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A British company Dunlop, which manufactures automobile tires, has an interesting history. In the nineteenth century, the Bicycle has gained popularity among children and adults, was installed solid rubber tires. This design brought a lot of inconvenience to cyclists, when driving on the cobblestone streets, the bike ran rough.

Once Scottish veterinarian John Dunlop, a very resourceful man, decided to improve the tricycle, which was a favorite vehicle of his son. He replaced the cast tires on air-filled chamber, which consisted of several layers of rubber. Thus was invented the pneumatic tyre and patented it in direzza dz102

Description of Dunlop Direzza DZ102

What are the features of this model? Brand new and a compromise solution, combining energy efficiency and sporty style, was the tire for passenger cars Dunlop Direzza DZ102. A distinguishing characteristic of the tires of the Dunlop brand was and is good coordination and an original look. However, the development of this model was carried out by Goodyear with the use of cutting-edge technology and the American as to balance operational characteristics of these tires failed.

Aggressive tread

To Achieve good adhesion and significant fuel cost savings the developers of tires could result in increasing the size of the tread, positioned longitudinally. A large number of drainage grooves on the tread adds a pretty aggressive look, but in practice it turned out to be a very effective solution. This design increases the stability of the car, because the motion the water is directed into the grooves located at an acute angle against the direction of traffic. Another advantage of the tread was increased area of contact with the road surface. To increase contact with the road turned through a slight bend and keep the magnitude – due to the optimum rigidity of the elements of the dunlop direzza dz102


Silica Content

Physical and chemical properties of the compounds provide tyres from this range of many benefits. The main component is a mixture of silica included in the rubber composition and improving the properties of the tire to mate with a wet road surface, which makes the vehicle soft and reduces fuel consumption. These material properties were able to obtain as a result high strength of bonds between molecules of the polymers used in the rubber mixture. This formulation preserves the integrity, improves durability and ensures protection of the tread during the operation.

Great resistance

The Dunlop Direzza DZ102 is widely known for its good gripping properties during the movement of the car at high speeds. Thanks to the special carcass which is designed with Konami. The frame is made by seamless technology of winding without seams and joints, which increases the density of the fibers and allows the tire Dunlop Direzza DZ102 not change shape in the process of operation.

Key benefits

The main advantages of Dunlop Direzza DZ102 include:

  • The special composition of the mixture containing silica, provides good traction on wet road surface and long service life;
  • Multi-layered frame without joints and seams improves vehicle stability when driving at high speed;
  • Width of tyres Dunlop Direzza DZ102 reduces the way when braking and improves stability of the vehicle;
  • Aggressive tread increases the efficiency of the tyre and ensures its direzza dz102 test


Tests of the Dunlop Direzza DZ102 showed that the tires really good. Owners often write in reviews that they had a few seasons skated with this rubber and wear almost none.

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