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In most cases, when you select summer tires the car owners are not so picky as when selecting winter tires, adhering to the belief that the quality of winter tires is more important in view of the difficult weather conditions. Judgment is fundamentally wrong, because the safety of traffic on the highway, during the warmer time of the year depends on the installed rubber.

Motorists are isolated in the reviews summer tires "Kordiant Sport 3" as a quality and reliable rubber, ensuring the safety of movement around the track in the warm season.

kordiant sport 3 owner reviews

Purpose rubber

Automotive rubber developed to operate in specific conditions and on a certain brand and model of machine. Manufacturer in reviews about "Kordiant Sport 3" States that the tires were created specifically for passenger vehicles equipped with engines of average power. Some models reinforced rubber may be installed on minivans and SUVs.

The Manufacturer tried to develop a generic version of rubber that could retain the dynamic characteristics and the quality of adhesion of the coating regardless of the type of road surface. Car owners in the reviews about the tires "Kordiant Sport 3" confirm that the manufacturer still managed to achieve its objective.

kordiant sport 3 photos

Tread pattern

The Main goal was the creation of conditions necessary for movement on asphalt roads at high speed. To meet this requirement in the Central part of the tread was created three continuous ribs, which maintained directional stability and straight-line movement in all road conditions, including when crossing obstacles or driving off-road.

This design solution allowed the manufacturer to reduce the level of noise and save fuel by reducing rolling resistance. In fact, these achievements are confirmed by the owners in the reviews about "Kordiant Sport 3". Equally important is feedback, through which every reaction of the car is transferred and fixed in the driver, which facilitates the handling of the vehicle.

Summer tires "Kordiant Sport 3" is designed for high-speed traffic, which contributes to the design of their tread. Ribs are shallow grooves that improve grip during braking and reduce the braking distance by 15 %. Slip resistance is not the tread grooves and formed their edges.


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tires kordiant sport 3 reviews


The purpose of the development side of the rubber was somewhat different. The shoulder area consists of large blocks strict rectangular shape. They protect the rubber from deformation and damage in case of hitting curbs, potholes or rail. Due to this foresight, the manufacturer was able to increase the service life of tires, but reviews about the "Kordiant Sport 3" show that not all tires are able to survive exposure to this type.

The Reduction of abrasive wear is possible thanks to the construction of increased strength, achieved by the use of a special cord, which makes the working surface is flat and holds the General shape. As a result, the load is evenly distributed across the tire and thus provides smooth and even wear.

The rubber Composition

The Perfect balance between durability and softness to ensure the quality and reliability of summer tires. Stiffening of rubber can result in the loss of characteristics, which will lead to lower security due to the increase in stopping distance and risk of skidding. A critical decrease in stiffness could be the reason that bus flies from the disc in excess of the load on it. Besides will increase tire wear, which manufacturer has developed a special rubber compound, giving the end product required strength and rigidity, and by adding a large number of silica - elasticity and softness.

The life of the tyres and their durability is enhanced by adding the rubber composition of silicic acid. The elasticity of the finished product is not reduced, which allows many manufacturers to resort to the use of silicic acid. Reviews about the "Kordiant Sport 3" confirm that the optimum softness of the rubber and its ability to overcome obstacles without giving effect to the suspension.

tires kordiant sport 3 reviews the summer

Drainage system

Summer tires can't be fully universal solution for the warm season without a quality drainage systems. A special tread pattern allows water to collect in the longitudinal grooves and to withdraw it from the contact patch through the side of the groove communicating with the side tread blocks. Reviews about the "Kordiant Sports 3" and the tests showed that this is sufficient to reduce the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum, even when riding at high speed or high level of water on the road.

Selection of tire sizes

Rubber "KordiantSport 3" designed specifically for middle-class sedans. In this regard, the manufactured sizes of tyres suitable for passenger cars. In the market you can find tires with diameter 15 to 18 inches - for example, bus "Kordiant Sport 3" 195/60/15. Manufacturers sizes greater than 20, and they all differ in height, speed indexes, and the width of the working zone of the tread.

A Wide range of allows car owners to find the optimal tyre size. The most frequently purchased are the tires "Kordiant Sport 3" with 195/65 R15, which is suitable for most passenger vehicles.

tires kordiant sport 3 195 60 15

Cross roads

Despite the fact that the tires "Kordiant Sport 3" according to its characteristics is considered one of the best, when riding on the road should be careful since this model is designed primarily for highway and movement with an emphasis on performance and speed. In this regard, the rubber does not include some structural elements that enhance the control of a vehicle on a dirt road.

Owners noted that when driving on dry Packed dirt road much of a difference with the asphalt felt. Problems can arise when driving on wet clay: you may encounter slippage. The side tread blocks have a row features, but not enough of them for a ride on the ground during rain. The owners speak very ambiguous about the use of rubber for the movement of the primer, so you can get off road tires preferably separately.

tires kordiant sport 3 195 65 r15


Car Owners who have installed on your car summer tires "Kordiant Sport 3", after the break-in noted the following benefits:

  • Ensuring the stability and controllability of the car on the road regardless of weather conditions. Rubber to cope with the tasks both wet and dry road surfaces without significant loss in performance.
  • Affordable price. The price of "Kordiant Sport 3" is much lower than the branded counterparts, while it has no effect on product quality.
  • High level of wear resistance. Many car owners say that the rubber retains its performance over several seasons of active use.
  • Quiet operation. Optimal tread pattern, which is in detail shown by the manufacturer in the photo "Kordiant Sport 3", helped to reduce noise and hum from the tires while driving at high speed.
  • Efficient braking. The reduction in braking distance regardless of the condition of the roadway increases traffic safety.
  • Fuel Savings. Rolling resistance is reduced to a minimum due to absence of transverse slats, allowing car owners noted good fuel economy, especially when traveling long distances.
kordiant sport 3 photos

Cons rubber

Despite all its advantages, the tires "Kordiant Sport 3" have their drawbacks:

  • The Appearance of hernias in the deformation of rubber, which indicates a low strength of the side faces of the tires and immediately decreases the life.
  • Some car owners face problems of balancing, which leads to vibration while driving. The main reason for this is the tank and the size difference of the tires. This set can be exchanged under warranty.


"Kordiant Sport 3" is a good summer tire for those car enthusiasts who are not eager to overpay for famous brands, but it is an active supporter of the ride and wants to get quality tires. Rubber had some shortcomings, but is able to satisfy all requests of the owner and to provide the necessary level of security and confidence in the car.

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