When and what kind of consumables for tire to use?


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To repair tires the supplies needed for mounting, which are used as ordinary motorists and professional service station.

consumables for tire

The Most common problem of all chamber and tubeless tires is a puncture – a small damage, violating the integrity and tightness. More serious defects are called breakdowns or cuts. They are characterized not only by leakage but also breakage of the cords.

But the question is what to seal the camera is not the only one that is decided by the workers garage. They also have to deal with the imbalance of the wheel, associated with changes in the geometry of the rim.


Car wheels, as corny as it may sound, conventionally consist of two parts – the metal rim and the rubber of the camera. In this regard, all the consumables are classified into two groups:

  • Materials curing – used to eliminate punctures, tears, or other damage of tires (rubber elements of wheels);
  • Balancing weights – are used to compensate for deformations of the rim.

The Most widespread on the market got billets for curing. The installation of sheds occurs on a special stand, which can not afford a private driver. Therefore, such a consumable for tire demand for professional repair centers.


The Elimination of damage associated with the violation of the integrity of the camera and loss of integrity, is carried out by applying a consumable to tire. In line with this, they can be divided into three groups:

  1. Crude rubber – used to eliminate small punctures.
  2. Patches – used for the "treatment" breakdowns, cuts in places where there were torn strands of the cord.
  3. Express materials – components urgently restore the integrity of the wheel.

Crude rubber is necessary when curing – remove puncture, hot process. It is a plastic mass of black color, which when heated to a temperature of 140-150 degrees melts and adheres to the camera.


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Blank for punctures

The Elimination of breakdowns is to restore the integrity of the camera and cords. With this purpose, apply the patch – consumables for mounting, which is a reinforced piece of rubber. It is installed from the inside of the tyre. One aspect of this “patch” smeared with glue, with which it becomes possible to cold vulcanization.

supplies for tire

Widespread and patches without reinforcement cord. They are used to restore the tightness, the stiffness of the frame with little damage. All the patches without reinforcing cords are divided into universal and chamber, which can stretch.

Very often with a patch using the raw rubber, which impose a patch improving its traction. Also “raw” consumables for tire is needed when cleaning the surface and filling funnels.

Rapid repair

Blanks for quick repairs are only a temporary measure, for example, when you're on the go or can't go to the body shop. The main component of urgent repair is "leg".

the seal camera

It is a small rubber cylinder with a sharpened edge or with a metal tip. Applied in order to restore the treadmill, as in other parts of the tire is much thicker, and securely fasten it. Kind of feet is a fungus. It is a combination of a rubber cylinder and patches. All submitted materials for mounting required to fix the damage with a diameter of 13 mm.

Balance weights

Use special shelters for a uniform distribution of mass of the wheel, which reduces its vibrations in a vertical plane during the rotation.

load balancing

There are two main types of balancing weights:

  1. Self-Adhesive – adhere to the rim using double-sided tape or glue.
  2. Printed – have a special clip with the help of which are fixed on disk.

Before installing this item on a special machine to determine the necessary weight of the cargo. Balancing canopies without the use of professional stands can be put, but to find the mass and to determine the exact place of their installation itself is impossible.

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