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Crossover Zotye T600 was introduced to the public in 2013. In China, this model is very popular – in a month bought about 13-14 thousand copies. Moreover, in 2014, the car has won the title of best crossover of the year. In Russia, this model is also known, although the sales are not so impressive. However, many people who own Zotye T600, reviews leave happy. Them how and technical characteristics of the model, it should be noted attention.

zotye t600 reviews


The Stylish appearance is the first reason for the popularity of this crossover. The same conclusion can be drawn, looking at the left of the crossover Zotye T600 reviews.

The Car is attractive because many of its features, the designers have adopted the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q5. However, copying is difficult to call, because “feed” is typical Asian style. This can be understood by sharp corners and the shape of the headlights. In addition, the Chinese SUV dimensions differ from the dimensions of these models. At length he reaches 4 631 mm, width - 1 893 mm. its Height is 1 694 mm and the wheelbase is about 2 807 mm And the ground clearance of this model is not off-road. It is equal to 16.1, see the “Tuareg” the ground clearance is 22 cm it is slightly smaller than Q5 (20 cm).

However, despite all the nuances, the car people like. They say attention is a solid bumper with a neat "foglights" large rearview mirrors with led repeaters turns, powerful hood, chrome grille. And indeed, holistic, focused, taut body can not not period features appear.

zotye t600 owners reviews


Beauty models Zotye T600 gets very positive reviews. Which is not surprising. Looking at him, you can feel the luxury of the interior. Beauty pleases the high-quality finishing materials, good build, impressive list of modern equipment and a good supply of free space.

Also, people have noted a high level of ergonomics. Fit high, but not “bus”. It is possible to quickly get used to. The seats are comfortable, and visibility is good. There is enough space to accommodate three passengers. The trunk has a 334-litre volume, but can increase considerably when you fold the rear row of seats. However, even sex will not work, it's a minus. Because the seats fold in the ratio 40:60.


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By the Way, many people like the individuality of the interior. The designers have not tried to copy any model. Moreover, there are even original solutions. For example, the air vents the developers put at an angle. The owners say that the absence of coarseness, toporama seals, screws, distortions and cracks can not but rejoice. Of course there are small nuances. Leather, for example, looks a bit rough, but it is reliable - stoically withstand dirt, does not scratch and is easy to clean.

zotye t600 sport reviews

What's under the hood?

This model is offered with two engines. One produces 162 horsepower with a capacity of 1.5 liters. This engine is offered in combination with a 5-speed “mechanics”.

The Second engine produces 177 “horse” for a displacement of 2.0 liters. And it can be managed like the same manual transmission and 6-band “robot” DCT.

The Car Zotye T600 gets good reviews. People say that every engine behaves calmly up to 2000 rpm./min. Grip any inconveniences does not cause, the pedal is quite informative and elastic. In traffic a torquey engine gives the ability to move on the 1st or 2nd speed at idle and 1000 rpm./min. Die not trying, strange noises no issues, but only allows to maintain a certain speed on the current transmission. Its elasticity is enough to travel with the speed of the stream.

 crossover zotye t600 reviews


However, some negative points also there are cars Zotye T600. Feedback helps to verify this.

For Example, on long climbs the engine begins to show its drawbacks. To gain speed, or you can add the drive activity will not succeed without the inclusion of low transmission. The dynamics of the crossover will show you when the motor will spin above 2000 rpm./min. by the Way, acceleration is very sharp, even sudden. To this many have to get used to. Although, according to the owners of the car, when accelerating the engine makes very loud sounds.

More people leaving about the Zotye T600 reviews say that the poor and the work of ILAC. If the drive is calm, then find the arm and put the transfer happens easily. But at high revs immediately fall to the 5th or 4th with lower fails immediately. Arm rests, while man tries to translate it, the car loses speed. Although others left about Zotye T600 owner reviews to ensure that this mechanism is eventually developed, and the disadvantage is eliminated.

car zotye t600 reviews

Road Behavior

This theme people, leaving about crossover Zotye T600 reviews, do not forget to mention. Motorists say that the suspension in this model is quite good. The way the car holds up well, thoughirregularities are not «swallows» and gently rocking them. This makes the car not SUV and urban SUV.

Many are missing from the suspension concentration. And it's too noisy. All holes, joints and bumps in the suspension counts with a thud. And dirt roads the noise only intensified. Especially if you have to go on countless washouts. Then begins to interfere with still a clear imbalance. The suspension becomes like came loose. This is reflected in steering – “wheel” like leads in different directions with each of the bumps. So this car suitable only for city driving and good roads.


A Lot of interesting things can you tell left about Zotye T600 reviews. Including about the equipment.

Owners like the fact that even the basic equipment manufacturers have included everything you need. There are led running lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, heated mirrors and electric adjustable, attachment for child seat ISOFIX, electric Windows, multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen, rear Parking sensors, ABS, EBD, air conditioning, airbags and factory alarm.

In richer versions still have the fog lamps, the button “Start/Stop”, navigation and multifunction steering wheel. In the maximum configuration there are xenon headlamps with avtoupravlenie, heated mirrors, rain sensor, panoramic sunroof, climate control and rear view camera. The owners recommend to buy the version with the premium package, as the options included in it is needed.

car zotye t600 reviews

Sport version

She was presented not so long ago, and sales should start in the current, 2017. While it is difficult to find about the version of the Zotye T600 Sport reviews but the features are impressive. Especially the list of equipment. In the base there is a projection display system infrared night vision multifunctional sports steering wheel, graphic instrument panel, 2-zone automatic "climate" of access to salon without a key, electric Parking brake and heated seats, electrically adjustable and many assistant when lifting and descending.

However, it's not even half of the available sports version of options. However, these characteristics are impressive. And wishing to buy a sports version of the crossover is to wait for the patterns to sell. It is planned in the near future.

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