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“Chevrolet”, “Drone”, “Juju” and even thousands of different words motorists called their iron friends, the official whose name was ZAZ-110 «Lada» - a truly people's car.


The prototype of the “ZAZ-Slavuta” was the car under the codename “www”, produced in a single copy in 1970. Identified defects are not allowed to start mass production, but the local Museum was replenished with a good exhibit.

The Failure did not break the fighting spirit of the designers. The creation of a truly people's car was in full swing.

Over the years have released some test instances, but they were awarded a place in a Museum.

Auto “turned” is identical to “brand”, which went into mass production in 1988. If you carefully look at history, the vehicle was ready ten years later. However, all permits, approvals, preparation of documentation took a very long time.


“ZAZ-Slavuta” was established on the basis of two cars. As mentioned just above, this two-door “brand” and a five-door wagon “Given”. They taken almost all the elements.

“turned” - a car which, like the “Given”, debuted in 1995 (although prototypes appeared in 1992). However, bureaucratic delays and simple lack of funding has pushed back the timing of the start of mass production. Who knows, a light four-door car, if not introduced in the late nineties protective duties for foreign vehicles.


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March 17, 1999 was the day of the start of mass production of the car «Lada». Ukraine can be proud of this event, because for many years this is the only vehicle that was designed and created entirely starting from design, ending rubber and glass.

Slavuta car

During the twelve years of production rolled off the line 140 000 copies, the vast majority of which remained in the domestic market.


The Main part of the car, of course, is the engine. «Lada» were offered a choice of different modifications of the power unit.

The First sales started with petrol engine capacity of 1.1 liters and output of 51 horsepower, with maximum torque of 78.5 Nm. A year later, the buyers were able to buy 1.2 l with 58 HP And the lucky chosen engine capacity of 1.3 liters and power of about 63 HP.

slavut's ZAZ

In 2002 appeared slightly more powerful fuel injected models 1.2 and 1.3 litres – max 66 BHP Since 2006, Ukraine has been tightened environmental regulations, and carbureted motors stopped producing.

All the engines – four-stroke, inline and had four cylinders.

The Important value is the length of the vehicle “turned” – the car had a standard value for all modifications - 3,98 m Width – 1,578 m, height – 1,425 m.

Many admired the high-clearance machine «Lada». The vehicle towered above the ground at almost sixteen inches. The height clearance was enough for a tolerable ride and on city wells, and rural roads.

What is important is the weight of the car «Lada» - the car weighed about nine pounds.

Body Type – liftback. The fifth door was fully open, with the rear window. Given the size (up to 740 litres) in the car without problems it was possible to carry even big stuff.

Slavuta Ukraine

Fuel tank could accommodate thirty-nine liters of gasoline. The diesel version was never released, although there were rumors about a possible setting, and this type of engine.

Cooling System – liquid.

The Full opening of the thermostat – at ninety-five degrees.

Voltage – the standard for passenger cars – twelve volts.

The Exhaust pipe was located on the left. The vehicle was equipped with a resonator and muffler.


  • Front suspension – independent "MacPherson"
  • Back – semi-independent.

engine turned

Steering   rack, without amplifier. This node has a resource of about 60 000 km of run, after which it was replaced with a new one, the price of which are more than democratic.

The Factory tire size – 155/70/R13.


  • Front – disk;
  • Back – drum.

Transmission – purely mechanical. Criticism it was only in fuzzy switching. But the resource was often higher than that of the engine.


The Only fully established in Ukraine the car had a huge number of both fans and opponents.

ZAZ-1103 sold almost at every step. Not only car dealerships and banks were full of announcements about the sale – even in post offices with posters, visitors were encouraged to purchase.

spare parts for ZAZ 1103 Slavuta

There were only two versions – standard and Deluxe. In the top-end version there was tachometer, a built-in extended instrument panel. This difference ends.The engine is usually well heard in the cabin, so a tachometer for experienced drivers was quite unnecessary.

Avto Lada

Frank's weaknesses was the thermostat and fuel pump. The first part often fail. More than a year “native” the thermostat is not operated. For the season, motorists changed it to four times. The fuel pump sometimes overheat, especially in summer, and ceased to perform its function. The trip can continue only after cooling. In rare cases, loosened the top bolt and the pump can start to skip the gasoline.

Valve cover will no longer sometimes fit snugly in the process of operation, resulting in observed oil leakage.

Experienced “Slavutast" always carried a spare clutch cable – he had a bad tendency to break at the worst possible time.

The Car had a not very satisfactory rating in crash tests. An additional threat created a spare tire, which the engineers for some reason decided to place under the hood. The experts recommended that, immediately move it to the Luggage compartment after the purchase of the car.

The Lack of air conditioning could not affect the reduction in comfort during the hot summer days. The engineers did not put this unit in the car, although repeatedly promised to do so.


And yet, despite the many “baby” disease, “turned” remains one of the most favorite cars. Affordable price, easy operation, low fuel consumption, high throughput and simplicity helped to find a buyer in the city and in the countryside.

Most importantly, what attracted the car – a more than reasonable price. Basic cost a little more than three thousand American dollars.

At the same time, ZAZ tried to satisfy the aesthetic wishes of consumers and to produce cars of different colors. Most often on the streets you can find white, grey, blue and red models.

It is worth noting that spare parts for ZAZ-1103 «Lada», it was very affordable and the cost was extremely low, however, as the quality.

Despite the lack of steering, the wheel was surprisingly easy. Even women could easily remove “wheel”, leaving from the Parking lot.

Front-wheel drive car became the first car for many Ukrainians. Repairing “the REP" it was easy, and often the owners are doing this simple procedure yourself in the garage or just out in the yard.

Place in history

In 2011, "1103" has finally gone down in history. Replaced "the REP” came the much more expensive Chinese counterparts. Ended a whole epoch in the Ukrainian automotive industry.

Many motorists with nostalgia of the legendary car and would happily thinking about the purchase, whether today such an opportunity.

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