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The Emblem, which we will tell, is considered to be one of the most recognizable in the world. We are talking about the logo of "Ford" that has more than a century. Interestingly, the emblem in the course of history has evolved, matching the current trends in the design world. Let's follow her.

The First logo (1903)

Premier emblem "Ford" on the hood appeared in 1903. It was elaborated a monochrome logo with exotic font, framed by a fancy pattern. In General, made according to the laws of the ruling then "art Nouveau" (literally "new style" in French).

This emblem adorned the front of the car Corp. - model A.

logo Ford cars

For brevity (1906)

The First logo of "Ford" lived only three years. In 1906 it was replaced by the laconic inscription Ford, made an exclusive "flying" font. This writing emphasized their desire car and the company forward towards new horizons and achievements.

The Given logo marked car until 1910.

The First oval (1907)

Readers will ask: "When did the first recognizable Ford oval?" This happened in 1907 by British engineers - Thornton, Perry and Schreiber.

The logo of "Ford" in all its advertising campaigns meant "the mark of the highest order" and was a symbol of reliability and progress.

sticker Ford logo

Classic (1911)

But known to us all form (blue oval + "flying" in the title) appeared in 1911. However, the sign at that time was only used by dealers in the UK. The other branch of the Corporation until the end of the 20-ies was a true "flying" lettering in 1906.

The triangle? (1912)

But in 1912, the logo of "Ford" suddenly changed dramatically. The emblem was a triangle with wings, inside of which was placed the familiar "flying" the inscription Ford. Interestingly, the character was depicted in the traditional blue and orange colors.

According to the designers, the winged triangle meant reliability, elegance along with ease and speed.

The Sequel to "a scoop of history" (1927-1976)

However, notwithstanding triangular redesign, yet historically there was a preference for the oval. The first emblem of this form settled on the radiator Ford car in 1927 became the model A. Since then, until the late 50-ies of the last century, well known to us with you blue oval with the inscription Ford graced the majority of the produced vehicles. I must say, even though he was the official emblem of the Corporation, signified not all cars.

And only in 1976 it was possible to note that a blue oval with a silver "flying" words "Ford" was on the radiator of all cars descending from the conveyor of the Corporation.

a Ford logo on the hood

Latest redesign (2003)

In 2003, in honor of the centenary of the company, it was decided to slightly modify the usual logo. New features added a small retro-RAID (it was decided to include some detail of the first logos), but left all the same recognizable.

Today, stickers with the logo of "Ford" as we found out - the result of more than a century of history of the modifications of the logo. He was detailed, very concise, ultra-modern, symbolic, to eventually become today the most recognizable blue Ford oval.

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