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Though the flagship model of the truck ‘DAF XF-105” and is not considered a new edition model was launched back in 2005, the buyers and the drivers have not lost interest in this truck. Needless to say, that he made his debut very successful, and in 2007 this car won quite a prestigious competition – Truck of the year.

A Bit about the model

The Truck ‘DAF-105" came to replace a 95-th model. It was produced from 2001 to 2007. She managed to earn good reviews from all those who have managed to borrow this truck. Then about a year and 105 th, and 95 th cars were collected and released at the same time.


Considering the model released in 2012, you can see that it is equipped with modern and technologically advanced cabin Space Cab, and the user manual States that the model can also be equipped with cab Comfort Cab. If you consider it more carefully, it is easy to find the main differences from the previous version. This radiator grille, which has now become much more, as well as a chrome-plated moulding on the fascia. Perhaps thanks to this restyling, the engine will cool even better.DAF 105

The Designers worked on the exterior panel of the cab of the truck. In the bumper of steel has a special spot optics. Main optics light the way halogen lamps in vandal-proof and impact-resistant shades. The roof and sides is equipped with a special aerodynamic streamlined panels. It is believed that this allows for a more efficient move. Across the windshield reinforced visor, designed to securely protect from the sun the driver and passengers. Two sides have drawers where you can store spare parts or tools.

To provide convenient access to the cabin of the car, experts have installed three steps and handrail. The tests showed that to get inside is really very comfortable. To protect the interior from dirt or water, two of the steps of the closed doors. Attentive motorists will notice that the ground clearance has increased by 6 cm, which can be very helpful when driving on our roads. However, all significant changes to the truck ‘DAF-105" there was not outside, but inside.


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In the cockpit

If the external design has changed only slightly, here inside altered a lot compared to the base model. The first thing that catches the eye – it underestimated the tunnel. In the version from 2012 distance from engine compartment to the cabin ceiling is 175 cm This has been achieved thanks to more compact design of the engine.

A Lever controlling the Parking brake is now located on the front panel. The gearbox is made collapsible. On cars where equipped with the automatic transmission ZF AS-Tronic, on the floor and absent any leverage. Such control boxes is now easy with round switches and podrulevymi lever. As a result of these radical changes has added more space and more comfort.

For the driver is offered a comfortable chair with cushioning on the basis of the suspension. The chair is equipped with all types of adjustments.

Hotel on wheels

That said, even the last models interior and comfort you can compare with five-star hotel, and now in the car «DAF-105" almost presidential Suite. The shelf on the centre console, and the console itself, now covered with pretty and practical Mat is made of rubber, but pull-out tray and ashtray some reason did not touch. So, if the driver suddenly want to have Breakfast or lunch, take a seat, to nominate a table and eat like a white man. For groceries too far to reach do not need – in the cab under the bed drawers and the refrigerator.

To eat on the go, you can fix the fridge extended. Behind the driver's seat has a convenient pocket where you can insert a 1.5-litre bottle.tractor unit DAF 105


Interesting nuance – the manufacturer refused to create the bottom shelf with the possibility of transforming it into an armchair with the type of second-class carriage. But other brands of trucks have long used.

Here's the thing. If you read the reviews of the truck ‘DAF-105" of the reviews about the car, most drivers like an ordinary bed. Not just a bed, but with this one-piece mattress, and there is no need to transform yourself bed. Here you can just lie down and sleep. It is a pity that the base of this bed, and the ceiling, not a spring. They are made of ordinary plywood.

But the top mattress is much stouter. Fixing system Easy Lift makes it very easy to raise and lower the upper bed. It rises at forty-five degrees, and the bar to hang anything, for example, towel. On the raised bed you can put a bag of stuff.

Another new feature – a folding ladder. It is made with large rounded steps, they do not cut bare feet. Folded ladder is fixed with the help of powerful magnets.

Devices and all around the driver

The car's dashboard “DAF-150” is also slightly changed. When the window is already dark, it is lighted with a pleasant orange light. If before the panel was only the fuel gauge, now the designers and engineers have added more and“mochevino”. The tank should be filled not only diesel, but also a special urea solution. Although other tractors these indicators displayed trip computer, here it is implemented in the form of ordinary dial.

But the display is here too. It is conveniently located on the center console. It is possible to see many different vital parts of the vehicle. You can also watch the load on the axles not only the truck but also the trailer. However, it is still unknown how high the accuracy of these sensors.

The Steering wheel has a fashion key today. However, they are not installed everywhere, but only on expensive models. There will also be a retarder or automatic transmission.

On the windowsill you can see the new control unit glass and mirrors. The panel itself is made in a stylish design – made of aluminium or from wood.

The Cabin seemed to hint that the car is “DAF-150” - is a real flagship, though loses a bit in power to other competitors.


The Model presented several series of trucks. So, cars with an index of 410 and 406. They all have unique characteristics and extraordinary reliability. But even if something is out of order, in the store you can buy any spare parts (“DAF-105" and 95 XF in particular), and with timely maintenance is completely hassle-free car.manual


In the model there are two motors – PACCAR MX 300 with a capacity of 410 horses and ATE EcoDrive MX 460 HP – of 12.9 L. the First unit is characterized by high environmental friendliness. At its creation were used the most modern technology, so it meets the strict Euro 5 standards. Among other advantages of this unit is the SMART injection system and SCR system. This allowed to significantly save on fuel and not lose power and torque.

The power of the engine is 410 HP rated crankshaft speed range from 1,500 to 1,900 rpm Torque – 2000 Nm at 1000-1400 rpm.DAF 105 reviews

The Second unit, despite its excellent characteristics, has the environmental parameters as the first one. The user manual claims that the scheduled maintenance it needs every 150 thousand km.

As for the revs, everything is the same – 1500-1900. But torque increased – 2300 Nm at engine speeds from 1000 to 1410. The working volume of this unit is 12.9 L.


The chassis of this tractor have a wheelbase of 3.8 meters, the rear overhang 0.99 m. The fuel tank that can hold 850 litres of diesel fuel and urea tank has a capacity of 100 l.

The Chassis is not strengthened by the spars, but I tolerate axle loads and other load-bearing, but on the condition that they are not too exceed nominal.

All of this through the use of quality steels. Also responsible for the strength of the closed profile between the main power nodes. The tank is made of aluminum – that's great, because it will not corrode.


Here are a few options. So, there is a transmission of the type AS Tronic 12 steps. Optionally available system Hill Start Aid, which allows you to make easier the beginning of the movement at large angles. This system is useful when you want to start on the big climb. When loaded the trailer is pretty hard to do, especially in winter. The checkpoint is equipped with a direct highest gear.

This box makes the engine wear is minimal, and additional system - control tractor simple and comfortable regardless of the conditions.DAF XF 105


The Most important feature here is a special brake motor. This motor, which is activated by hydraulic systems, mounted in the rocker arms of the valves. With this engine you can create a significant effort on the brakes.

The Whole brake system is capable of delivering 210 KW of power. The system also includes the Parking brake. In addition there is ABS, EBS, electronic regulator, responsible for engine braking.DAF 105 price

“DAF-105" - price

The Truck with the 410-m engine with low mileage can be bought for 5.1 million. And 2011 with 460-m engine and mileage is 145 thousand km can be purchased for 3.5 million Despite the runs, the price rarely falls below two million. fix DAF 105These machines have excellent characteristics. Cabin makes the shipping process a pleasure.

The New model 2013-2014, naturally, will cost significantly more, but rest assured, it's worth every invested in it rouble. In case of correct and timely care, the car did not need repair. “DAF-105’ – unpretentious truck, and loved by all truckers. And the model 2013 – and all fiction.

So we figured out which has the features of the truck ‘DAF-105”.

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