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The Story of a mid-size crossover the Hyundai Santa Fe began in 2000. It was the first SUV developed by the South Korean automaker. The model quickly became a success, despite criticism from journalists for its vague design. Since 2000, it was released quite a few modifications later received good reviews. «Hyundai Santa Fe 2" (diesel) is one of the most striking versions. The number “2” in this case denotes the generation. There have been several crossovers with engines that consume diesel fuel. But a particularly noteworthy version of “Santa Fe 2.2" (diesel).

Santa Fe 2 2 diesel

General features

First, it is necessary to tell about the model of the second generation. Under the hood of the car, as you can guess, installed a 2.2-liter diesel turbo engine that produces 150 “horse” power. This motor could be aggregated as a 5-speed “mechanics”, and 4-speed “machine”.

This unit allowed the machine to accelerate to 100 km/h in 14.4 seconds. Not particularly impressive dynamics, but its maximum speed was equal to 200 km/h.

What about the Economics of this car as a “Santa Fe 2.2" (diesel)? The reviews left by real owners, to ensure that “appetite” this engine is moderate. In winter, city driving in an aggressive manner, it consumes about 9 liters of fuel per 100 km in the Summer this drops to 8. Drivers who prefer a quiet ride, they say that the engine consumes even less DT. If you drive on the highway at speeds of 140-160 km/h, the consumption is 10 l So that the efficiency of this car no doubt.


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Hyundai Santa Fe 2 2


The model is “Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2” looks good. Attracts the attention of a large multifunctional steering wheel with two blocks of buttons. It is adjustable both in reach and in height. Can not make a simple but modern dashboard. Major digitization and the usual set of readings makes the process of reading the information as convenient as possible.

Even well-designed symmetrical centre console that looks like aluminum. Her designers have decorated the graceful air deflectors. There is audio system 2-DIN, and major climate system with individual monochrome screen.

The Individual attention owners say the driver's seat. It can be configured as you like and get with maximum convenience. However, lumbar support is not enough. But without it, the back does not hurt and legs are cramping. The passenger is also convenient. His knees will not rest on the glove, even if the chair close to move forward. The distance between the rear and front seats are decent, so that second-row passengers will be comfortable. By the way, there can comfortably accommodate 3 adults who will not interfere with each other. But if the third passenger is not, then there is the ability to recline the armrest and settle down, like the plane.

The Noise, which affects the comfort in the car is satisfactory. The noise from the engine and wheels almost inaudible. “Cricket” sometimes (creaking plastic), but this defect is not Intrusive.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2 2 diesel


According to the owners, in ‘Santa Fe 2.2" (diesel), all comfortable and practical. Levers and buttons are where, and the gearshift lever at hand, located an ashtray and two cigarette lighter. But there are drawbacks.

The Weak light of the cabin, however it is possible to fix this by replacing the bulbs for LEDs. However, the trunk is huge. You can put anything you want. Even in the normal state. After all, his volume of 774 litres. And if we expand, you will be able to increase it to 2274 L.

However, “Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2" inconvenient to move from sedans and other typical cars. It fit just like a real jeep, what you have to get used to. Some initially confused by the blue light.

The car is the refrigerator, but a lot of it to put will not work. But the roomy glove compartment, and pockets for storing different things abound.


Many owners tell you about the hardware and options of the car, leaving reviews about it. The machine has good basic equipment. The list of safety equipment included ABS and EBD, front curtain airbags, active head restraints, child seat anchor, lock on rear doors and safety beams.

Even with air conditioning, power adjustable and heated driver's seat, cruise control, halogen headlamps, 16-inch alloy wheels, rear wiper and factory tinted glass.

As you can see, inside there is everything you need for comfort. But many believe minus the lack of useful features like heated seats, heated mirrors, headlight range control, 3-point seat belts, heated steering wheel, etc.

However, in the maximum configuration, in addition to the above, were offered the option of heating both front seats, leather upholstery steering, trip computer, sunroof, CD changer, fog optics and 18-inch alloy wheels. But the most important was that people had the opportunity to order a model with all-wheel drive.


Learn how “Santa Fe 2.2" (diesel) behaves on the road, many people discuss in detail. The owners say the attention to short-stroke a soft, comfortable suspension. It is perfect for city driving. “bumps” and other irregularities, the car passes at a speed of 40 km/h with no breakdowns, but a little “throws” the rear part. This was not necessary loaded the trunk or passengers in the back row. By the way, thanks to the 20.3-centimeter ground clearance, the car behaves well on gravel, sand and light off-road.

But the cons have a “Santa Fe 2.2" (diesel) also available. The crossover is set too low the generator. This means that deep puddles need to go around a party. And on a heavy off-road bends easily protect rear gear. And it is better to install good protection for the engine, because the staff is made of plastic, and therefore, the reliability can not be considered.

The third generation

It is Important to note that there is another crossover Hyundai Santa Fe with a 2.2-liter diesel engine. He was released with other models of the third generation in 2012. And the production, by the way, is still ongoing.

This modification was more powerful than the second generation model, known as the “Santa Fe 2”. Diesel 197 HP allowed you to accelerate the car to “hundreds” in just 10.3 seconds. However, the maximum was limited to the same mark of 200 km/h And I must say, the engine remained the same moderate “appetite”. 100 “urban” miles it consumes about 10 liters of DT. Country mode takes about 6.2 L.

And the people who own this machine, confirm economical rate. Even in winter, the engine consumes a lot – about 12 litres of diesel fuel in the city.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2 litre diesel

What is better?

People, leaving about crossover «Hyundai Santa Fe" (2.2 l, diesel) reviews, note the attention to many interesting nuances. Especially useful comments of people who owned to a new purchase model of the second generation, as they have something to compare.

Owners say that has grown, as a common window line was lower. All the way is perfectly visible even if the chairs are in the lowest possible position. Stands have remained the same broad, but increased mirror compensate for this defect in full.

Also new in 2012 was a steering wheel with heating function, which lacked many motorists. And the chair became wider, became a more pronounced lumbar support. And the developers integrated sensor fogging of the windshield. A very handy feature. When the sensor triggers, it turns on the heating warm air windshield.

More people celebrate the increased space for rear passengers and a new air ducts for them also. Also, the developers have improved the soundproofing. In the end, with all the changes the car became more comfortable and more convenient.


People who own the new “Hyundai Santa Fe" (2.2, diesel), tells many interesting things about the behavior of this crossover. They say that he is an excellent speaker – 197 horsepower for plenty of it. Particularly impressive is the acceleration at low rpm. That is, by the way, “merit” the diesel engine, the torque which is almost twice the rate of the gasoline unit.

The automatic transmission works flawlessly. Any delay in the gear shift is not observed. The car excels when performing overtaking and changing lanes.

People like the way crossover keeps track on asphalt – without the slightest delay. Turns it goes steadily, but at a reasonable speed. And the engines the model is excellent, provides good adhesion with the road surface. So in terms of handling the Hyundai Santa Fe, compared to the version of the second generation is even better.

reviews of Hyundai Santa Fe diesel 2

About electronics

People, sharing his impressions about the new vehicle, don't forget to mention the electronics. Because she really deserves it. All available inside the function assist the driver in the driving process, but it's the most quietly. Good and steering wheel settings. Lovers of dynamic, active drive choose mode “Sport”. When this is activated, the steering wheel as if is becomes much harder. And feedback decent. Thanks to her, the management is not some “thought”.

And if the machine suddenly gets stuck (in the snow, for example), it will help the function of forced locking. The crossover will be able to pull without too much difficulty. By the way, this car is almost impossible to provoke a skid on a slippery road or on the ice. The electronics are activated immediately and do not allow it.

2.0 CRDi 4WD

Should pay attention to the reviews of people owning other modifications of the model “Hyundai Santa Fe». 2 liters, diesel, 112 “horse” is also a good engine. Equipped with turbocharged engines, too. He was mounted on an early version of the crossover that was produced from 2001 to year 2004.

This model could accelerate to “hundreds” a little less than 15 seconds. And its maximum speed was 166 km/h. the Car was not very dynamic, but its a modest expense could not fail to please. 100“urban” kilometers unit consumes 9.5 liters of fuel. When driving on the highway took about 6.5 L.

In General, this model is hard to find bad reviews. People say that this is a great crossover for reasonable money, which starts in extreme cold, happy maneuverability in the city and feels great on the track.

 Santa Fe 2 diesel 197


Finally I would like to say a few words about the price of such popular models as the “Santa Fe 2.2" (diesel). Fuel consumption, dynamics, good equipment… the presence of all these advantages has led some motorists to think about purchasing this crossover. And many, thinking, still deciding on a purchase. After all, reasonable price is another good feature of this car. A new model with a 197-horsepower engine is from 2.1 to 2.5 million rubles (depending on configuration). And used even cheaper. If you buy a model b/y 2013 release, you will be able to save about one million rubles.

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