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Technical support of modern warehouse it is impossible to imagine without the means of loading. At facilities serving medium-size loads, used forklifts. This is a relatively small machine that distinguish modest size, maneuverability, and ample opportunities of working procedures. The best option is a forklift on wheels, through which you can maintain large storage areas.

Total information technology


A Technique is a kind of loading machine focused on operation indoors. However, widespread and modifications that can only be used outdoors – models with petrol and diesel engines. In the standard version forklift is equipped with masts, which carry out working operations. The driver took a seat in the cockpit and manages the entire process from moving the technical tools to function challenging units.

The Models vary in power quality, structural performance and additional equipment. When choosing, it is important to consider the nature of the operation of the machine. For example, if the equipment is used a few hours a day, that is fine, a low power device with a function of loading in different modes – versatility is one of the most important qualities of such equipment. If you plan to work during the day and night, you should focus on high performance and strong power platform, which delivered a forklift. The pictures below, for example, shows an example of the successful execution of multifunctional wheelbase.

diesel forklift truck


The Wheels are generally one of the signs of the classification of such vehicles. Thus, there are pneumatic, solid, bandage and polyurethane wheels. Pneumatics is considered a standard solution that provides a decent cross and good shock absorption properties. Solid wheels are usually fully made of rubber. This ensures good wear resistance and durability, but the attenuation is reduced to almost zero, which is not suitable for all use cases. For example, if you use the forklift with the forks of a telescopic type in the warehouse with uneven floors, any bump or other irregularity will be given in the system of load securing serious fluctuations. Trucks are also classified by type of execution of the mast. There are two - and three-piece device, which may be a free running VCSEL. Meet and “carriage” versions, which differ in versatility, but at the same time, and design complexity.



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forklift photo

General specifications

Main technical and operating characteristics of forklifts – lifting capacity, height of delivery, power, speed, and parameters of working bodies. As for the speakers, for obvious reasons, these numbers are rarely impressive – an average of 25 km/h in the conditions of the room. Maximum lifting height is 3 m, but in standard versions, it varies from 1 to 2 m. you should Also take into account the carrying capacity, which includes forklifts. Specifications in this regard are the following: about 1,500 kg in the entry-level models and 3000 kg in the case of members of the upper class. In terms of working capacity more determined by the drive mechanism. So, even the high-performance loader can lift 3-ton loads to a great height, but will do it slowly, if it has low power. Features and specifications power units should be considered separately.

Characteristics of power toppings

forklift with the forks

The Warehouse forklift trucks can be equipped with electric motors and diesel units and petrol engines. Capacity of electric vehicles varies on average from 20 to 40 kW, although there are models with other indicators. For example, the version from the initial segment can be supplied with installations of 5 kW, which is developing low speed 16 km/h. More powerful diesel forklift truck forklift features a power capacity of about 50-60 HP This is enough for handling massive and heavy cargoes. But the main feature of such models is in the orientation of the street operation. This is just environmental requirements – in warehouses should not be the exhaust. The same applies to the petrol models, who lose the diesel technology of power, but more profitable from the point of view of sound insulation and ease of operation.

Management System

forklift forklift Toyota

The Operator in the operation process can take a sitting or standing position. Authorities in both cases there may be rocker switches, levers, joysticks and other tools, located separately or in combination with the same panel. In addition to the basic wall tools, the user canto adjust the lighting, to signal to other workers through specific indicators, and if necessary, activate the alarm. For qualitative performance of work actions of the driver of a forklift must have good visibility and comfortable fit. The more comfortable and technologically sophisticated cabin, the better will be and workflow. For this reason, the developers of the compact and manoeuvrable trucks more and more attention to try to pay and ergonomics.

Additional equipment

the driver of a forklift

There are several categories of optional equipment for forklifts forklift type. In terms of improving the characteristics of attachment should pay attention to the positioning and displacement of the forks. They allow to optimize control of the capture and displacement of workers. Separately presented a comprehensive means of modification. With the special packages of the standard forklift can be converted into a snow plow or loader furnaces. To move large equipment provision and special clamps. These devices allow to transport refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, etc.

Manufacturers and prices

Traditionally, a leading position in the segment is for Japanese manufacturers. In particular, the company «Komatsu” regularly increasing its range with new models, conducting restyling the most successful versions. In the line of the manufacturer can find diesel, gasoline and electrical modifications cost 600-800 thousand RUB is Famous for its high quality and forklift forklift «Toyota», which is able to lift loads of up to 5 T. Again, the developers release a version with a different type of engine that can be used and large warehouses, and open areas. Cost models «Toyota» averages 400-700 thousand


forklifts specifications

Properly selected forklift not simply facilitate operations with goods for the workers, but also optimizes the entire logistics process inventory turnover. But in order to make the best choice, you should consider many aspects. First and foremost, to Orient on the basic performance that has a forklift to specific performance. It concerns the capacity, speed of operations, as well as lifting height. Also do not ignore the ergonomic properties of technical tools and security systems. Not to miscalculate with a choice of parameters, it is desirable to initially determine the tasks that will stand in front of the loader.

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