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Every car owner wants the interior of his iron horse were always pleasant and my favorite flavor. Some people like the smell of coffee, someone – citrus, and someone – freshness. What are the flavors in a better car? Of course, those that are made with their own hands using only natural ingredients. You can choose the scent that you like.flavours in the car

Best flavor

At the moment many producers offer a wide range of air fresheners for the interior of the vehicle. Some of them are all long familiar smell, and some smell like exotic. The name of many of such tools are even difficult to pronounce. However, the best person perceives the fragrances that are familiar to them. So it is important to determine the smell. So, how to make fragrance in the car with your hands?

In most cases, all necessary components are available in any kitchen. So finding them will be difficult. The main thing - correctly to pick up the scent.flavor in the car with their hands

Scent for coffee lovers

This is the easiest flavor to the car. Coffee just filled in a small pouch, which can be made of burlap. In this case, you can use your favorite variety of beans. If the coffee is fresh, its aroma will last at least 30 days. It is long enough. When you consider that store-bought air fresheners live a maximum of a few weeks.

In Addition to the basic function, such flavor absorbs moisture from the air.

Can I use other grains

If the vehicle owner doesn't particularly like coffee, then you can use other grains. In this ideal case of such spices as anise, fennel and cumin. Similar grains will easily find in the inventory of every housewife.


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To make the flavors into a car that will please the whole family, you can put in the bag a little vanilla or cinnamon. Unlike purchased, these natural oils will not be too cloying. The flavor will appeal not only adults but also children.flavor in the coffee machine

Essential oil to help

Probably all seen the pharmacy counter, cluttered with jars of various essential oils, have very familiar names. They can also be used for the manufacture of flavorings. For this you can cut out of thick fabric the same tree and drip on a few drops of essential oil. In this case, the main thing - do not overdo it, as the smell in the cabin will be very strong.

What flavor to choose?

If you wish to charge the cabin environment of the vehicle, it is better to use bergamot oil. Because this component usually acts as an aphrodisiac.

If the situation, on the contrary, it is necessary to unload, you should use essential oil of pine wood. This fragrance will appeal to all. However, for full relaxation is ideal cedar oil.

Don't be afraid to experiment

If you decide to use essential oils, then get ready to focus on one scent very difficult. Most likely, your basket will be at least 4 jars. And it's not terrible. After all, you can experiment a bit and create an excellent flavor in the machine which will match the mood.

If the capacity of the old air fresheners or oils you did not throw, they can be used as housing. As a filler you can use foam or cotton wool. How to make flavor in the car with your hands? Enough to drip a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton wool or foam rubber and put it all in an old jar. That's all.

Gel air freshener for car

If you prefer something more permanent, you can make gel flavours in the car. In this case, there is nothing impossible or difficult. You can purchase at any grocery store ordinary gelatin, and the pharmacy – your favorite essential oil and glycerin. how to make fragrance in car

The First dilute component in accordance with the instructions printed on the package. While gelatin must acquire a homogeneous mass. In the finished product, pour a teaspoon of glycerin. The finished composition can pour it into jars from under the cream or in the capacity of purchase of flavors. Now drip 6 drops of essential oil. If you are using citrus, you should add several times more. Because these essential oils wear off very quickly.

Everything should be in moderation

Do Not try to make the flavors in the machine that can kill all other smells. It can play a cruel joke. After all, a very strong odor that can distract the driver while driving. And in some cases cause headaches. In addition, the driver will not be able to immediately identify some problems of the vehicle, for example, does not smell of fuel or exhaust. And such failures can lead to quite serious consequences.

If the interior is bad, then you should think about replacement of the filters. After all these details are perfectly absorbs all the flavors and store them. As a result, the vehicle can soar notvery nice smell, to block which is not so simple.

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