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"Mercedes W220" is known worldwide today, despite the fact that it was released back in 1998. This is a great powerful car with awesome specifications. Even today, old cars continue to be better than some new machines.

Mercedes w220

Start of history

"Mercedes W220" has replaced another model W140. The novelty has transformed both externally and from within - its length was reduced to 12 inches, which is initially not very positive by fans of the brand. However, after some time (to be precise - in 2001) this car became popular. He had a steady demand. A total of seven years managed to collect about 485 thousand of the Executive class sedans. In 2005, the production was stopped. And in 2001, the world stood twelve-cylinder "Mercedes W220" - perhaps one of the most famous models from this manufacturer, which is on everyone's lips thanks to his nickname "six-hundredth".


Useful features

Interestingly, in the salon you can sit down, not even on pressing the alarm key FOB. And the engine start can be had without application of the key. And all thanks to a special card Elcode is one of the main features which distinguish the W220. Mercedes this model can boast that it is the steering wheel and seats feature memory, and this is a very good addition. Because as soon as the driver inserts the ignition key (if you do not want to use the previously mentioned map), the wheel just takes the situation that was recorded for the last time. And after the driver kills the engine, he moves over to the panel - this greatly facilitates the process of landing. By the way, the steering wheel is under the adjustment of the servos. And under the driver seat there is a button called "Dynamic", due to which you can pump up the side bolsters on turns. And this is done automatically, you just need to activate the button.


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 Mercedes w220 specifications

Also worth noting is the presence of keys, electric seat, cruise and climate control, and a system called Pre Safe - it tightens the seatbelts if a few seconds there is an accident and blocks the window with Luke. In the basic configuration there is still a heated and more advanced there is also a massage function and ventilation. In General, as you can see from the 220th many advantages, and that's not all than it differs.

Comfort and convenience

Of Course, all that has been described above, it was created by developers and engineers solely for comfort, convenience and safety of driver and passengers. Armed with this equipment, you can really feel relaxed. But there is also such add-ons that allow you to feel real pleasure from staying inside the car. For example, there is a function of the tilting head restraints (for rear seats). And glass is equipped with a heat-retaining properties. In addition, they can protect passengers from ultraviolet rays. In the cabin a lot more - so much so that the people sitting in the back, can easily throw a leg over the other.

And, of course, soft comfortable chairs is a must. Plus - the classic "Mercedes" design, which can not leave indifferent any fan of the Stuttgart manufacturer.

Technical advantages

Of Course, now this is not a novelty, but at that time the Airmatic air suspension was it. W220 Mercedes was the first car on which it was installed. It changes the degree of comfort suspension, besides affecting a change in the ride height. When the speedo needle gets to the indicator 140 km/h, the Mercedes is getting lower by 1.5 inches - and it positively affects the stability.

More manufacturers offered a different suspension, Active Body Control. And it was more reliable than the previous one. But staffing it was set only to "the six hundredth". But for all the base modifications available electronic stability control and Brake Assist, which increases brake performance.

Mercedes s w220 reviews

By the Way, in 2002 the "Mercedes W220", specifications of which are really worthy of respect, received a four-wheel drive system, the name of which at the hearing today, many - 4 Matic. Thus, this car was the first sports car class of the Stuttgart manufacturer.


About security is to talk longer. After all, it is really a matter of how confident you will feel behind the wheel of a motorist. Well, Mercedes has a special system, called Distronic. It automatically maintains a certain distance to the car that is ahead. And if it decreases, immediately operate the brake system. This system maintains the preset speed.

 w220 long

In Parallel, the system processes the signals coming from the radar mounted behind the grille. It works as follows - the impulses are transmitted from the car ahead, the radarprocesses them and transmits it to the computer. Moreover, the system provides signals about the need for emergency braking. In General, Distronic is a real helper on the road, is to pay tribute to the developers - they have managed to create something special and perfect.

Engines and models

The weakest model (if you can say about a car of this level) is a "Mercedes W220 S280". The M112 motor, which torque is 270 Nm. But the amount of horsepower she's got a serious - 204. The demand for this car was not large. It is for this reason to meet her today is quite difficult.

More popular was W220 Mercedes S320 Long. This car had the V6-nd engine with 224 horsepower and 315 torque. Four years model was popular, and then the light came S350 with improved performance: with the engine to 3.7 liters and 245 HP.

A Solid is the car S430, V8-nd engine which produces neither more nor less - 279 horsepower. One hundred kilometers of this "beast" reaches in less than eight seconds. And max he's serious, but there is an electronic limiter that stops the arrow of a speedometer to 250 km/h.

Legend of the German automotive industry

"Five hundredth" and "six" is really a car-legend. W220 S500 Mercedes, which is known to all lovers of the automobile industry (not only German), and later, the 600-th model. The "five hundredth" under the hood hides a powerful V8-nd motor, whose power is 306 HP! Up to a hundred miles he needs a little more than six seconds.

What about the "six hundredth"? Even the first version has 367 HP And in 2002 when the car passed a certain amount of work aimed at its improvement, the world saw a brand new Mercedes 500 horsepower with two turbines. But the German producers have decided not to stop. AMG - these three letters say a lot. There is no more powerful, reliable, serious, solid, and fast cars than the ones on the hood which indicate this abbreviation.

 Mercedes w220 fuel consumption

In 2004 released "Mercedes S65 M275" - and it was an improved 600. Its output increased to 612 HP, plus he bought bi-turbo. It is not surprising that today this car is one of the best in its segment, despite the rather advanced age.

Fuel Consumption

Many people when buying a car think about how it is economical. And the amount of money going to the machine depends not only on its original cost, from maintenance and breakdowns (if any occur). Another great importance is the gasoline. Or rather, how many it is necessary in order to "feed" his "iron horse". Well, the most economical in this respect, option - S 320 "Mercedes W220". Fuel consumption is 7.7 liters per 100 km. by the Way, this small amount of fuel affected the popularity of the car - we have already mentioned that this model was very popular. The following are the S350 and S500. Yes, in fairness it should be noted that the "five hundredth" rather small fuel consumption, although not small, around 11.4 litres. The most expensive is "Mercedes S600 Long" - it takes a little less than 15 l. Surprisingly, even the AMG version requires less than half a liter.

w220 s500 Mercedes

Comments owners

"Mercedes S W220", which reviews are written exclusively in a positive way, really is a great car. Presentable, respectable, serious, beautiful, reliable, fast, and powerful. You can tell a lot about him. The owners of this car say that the more comfortable car at this price is impossible to find. By the way, used Mercedes in good condition can be purchased in a little less than half a million rubles. This, by the way, the owners also say attention, arguing that it is better to buy the used car from world-famous Stuttgart manufacturer than a new car, but at least good quality. A with absolute certainty called W220-th "Mercedes" masterpiece of car manufacturing.

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