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To restore body structure and correction of small damages on its surface using special technical devices. This inventory in the most part falls into the category of metalwork, but the producers in the creation of equipment guided on a car specifics. Today, the tool for repair body car is available in both single copies and sets. The sets can have different purposes – for straightening, painting, repair and General construction for other tasks.

tool for body repair of cars

Bench repair

The Foundation of every garage to form car stands the stocks which performed the most important operation. The most common is considered to be the metal frame design, which can be and repair chips on the car body, and the recovery of the overall geometry. The stocks can have different sizes, so you should initially focus on the parameters that correspond to the machine being serviced. The length of the design may take 3 to 9 m, which is enough for cars and massive SUV.

Distinguish between repairs and stands and power capabilities. Correction of the body structure is produced by the actuator, which can provide a load of several tons. Conventional hydraulic mechanisms pull design, with a force 2-3 T. More modern pneumatic and hydraulic benches allow you to repair the car body, affecting the deformed region in 10 volumes

body repair and car painting

Tool to remove local defects

In the private economy to provide a tail stand is not always possible but the provision of a hand tool it is permissible for the owner of a small garage. This set can include tools that will allow you to get rid of small defects. In particular, the repair of chips on the bodywork car is running straightening tool, which is based on hammers, mallets, chisels, and anvils. It is useful to provide a hydraulic pump, supplemented by a RAM. Depending on the form of a nozzle under pressure, the user can perform a particular repair operation.


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It is Important to note that the quality of hand tools depends on the effectiveness of interventions. Optimal characteristics of a hammer, for example, will allow to cope with the dent without the help of professionals and not to cause harm to other parts of the frame. Branded tool for repair body car usually has a specialized purpose, but there are universal fit, not inferior in productivity to the function.

repair spalls are on the back of a car

A Tool for painting

Paint operations belong to the category of works, which are often entrusted to specialists. But is this procedure expensive, so many drivers are turning to alternative methods of updating the look of the car. Again, body repair and car painting that are available for completion without outside help, but only in the presence of equipment appropriate parameters of a particular operation. In this case, you will need a spray gun and compressor unit. Using the first device, the user will be able to provide a uniform spray of paint, and the compressor will make it possible to supply the composition with a defined pressure characteristics.

materials for body repair of cars


For each category of maintenance tool there is a list of additional fixtures and devices. So, hand tooling is supported by a pneumatic heads with different sizes, wedges, adaptors and extensions, which facilitate the function of the main equipment. Quite extensively and providing stocks. The package can include ramps for the truck, winch for pick and place equipment, as well as the arrow to work with the top parts. In virtually every case involved a universal tool for repair body car in the form of jacks, wrenches, various clips and other devices.

Materials for body repair of cars

Typically, mechanical shock operation in car repairs do not involve the use of additional materials. However, there is a whole group of autogarage procedures to ensure the protective layer of the body. For these needs to be purchased in advance primer mixes, anticorrosion powders and cleaning compounds. Also body repair and car painting will not be without the use of special decorative coatings. These are the mixtures with which to work the gun. The most popular is the polyurethane coating, but increasingly, fans of the original designs used a rubber mixture based on silicone. The supply can be attributed to the protective film with the tapes that act as decorative layer, and as a means of protection of the body from damage.

auto body repairs


Complete recovery of the body can use dozens of types of hand-held equipment, the functions of which are supported by bench-top equipment. Choose the tool for repair body car should be based on the characteristics of a particular model. In particular, the SUV requires a broad straightening kit, car repair costs and standard accessories. Available and versatile sets, which are suitable to correct most of the physical defects on the surface of the body. More serious actions to restore the design can be implemented only by using power modules that contain repair stand. But the wider capabilities of the equipment, the more space in the garage it will take - this factor makes many to turn to more compact and at the same time, functional sets.

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