8,3 liters of fuel.


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Dry weight: 116 kg, which makes this bike one of the lightest among peers.

The views of the owners

The Owners of the bike note that on this unit you can rely on. It is reliable, responds quickly to the commands of the pilot, shows excellent handling and maneuverability. Honda CRF 450, the characteristics of which have to ride on the road, feels confident and in. According to the owners, the fuel consumption does not exceed 8 liters per hundred and, in General, depends on the style and driving manners.

But those who decided to buy a motorcycle Honda CRF 450, it should be remembered that this is primarily a racing shell. He requires constant care, preventive care, certain monetary investment. The one who dreams of a universal city bike or Enduro, you may want to consider another model.


This model started to be issued relatively recently. Nowadays you can buy in the MOTOBIKE salon through the official dealers of “Honda». A new bike will cost 500 thousand rubles.

honda crf 450 specifications

In the secondary market rather a lot. The price depends on the condition of the motorcycle, and it is based on the destination of the projectile, can be anything. The minimum value of the motorcycle will be not less than 100 000 rubles. But purchasing such a model, you need to understand that will require additional investments in preparation for the operation.

Main competitors are Honda CRF 450

If you are considering a jumper option, pay attention to such models as "Kawasaki KX 450 F, Suzuki RM-Z450", "Yamaha YZ 450 F".

The Main competitors of the Enduro versions are considered “Kawasaki klx450r”, “Suzuki DR-Z450 E”, “Yamaha WR 450” and “Suzuki RMX 450Z”.

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