Brake system VAZ-2107: diagram, device, repair


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Very important is the role of the braking system of VAZ-2107 car. With its help, the stop of the machine. The effectiveness of inhibition depends on everything. Timely stop the vehicle necessary to prevent collision or hitting an obstacle. How good condition the elements of the brake system depends on your security. Therefore, we can conclude that this matter should be given maximum attention. And for the record the fans of tuning: brake system designed for the loads created by the engine. Therefore, increasing the power of the motor it is necessary to strengthen the calipers, to increase the area of contact of the pads with the disks.

Calipers front wheels

And now more about all the elements of the system. Little out of order, but still. Calipers front wheels – are mechanisms that compress and release the pads.

brake system 2107

Front brake VAZ-2107 consists of two calipers – on each wheel one at a time. They are made of aluminium, but not completely. Located inside the large diameter piston, which fits snugly to the body. Due to this excludes the possibility of spillage of brake fluid. By the way, if such a phenomenon occurs, then repair the caliper, it makes no sense, its easier to replace with a new one.

How did the installation of the calipers?

Mount calliper front brake disc produced by two bolts to the hub. In order to ensure security it is important that these bolts are unable to get out. To do this, they fixed a metal plate.

brake system 2107 device

Setting the caliper is made so that the inside pads are. Its base they rested in a housing (outer block) and the piston. Asbestos coating is directed toward the metal of the brake disc. Inside the body of the caliper is a fluid that comes back through the rubber hose. The housing also has a hole in which there is a special fitting for holding a pumping system.

The Calipers of the rear wheels

On the rear axle brake system of the car VAZ-2107 has the classic scheme, as on most cars. It is worth noting that about 75% of braking is the front wheels. The rear is only slightly impeded. For this reason, the manufacturer decided to use disc brakes does not make sense. Of course, much better is using a disc rather than the standard reels. But there are minor difficulties associated with the implementation of the normal functioning of the Parking brake, – the need for installation of additional cylinder in the system.


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brake system malfunction 2107

But from the factory the car VAZ-2107 was going from drum brakes at the rear. Despite the fact that they have low efficiency, with its primary task, they do. Brake system of VAZ-2107, faults which are eliminated quite simply with the pressure regulator, which is mounted near the rear beam. Using such a device takes control of the pressure of the fluid entering the loop of the rear wheels. Because you have pads for drums, they have a slightly different drive than the front wheels. The main task – to breed in different directions pads. For this purpose, the upper part is mounted a cylinder that has two pistons. With their help and the unclamping pads.

The Vacuum brake booster

Without this mechanism, the braking system of VAZ-2107, which is considered, would be similar to those used earlier in the "cents". Comfort without the vacuum booster is completely absent. Press on the pedal you have with a very large force, braking efficiency at a low level, and all the beats pads on the disc give you in the leg. But in the system of this unit made it possible to achieve high performance. Installed the brake booster between the pedal rod and the master cylinder.

brake system diagram 2107

Therefore, there is a gap between your foot and the piston, which creates pressure in the system. This reduces the force applied to the pedal many times. The braking performance is increasing. Mount the vacuum booster is a bulkhead between passenger compartment and engine compartment of the vehicle. On most modern machines vakuumnyy have four studs that go into holes on the bulkhead. Compartment side, under a layer of sound insulation, twisted nuts. But first, the pins are set engravers to in the operation of tightening the threaded connections are not weakened.

Brake master cylinder

Perhaps this is the main element of the system, because it creates a high pressure in the tubes. As you could understand, it is due to pressure and stagnated – pads shift when moving the calipers. Brake system of VAZ-2107, the scheme of which is presented in our review, also includes the cylinder. It is made of metal, inside it has a cavity of cylindrical shape. All internal surface is perfectly smooth, as it happens slide the pistons.

brake system VAZ2107 repair

Their system is quite interesting. The fact that the pressure they create in the two circuits. Metal pistons that look like thimbles, outside have rubber o-rings. They ensure maximum tightness. The movement of the pistons in the cylinder synchronous, they are connected to each other by springs with high stiffness. The first piston abuts the rod that goes from the brake booster. In the GTZ has a few holes – to connect with the surge tank and to connect the tubes going to the calipers in the front and rear wheels.

Front brake pads

They had a little told, but should talk in more detail. So, about 75% of braking is the front wheels. Therefore, the pad wear on this axis will be much higher. For this reason, the brake system of VAZ-2107 which repair is performed relatively rarely, needs often to be replaced the front pads than the rear. They represent the metal plate where the applied coating of asbestos. This layer is quite durable and reliable, provide excellent braking. But most importantly – reduces the wear of the metal on the disk.

brake system of the car VAZ 2107

Rear brake pads

The Rear pads have a different design, since the mechanism is somewhat different. These are two hard metal plates, having the form of a semicircle. The inner side has holes for fastening to the wheel hub. With external – caused friction linings which come into contact with the drum part. Also provides a connection mechanism for manual unclamping pads – the Parking brake. The connection of the halves is performed using metal plates and stiff springs. It is from these elements is the braking system of VAZ-2107, the device can be called a classic, as the model of the car.

front brake 2107

Brake fluid

No matter How you tried to highlight the main element of the system, it is difficult to do. The fact is that when you change the parameters of any node is the disruption of the whole mechanism without exception. And from the liquid depends very much. Or rather, its quality. Brake system of VAZ-2107, the circuit which consists of a cylinder, calipers, and tubes connecting these elements is filled with a special liquid in which an additive made of a large number of additives that improve performance. It not only ensures effective braking, but also to prevent the destruction of the inner cavities of the tubes, calipers, and cylinders.

When to change the fluid?

Remember high-school physics. What happens to a liquid when it is compressed dramatically? Properly, its temperature rapidly increases. Therefore, changes both the volume and viscosity, and density. In other words, this fluid changes its properties. To prevent this from happening, manufacturers of brake fluids and additive is added. They allow you to avoid negative impact of pressure and to improve heat dissipation.

rear brake system 2107

As the rear brake system of VAZ-2107, and the front works under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, all these additives evaporate for a couple of years of operation of the vehicle. Therefore it is necessary to replace to improve the performance of the system. On this basis, we can say that changing the fluid in the brake system must be performed at least every two years. At higher mileage, you can increase the frequency of replacement.

Expansion tank

The design of any system are a rigid tube, rubber hoses and expansion tanks. The latter is necessary to maintain the level of liquid in the system, because it eliminates the risk of formation of air locks in the pipes. It is in the surge tank is refilling liquid.

brake system 2107

It is Worth noting that the braking system of VAZ-2107, faults which is often accompanied by the presence of a leak, needs a tune-up. This procedure does not present great difficulties but will have the assistance of a second person. He will have to squeeze the brake pedal to force the fluid to go along the contours. But note that it is necessary to provide tightness of all connections.


To improve the tightness of the used soft copper washers. They are installed in the joints of rubber tubes with the other elements. The purpose of the use of rubber tubes – must be the possibility of rotation of the steering wheel without the risk of destroying the system.

brake system 2107

Similarly with the rear axle, on which the hose is used to transition between a rigid tube mounted on the beam and the body. In other words, in places that do not move, laid hard tube. If there is a displacement of any node, it is necessary to use flexible hoses.

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