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In November 2004, began production of the second generation of cars Ford Focus. A prototype model of Ford Focus 2, produced until 2007, was the Ford Focus C-MAX, with increased capacity, upgraded interior trim and bodywork. This Ford Focus 2 performance of the body can have the following: 5-door hatchback, 3-door hatchback, station wagon and sedan. A sports version of the Focus ST presented by the brand. And since 2007 started production version of the Focus Coupe-Cabriolet (convertible coupe).

The Engines are used for petrol or diesel (capacity of 1.4-2.5 l). From the engine to the drive shaft, torque transmission is passed five or six speed or four-speed rkpp at.Ford focus 2 features.

The Machine is equipped with independent front suspension, rack McPherson, with the stabilizer engaged in cross-resistance, and low leverage. Rear suspension has independent multi-link coil spring (Control Blade). Stabilizer provides lateral stability.


Front – disc;

Rear brakes – models 2 Ford Focus without ESP-reel, on the other – disc.

All of these devices have vacuum boosters.

Ford Focus 2 features steering: rack and pinion equipped with electro-hydraulic amplifiers or power steering with adjustable tilt and departure of the steering column.

Standard equipment Ford Focus 2 has a driver front airbag. Seat belts have trichocerei mount. The front belts are additionally equipped with force limiters and a mechanism to eliminate slack of the seat belt webbing during a collision. To ensure safety during frontal impact of a foldable steering column and brake pedal. Ford focus 2 - photo salonIn the cabin the rear seats are divided in proportion 60:40, on models s-max rear three seats are made separately.


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Ford Focus 2 features

- the hatchback, the length 4342 mm, height - 1497 mm, width - 1840 mm, doors from 3 to 5.

- seats - 5.

- Drive car - front.

- the Engine power of 145 HP at 6000 rpm.

- the Engine displacement 1999 cm3.

- Fuel AI-95.

- the volume of the fuel tank - 55 l.

- Accelerates to 100 km/h in 9.2 sec.

- maximum Speed - 195 km/h.

- Fuel on the track at 100 miles - 5.4 liter.

fuel Consumption when driving in the city - 9.8 l.

In the combined cycle - 7.1 l.

- transmission - manual.

- machine Weight 1775 kg.

- tyre Size 195/65 R15.

Tuning Ford Focus 2

Any item that is used for tuning the car, is a good "makeup" for him. If the right approach to the selection of accessories, you can equip the Ford at its discretion and taste. There are parts that are attached instantly, for example, pads on the bumper. Enough to have on hand adhesive tape or any fasteners. Noteworthy is specially designed for these models the spoiler is RS. Tuning Ford focus 2This will help your Ford Focus 2 features Much to improve. You will be able to emphasize the sporty styling of its beauty, its power and strength. In addition, you will be able to give an aggressive appearance of the sedan Ford Focus 2 (photo attached).

For the manufacture of such a device is tested, resistant to various external factors material.

In recent years gained popularity thresholds ST and made them plates. They can be used to visually extend the lower part of the body that will distinguish the car from the crowd and give it an original look. The car will look prosemite and more massive. They can be used to protect the machine from dust from the roadbed and cut off the dirt from the sides. The installation of such thresholds is simple and fast.

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