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Alarm systems for cars become more complex every year, adding new functions, protection systems and communication systems. As they improve rising prices. As a result, the intermediate segments in which there are compromise solutions with new features, but at affordable prices. Such proposals include the alarm “STARLINE A94", which can be purchased at an average 11-12 thousand RUB Despite the modest price tag, it is security and telematic complex with a complete set of popular features.


General information about alarms

The System is a balanced technical and optional parameters security module designed to protect the car against theft. However, the function of the package extend far beyond the buffer value. Unlike most budget telematic systems, "STARLINE A94" includes a wide range of means of providing comfort, including the following:

  • Regulation parameters pre-heating.
  • Automatic control of the position of the armchairs.
  • Auto return steering to original position.
  • Manage the low and high beam.

This basic set of functions all focused on managing access systems in the car. The user is the GPS system, the sensor transmission signals GSM, controls, alarm and a standard set of control mechanisms for door locks, hood, Windows, etc.

The Installation of “STARLINE A94”

STARLINE A94 manual

The Basis set is the Central control unit the functionality of the alarm. It is recommended to fix under the dash complete with zip ties or screws. During installation it is important to consider that the unit should not be exposed to high temperature, vibration and physical blows. Then set the module to the radio, which will transmit the signals to the FOB user. It should be placed on the surface of the windshield or under the same instrument panel – but in this case, the efficiency of interaction by remote connection will be lower. Next, the light indicator, which will provide external visual information to the alarm “STARLINE A94". The installation of this component is produced in the most visible place of the interior. The fastener is also complete devices. Sound alerts will provide horn / siren. Best place – in the engine compartment. But to have her be the mouthpiece down – will eliminate the risk of water getting in Electromechanical filling.


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Connection channels protection

car alarm STARLINE A94

Mechanical lock is implemented using channels of CAN-bus. The locking devices are connected to the relay through the appropriate channels of communication. This way you can put on the protection of the hood, trunk, door locks and starter. In accordance with the standard connection diagram CAN-interface is connected with the Central control unit, onboard power supply and can be programmed for a specific mode control lock capability control via key FOB. But not all vehicle models support input from CAN-bus to the grid. As an alternative, control the locking devices car alarm “STARLINE A94" allows the use of an additional channel connecting the 18-pin connector in Central relay unit. In this case, it will require complete shutdown of the CAN-bus in software.

Activate Slave mode

This mode is relevant for security systems where the emphasis is on education and protection systems. In other words, in addition to the complete keychain “STARLINE A94" the user will receive the ability to control the system with the standard tool for remote control and other devices introduced in the infrastructure of the complex via the GSM module.

Connect mode in two ways – by computer or through the service button. The first option is through the USB-cable to connect to the Central control unit and entered into the programmer, activate the Slave. In the second case, you directly already via CAN-interface to enter the same programmer and tab with additional functionality to enable. But it is important to take into account certain risks in this format of operation "STARLINE A94". The manual notes that access to the vehicle in this case can be controlled not only connected by remote devices. For the convenience of expanding the range of permissible control management tools have to pay and likelihood of entering the infrastructure of third-party devices that can be accessed using cdgrabber.

User management startup

STARLINE A94 user manual

AutoPlay allows you to control the on and off engine with the heating system at the designated time intervals. To regulate the work schedule of the equipment you can use the keychain. Through it, you set the time and parameters of engine operation. This can be done directlythrough the interface of the Central unit "STARLINE A94". The manual also specifies that the remote on startup would make it impossible to open door lock without key chain with tag. This extra measure of protection due to risk of theft, which increase with the engine running.

User maintenance

The Manufacturer recommends that you periodically test the operation of sound and light alarms, which shall operate in the alarm mode. In the configuration process, it is important to identify situations in which it will send alarm signal complex “STARLINE A94". Default instruction recommends to program the alarm system to activate an alarm when doors are opened, ignition is turned on, pressing the brake, disconnect hand brake, etc.

STARLINE A94 reviews

The channels Separately check the wiring. This applies to power lines and circuits transmitting signals to the Central unit from the functional components. They must be provided with insulated and protected from external negative influences, which may affect the operation of the system “STARLINE A94". The manual also recommends that, when arming with the remote devices to check the operability of connecting the electrical devices in the cabin depend on the alarm function.

Positive feedback on “STARLINE A94”

The Complex by the standards of its class offers a very modern solution for the protection of the car. The alarm is highly valued for a wide range of features, reliability and versatility from the point of view of combining different models of cars. The advantages of the system users will include a variety of sensors. This applies not only to the sensing elements, which are responsible for access control and auxiliary devices. Such, for example, include temperature sensor "STARLINE A94". Reviews about the ergonomics is also positive. Many point to the vast possibilities of communication with the system, including through the channels of the GSM module.

Negative feedback

alarm STARLINE A94

If the nominal characteristics, the system looks quite decent, the practice of exploitation reveals certain difficulties in the process of working with individual functions. One of the surprises for many was the reduction in the distance of operation of the radio "STARLINE A94". Reviews indicate this defect in various conditions, eliminating the possibility of the effect of problem areas on the signal quality.

A Common problem telematic security systems auto is the conflict of the ignition system with immobilizer. Not spared from this drawback and the system under consideration. The problem is that the immobilizer as an extra blocker does not allow you to remotely activate the function of turning on the engine. In the end, it is necessary to complement the complex «STARLINE A94" crawler immobilizer. For this purpose a special transponder, connector which you can enter the simulator the label key. At the time of sending the signal about the startup the keychain first communicates with the transponder, and that, in turn, performs the unlock of the immobilizer.


installation STARLINE A94

Mechanical anti-theft means losing the demand under pressure from more technologically advanced and convenient to use electronic alarms. However practice of application of security and telematics systems shows that they are far from ideal. They have found the problem areas in ergonomics, mechanisms and electrical communications. In this regard, the alarm "STARLINE A94" is also not free from weak points, but experienced owners of such systems also note that the disadvantages can be used to minimize their impact on the efficiency of the protective function. The main problem that is disturbing the owners of this module is to risk theft of RFID tags using cdgrabber. Although the manufacturer says that the LoJack was used the most advanced means of shielding and protection from remote scanning, specialists, in turn, declare the impossibility of complete elimination of such actions on the part of the attackers. However, this concerns not only the system “STARLINE”, and other similar systems, to fully protect but only with the integrated use of traditional anti-theft devices.

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