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Which requires the installation of a 16-valve engine "classics"? And is the game worth the candle? A definite answer can be given only if we analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of such modifications. First you need to consider, what are the engines the classic series and more modern, for example, installed on the VAZ-2112. During the works there may be some difficulties, but they can be overcome, if we approach the matter with a light head.

install the 16 valve engine on classics

For most people, tuning – this mount plastic body kits and stickers on the car body. There was even such a thing as ‘collective tuning”. The phrase to describe cars that hardly move on the roads, but hung from the roof to the wheels, the stickers with the logos of any brands. Much nicer when a simple car that stands out from the crowd, have the technical characteristics, comparable with vehicles of foreign production, and not the lower class.

Why you need to install the 16-valve engine "classics"?

Cars of the classic series for many years not produced, but parts for them still available. Please note the engine – just eight valves, the "harness" a little more than seventy horses, and the timing chain makes horrible noises, increasing the level of noise. To increase the power and throttle response of the car in several ways:

  1. Change the fuel system (the transition from the obsolete carburetor on injection).
  2. Replacement engine for a more advanced model.
  3. In the case of fuel injected cars can help to change the firmware of the ECU (fuel consumption increases in proportion to capacity).

For More details it is necessary to consider the second option. If you have a car with carbureted engine, then you kill two birds – set a new motor and change the fuel system completely. It is worth mentioning that the ignition system is also transformirovalsya – instead of the contactless you just need to mount the microprocessor. Hence the increase of reliability and capacity, and durability of the power unit.


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Legitimate whether such a change?

More recently, the law under which the motor vehicle does not require mandatory registration. In fact, the engine on "the classics" becomes a normal part, like a bumper or a thermostat. But you need to follow the recommendations that come from experts. When buying motor conclude the contract of purchase and sale. If possible, run through the database of traffic police the car, which removed the power unit. The seller must present documents which confirm his absolute right to own machine or motor.

installing the engine in the classics 2112

Provided that the purity of the transaction to you will not have any claims. To the next step, you can go after the installation of the 16-valve engine the "classics". Registration in the traffic police. Related to the procedure many are ambiguous, as some try to make trouble, so it's official, others enjoy the fact that no one inspector has the right to conduct inspection of the engine, and open the hood to require collection. Even at the checkup on these alterations do not pay attention.

What are the advantages and disadvantages expected from the installation of a new motor?

Most importantly – you will increase power and throttle response of your car. Engine mounting 2112 "classic" gives another advantage – quiet operation. Due to the fact that instead of a timing chain used rubber belt, noise is reduced. It also increases the speed. The reliability of many units in modern engines is much higher. From the environmental point of view, you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. It is implemented by introducing a catalyst, which is controlled by two lambda probes.

The disadvantages include the need to rework almost all systems automobile:

  1. Tormoznoi.
  2. Electrooborudovania.
  3. Toplivnoy.
  4. Zazhiganiya.
  5. Stsepleniya.

If you are offered a motor without attachments, it is better to abandon it, so as to buy all separately would be costly. New engine 16 valve, the price of which is in the range of 60-80 thousand rubles, not expensive for the majority. Therefore it is better to use the services of a secondary market where the value of the motor varies from 20 to 30 thousand rubles. And sell usually do not just engine, but all the attachments, including the ECU and fuel system components.

Why do I need to redo my car system?

It is Worth remembering that the installation of the 2112 engine in the "classics" entails a lot of changes. Not only in design but also in technical characteristics. Increase the speed and power, torque. While the standard brake system is designed to work with the old motor. And she could not cope with the loads that will appear after changing the design of the car. The motor mount takes a little time – enough to tie it with three bolts to the transmission. But its proper connection, configuration, adaptation of systems for new features – it is a science.

the engine on the classics

Without specific knowledge of the car design and its components should not even attempt rework. The brakes on the "classics" should be replaced even ventilated discs you can use for more efficient operation. On the rear wheels too, better to use disc brakes. On the drum, the effectiveness of which is not always good, is better to completely forget. The clutch unit is operating under heavy loads than before, so it is recommended to use reinforced model. And don't forget about the frogs that are installed on the gimbal. It is desirable to replace the more reliable of quality metal.

Summing up

You will get many benefits from upgrading your car. Try to perform all the work competently not only with technical but also from a legal perspective. Remember that free to sell a car with a motor that is not registered in the traffic police, it becomes impossible. And install a 16-valve engine "classics" is a difficult task, because you need not only to carry out the change to all related units, but also engaged in the laying of electrical wiring harnesses.

engine 16 valve, price

Modern engines are due to microprocessor systems and control devices (sensors), which are in the car a lot. Improper connection of just one element will lead to the fact that the engine will not start or will work intermittently. For this reason, the engine mounting 2112 "classic" is complicated, because the standard wiring has harnesses for the new hardware.

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