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Mercedes-Benz W220 – a car that went out from 1998 to 2006. The car came to replace its predecessor – W140. Novelty has become lighter by almost 300 pounds and 120 millimetres shorter. In General, you can trace a lot of changes and, of course, features. So they need to talk more.

mercedes benz w220

In Brief about the model

Mercedes-Benz W220 was released in both the long and short base. However, if we take into comparison other models of the S-class, this car did not have its own version of the coupe. But this is due to the fact that the 1996 CL-class (i.e. the coupe) does develop itself as a model C215.

This car presented to the public in 1998, in August. Another interesting fact is that the Common Rail technology used in diesel engines, modified in relation to the power unit and significantly reduced fuel consumption. So the most popular and common model Mercedes-Benz S W220 was the car marked as S320 SDi. Originally it had a turbo diesel engine with 197 horsepower. By the way, the light went out S400 CDi. It was a V8 unit on 247 "horses".

mercedes benz s w220

Beginners gasoline engines

The Very first machine with a gasoline power unit was the S320. Under the hood of her rattled 224-horsepower V6 engine. And there was a Lite version, known as the S280. It was produced especially for export to Asia. The motor was a little weaker – also V6, but it produces 204 horsepower. Despite the fact that the power of this engine is inferior to its traditional European counterpart, in terms of efficiency it was a lot better.

One of the most common versions with a V8 engine was the car known as the Mercedes-Benz W220 S430. This motor generates power 279 horsepower. And, of course, S500. “Five” boasted 306 HP engine. Its successor, “six”, was altogether unprecedented, at that time, the capacity of the motor – 367 horsepower. And in 1999 the group acquired its own tuning shop, which today is the most popular in the world. And it's AMG. Atelier was to tune and improve engine models, and their first work was the 360-horsepower V8 engine.

mercedes benz s klasse w220 iv

About the design

Mercedes-Benz W220 – it really is the automotive elite. A very elegant machine that looks on the road impressive and attractive. Designers tried to glory. The car looks great. Unlike its predecessor, the car looks more stylish with rounded corners and smooth lines. Optics also fit perfectly into the overall design. We would like to note a fairly large block lights, installed as head lighting. They have the original incorrect form (something between an oval and ellipse), and the inside divided into a bizarre sector of unimaginable forms. Due to the tail light is much easier massive rear overhang of the machine.

Overall the car looks very presentable. Definitely will appeal to lovers of elegant cars. This car demonstrates not only the great taste of its owner, but his high status in society. Not surprisingly, Mercedes-Benz S-klasse W220 IV quickly became popular in its time and is still in demand.

 mercedes benz s class w220

About interior

The Interior of this car is magnificent. The decoration used only high quality materials, excellent leather, comfortable seats with various adjustments, ventilation and heating… Not enough only massage. But it can be installed for an additional fee. Before the eyes of the front passenger and driver – a great combination of instruments. One has only to open the door of this car – and the impenetrable darkness is absorbed by the bright fluorescent lights. Looks very impressive.


Seat plenty, though the ceiling was lower. In addition to all sorts of adjustments, and added another wheel, which changes pneumopumps in the lumbar region. The electronic drive of the sofa, the developers decided to add ventilation. And the temperature is adjustable and is simple – you only need to set the required temperature on the screen, which is located between the front seat backrests. The only thing that can be noted from the cons (and these are the things that will not only appeal to smokers) – the doors are too small ashtrays that in some way disguised. But the developers have paid much attention to security. When someone sitting in the cabin fastened, the corresponding head restraint is raised himself. Plusвсему, появились персональные подушки безопасности (10 штук).

 mercedes benz w220 long

Об управляемости

Mercedes-Benz W220 Long – это машина, об управляемости которой нельзя сказать ничего плохого. В плане ходовых характеристик данный автомобиль великолепен. Отклик на нажатие педали газа моментальный, передачи переключаются мгновенно, но мягко. Так что водитель в машине чувствует себя очень комфортно и уверенно, находясь за рулем.

Кстати, для особых любителей разработчики предусмотрели ручное переключение передач. Стоит только переместить рычаг из положения Drive в левую сторону, как включится пониженная передача. А если вправо – то, соответственно, повышенная. На автомобилях Mercedes-Benz S-class W220 ручной режим имеет одну особенность. Когда автомобиль разгоняется, то двигатель упирается в ограниченность оборотов. И электроника не включит самостоятельно повышенную передачу – для этого нужны действия водителя. Однако если вжать педаль в пол, допустим, на четвертой скорости, то это всё-таки получится. КПП сама выберет передачу, и разгон пойдет активнее. В общем, трансмиссия стала лучше, практичнее и понятнее.

В общем, этот автомобиль - та самая машина, которая может удовлетворить человека своим дизайном, интерьером, ходовыми и техническими характеристиками. И это доказано на практике временем.

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