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Frame-based SUVs have a high security due to the more rigid body. Ssangyong Rexton - first-frame SUV in the model range of the Korean company "SsangYong". Model quite quickly gained its market share due to low prices compared to competitors.

History of "SsangYong Rexton"

SsangYong RextonSUV "Rexton" was released following the successful models of the Korean company "Musso" and "Kyron". Ssangyong Rexton is the brainchild of world-renowned Italian design Studio "Italdesign". The development of the first generation was created by the Studio in 2001. Model debuted in the same year at the international automobile salon in Farnkfurt. "SsangYong Rexton" on the presentation received many positive reviews from car experts and critics. The presented version was a five-door station wagon. To complete the SUV was offered with two petrol engines of 3.2 and 2.3, as well as turbocharged diesel engine capacity of 2.9 liters. The Korean manufacturer has opted for a car two options of carton: five-speed manual transmission or an automatic with four speeds. The engine and box was a development of the concern "Daimler-Chrysler", produced under license in South Korea.

First generation

ssangyong rextonThe First generation of cars was produced from 2001 to 2004 at the factory in the Republic of South Korea. Produced four versions:

1. 230 with capacity of 140 horsepower.
2. 230 with capacity of 150 horsepower.
3. 290d with a capacity of 120 horsepower.
4. 320 4wd with a capacity of 2200 horsepower.

In appearance the car is something similar to "Lexus 470". The resemblance was negligible. Inner saloon embodies all the expectations of customers models of j-class: a full electropackage, climate control, CD-player and eight-lane music system. The body was placed on the frame side members of a ladder type. The basic version was equipped with four airbags: two front and two side. Front brakes - ventilated disc, rear - disc. Stated in the passport the maximum speed was 170 miles per hour 230-th model, and the consumption in the mixed type is 11.7 liters per 100 kilometers.


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The First restyling

SsangYong Rexton specificationsIn 2004 to boost sales, the model of "SsangYong Rexton" has undergone restyling. After bringing the vehicle to the new demands of the SUV market got 7 versions. In connection with the change of the external appearance of all models "SsangYong", "Rexton" also received an updated grille, and wheel arches complemented by decorative moldings.

To the existing one was added two diesel and one petrol version:
1. 270 Xdi turbo 165 horsepower.
2. 270 Xdi 4WD turbo 165 horsepower and all-wheel drive.
3. 280 capacity of 201 horsepower.

Second restyling

SsangYong Rexton priceFollowing a restyling was made with the model in 2007. Was slightly modified external elements of the body of the car "SsangYong Rexton". Characteristics inside have got a more significant improvement. The restyled version was introduced to the public with the available four-cylinder engines with turbocharged inline diesel engine volume of 2.7 "Ixvi" and 2.7 "of Tsvete", with a capacity of 186 and 165 horsepower respectively. The petrol version engines were offered with a volume of 3.2 liters and power of 220 horsepower five different trim levels.
It is Worth noting that this model of "SsangYong Rexton" is now going for the small car factory in Naberezhnye Chelny to provide supplies to the market of the Russian Federation.

Advantages and disadvantages

feedback SsangYong Rexton dieselStable demand for this model provide the price attractiveness of SUVs in the j-class and positive feedback. "SsangYong Rexton" - diesel, like its petrol counterpart, it has a high build quality, a powerful engine, comfortable and spacious interior. Good aerodynamics and permeability should also be recorded in the asset of this model.

Comfort not only in city but in country trip provides a fairly simple but robust design of the suspension: dependent beam rear trailing arms. Energy-intensive suspension to compensate for the roll of the car when entering a corner.
Transfer case, mechanical version of "SsangYong Rexton" is a proprietary system of "Party Time". This system allows to distribute the torque along the axes uniformly or only to the rear axle, and use a lower gear, when driving on bad terrain. Traction control system "TODD" will help to get rid of the scroll wheel due to the optimization of torque by swapping one of the axes.

The Last restyling "Rekstona" features a large trunk with detailed compartments for small items and Luggage nets. Driver comfort provides heated seat and adjustable height.

However, the model has disadvantages. In the opinion of many drivers, the fuel consumption differs from the stated in the passport for 2-3 litres, which at current prices could substantially hitthe pocket of the motorist. Of detail also do not understand the lack of headlight washers and a long warming up of the air inside the cabin.

"SsangYong Rexton" - a price

As already mentioned, the price of the first generation of "Rekstona" pretty attractive compared to competitors in the class. So, version 2.7 Xdi R27M5 will cost motorists just 1 025 000. This money goes good equipment, including four airbags and climate system, connectable four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes. The top version with the engine of 3.2 liters is approximately 1 300 000. It will have permanent four-wheel drive and the Deluxe exterior kit.

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