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“Mercedes Sprinter” is one of Europe's most famous commercial vehicles. Based on this model created a lot of modifications. This vans, passenger and cargo vans, flatbed and so on. But brings these machines one-leaf suspension. It is very easy to device. But when it comes to increasing capacity, the question arises about the installation of an auxiliary air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter”. Feedback on this revision. But are there any pitfalls? About installing air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter classic”, and also about the pros and cons of such improvements, read our today's article.


Why the need For this system? Actually, air suspension is used for softer damping of vibrations from road irregularities.

air suspension Mercedes Sprinter 313

Also set it to change the ride height. Typically, these charms occur on tuned cars. But with “Sprinter” the situation is a little different. Installed air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter classic” for other purposes. This increase the capacity of the car.

Why auxiliary

Many people associate air suspension with a complete dismantling of the old elastic elements-the springs and spring. But in this case, the picture is different. Between the rear axle and the frame is fixed an air cylinder cylindrical shape. When the machine is empty, it is not in working condition. But as soon as the weight of the load exceeds one or more tons, in the course are the cylinders.


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Mercedes air suspension

They pumped and pressurized to lift the body relative to the earth. Thus, the auxiliary air suspension is an analogue of the classical strengthening spring. And if in the latter case, the driver had to ride the car hard constantly, with the appeal at any time to lower the cushion. So, empty the machine will softly go to their multiple pages of the spring.


The Design of this system is quite simple. The main elastic element are air cylinders. They are made of thick multi-layer rubber. Their shape may be different. But if it's air suspension for «Mercedes Sprinter” 515, the container consists of three “tablets”, which are interconnected. On the lightest version of “Sprinter” can be equipped with a simple cylindrical pneumonectomy. But usually these items can not withstand the load of over one ton – the reviews say. Air suspension «Mercedes Sprinter" 906-d model necessarily has a powerful cylinders that can withstand loads up to three tons each. And this is without taking into account the fact that a small weight used only factory springs.

air suspension for Mercedes Benz Sprinter 311 906 body

The structure has the air route. Depending on configuration, they can be connected to the nipple of the swap or to the receiver with the compressor. The latter is more convenient in operation – the reviews say. Air suspension «Mercedes Sprinter” in this case, it is controlled by a separate remote control. To pump or to pull the springs, just click on the appropriate button. As for the nipple the swap, a different situation – the reviews say. Air suspension «Mercedes Sprinter” in this case, pokachivaetsya manually. This requires the use of extraneous pump or 12 volt compressor. On the device the system is more simple, and the cost is small. But, as practice shows, in operation it delivers a lot of inconvenience. Need to wait long until the third pump will pump system. And to buy more productive does not make sense-cheaper to pay and deliver suspension with compressor.

Another component of pneuma – receiver. It can be of different sizes, but for “Sprinter” three - or five-liter element. The receiver is a cylindrical metal tank, which is connected to the compressor and the air lines. The main objective of this element-to contain air under pressure. It is held by means of special solenoid valves. Once it opens, the air will go to the pillows. Usually in a receiver maintained at a pressure of about ten atmospheres. This is enough to several times to raise and lower the cushion. By the way, the air in the sinking of cylinders is not going back into the receiver. He lands on the street. And filled the air receiver by the compressor.

air suspension Mercedes Sprinter reviews

The Latter has a special sensor. It automatically disables power to the compressor when a certain pressure in the receiver.

Convenient if the air suspension in operation

As noted by reviews, air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter” is not redundant. This is especially true of those who carries on “Sprinter” large loads. Auxiliary pendant allows you to make stiffer springs and to prevent delay on the road. Each owner“Sprinter” knows how the car behaves when fully loaded. The suspension becomes soft, but sometimes it's not necessary. The car starts to shake and carry from side to side.

air suspension for Mercedes Sprinter classic

If the load mass is large, the only safe way – installation of auxiliary air suspension on the rear axle. So you can align the back and make the car more manageable at speed. According to reviews, with such suspension reduced side rolls. Easier machine behaves with an overload. Reducing the load on the regular leaf. Because of the energy and shock extinguished it cushions. Longer earrings and bushings.

Are There any pitfalls

The Reviews say that any problems and “pitfalls” such suspension no. If necessary, it can be lowered, making the suspension softer. But there is a caveat: you can not drive on the pillows, the level of pressure below one atmosphere. Even on the empty car they should be pumped up (at least minimally). This applies to all vehicles, whether it's air suspension on “Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter” 311 (906 body) or 416.

How much is

The Cost of single-circuit air suspension excluding installation costs for “Sprinter” - 20 thousand rubles. It is the simplest system, which includes:

  • Two air cylinder.
  • Fittings, tube seven meters in length.
  • Mounting plate for cylinders.
  • Nipple paging and connection elements.

There are more expensive system. They already include the receiver with the compressor. Such a system will cost about 30 thousand rubles. Remarkably, the design of the auxiliary suspension is the same for “Sprinter” and “Volkswagen Crafter”. Also note that the cost of the system may differ depending on the model.

air suspension Mercedes Sprinter

So, the air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter” 515 will cost a bit more. Here you will need a more powerful cushion that can withstand a longer two and three tons each. Well, if it's air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter" 906 “Dolphin" quite the most ordinary of pillows.

How to install

The air suspension is Mounted on the “Sprinter” is quite simple. First the place is prepared for mounting of metal plates for pillows. Next, you will set cylinders themselves. They need to center and fix the metal pads on the bolts. As further mounted air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter” 313? Then routed the air route. They are connected to the compressor with the receiver. In the cabin installed a control panel.

air suspension Mercedes Sprinter 515

It is small and contains a pressure gauge and a couple of keys. It is the wiring from solenoid valves. If you are installing air suspension on “Mercedes Sprinter” 313 compressor, is to figure out where to place nipple, etc. It is usually placed under the passenger seat. And then, of necessity, connect to it and pumped air.

Summing up

So, we have found that such auxiliary air suspension and what kind of feedback it gets. Many car owners have already experienced the benefits of such suspension. It really saves when transporting heavy loads. With regard to passenger “Sprints”, such suspension is rarely set. Because these vans are almost never loaded. Reviews say that the installation of an auxiliary air suspension is relevant only for those involved in the transport of cargo.

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