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With the constant rise in fuel prices, installation of LPG equipment on the vehicle is becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising. Spending a few thousand on LPG, you can drive on the fuel price which is twice lower than gasoline. Usually the installation of LPG equipment is carried out on petrol cars. Their motor suitable for operation on natural gas or reduced. But also there are diesel cars with LPG. Can a diesel engine to translate to gas? Is it worth it to install such equipment? The answers to these questions see in our today's article.

Features diesel

As we said earlier, LPG is installed mainly on petrol engines. If we consider the diesel engine, the example can serve as the only domestic trucks MAZ and KAMAZ. On cars such equipment is not found. Why is it so rarely set the gas on a diesel engine? The answer is simple, and consists in principle of ignition of the fuel.

diesel engine to supply gas

As you know, gasoline engines burn a mixture with auxiliaries. They are candles. When feeding the fuel-air mixture into the chamber, they produce a spark, whereby the fuel and is ignited. Due to the fact that gasoline catches on third-party devices, such motors have a small degree of compression. Now it is about ten to twelve units. And if you consider the engines of the Soviet trucks, or even six. The only time – octane gas, which is higher than that of gasoline. If the latter it reaches 98, the gas – not less than 102's. But the motor worked fine on this mixture, the electronic control unit automatically corrects the ignition angle and other parameters in real time.


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conversion of diesel engine to gas

As for the diesel engines, there are no classic spark plugs. The mixture is ignited from a large compression. The air is heated under pressure so that the temperature in the chamber reaches 400 degrees Celsius. As a result, the mixture ignites and the piston produces a power stroke. Someone will say, well, in a diesel engine have spark. Yes, on some engines they are. But it does the other – glow plugs. They allow cold starts without a problem, pre-warming the fuel. These candles have a completely different structure and working principle. By the way, the minimum compression ratio in diesel engine – 20 units. If the figure is less, the engine simply will not start. The modern car engines the compression ratio can reach 30 units.

conversion of diesel engine to gas

Thus, if the use of LPG to petrol the engine does not cause difficulties in the operation (because the fuel is ignited by candles), the diesel engine is not able "to digest" of such a mixture.

Why is it difficult to transfer the diesel engine to gas?

There are several factors that complicate the process of installation and operation of LPG on this engine:

  • Ignition Temperature. If the diesel engine the fuel ignites at 400 degrees, the gas burns at 700 and above. No matter, methane or propane-butane.
  • The Lack of candles. What would the compression ratio in a diesel engine, it is not enough to heat the gas mixture to a temperature of self-ignition. Therefore, without the installation of third-party spark plugs can not do.
  • Octane. Diesel fuel PTS is 50 units. Gas – not less than 102. If this fuel gets into the diesel engine, he goes berserk (this is the uncontrolled operation of the motor at high rpm). Ways to solve the problem somewhat. This is a correction of the compression ratio or reducing the octane of the gas mixture.

Installation Methods

There are several ways of installation:

  • Full rewrite of the engine.
  • With the introduction of Dual Fuel.

What should I use? Below we look at what the features of each technology.

Complete rewrite

What is the essence of this method? The point is simple – the diesel engine is being redone for gas. After this intervention, he will no longer work on your “native” fuel – only on gas.

gas diesel engine

To the unit went off the rails adjust its compression ratio. It is about 12:1. The only way the motor can "digest" of the fuel with a high octane rating. Next, set the system of the burning mixture. Any special arrangements here. For burning use a regular candle, like on petrol engines.

translate diesel engine on gas

What is the disadvantage of such a rework? Due to the need for a whole range of work, the cost of reinstalling can reach more than 200 thousand rubles. It is ten times more expensive than the transfer of gasoline cars to natural gas. So the savings is highly questionable. Thethis motor will decrease the power and torque.

System Dual Fuel

This schema is used in some versions of the trucks MAZ and KAMAZ. This combined fuel supply system. At the moment it is the cheapest, correct and marketable option. The cost of rework is about 70-85 thousand rubles. A feature of the system is that there is no need to install the spark plugs. To ignite the methane (or propane-butane), used diesel fuel itself. With regard to the main components of the system, it is the same pressure reducer, hoses and lines, as well as cylinders for storage of fuel.

How it works?

The engine is started only with diesel fuel. After that the course is already a gas reducer. He delivers the mixture into the combustion chamber through the intake valve. The gas is mixed with oxygen. Along with this, the camera is small portion of diesel. When the piston almost reaches the top dead point, the diesel fuel ignites. Its temperature is around 900 degrees, which is reason enough for spontaneous combustion of methane or propane. Thus, in the chamber burns two types of fuel. The efficiency of such motor is unchanged, except that the portion of diesel in the order of decreasing.

installation of gas diesel engine

Which gas can be supplied to the diesel engine? You can put as propane and methane. But there are pitfalls. According to reviews, the gas, the diesel engine is mounted, via different shows. If we talk about propane, its percentage content in the mixture is relatively small – up to 50 percent. In the case of methane, uses up to 60 percent of the gas. Thus, the portion supplied in the chamber of the diesel engine decreases. This has a positive effect on the economy. But to completely restrict the flow of diesel is not. Otherwise, such a mixture simply will not ignite without outside sources.

Is it Profitable?

Consider the alteration of a diesel engine on gas. Because this engine still needs a portion of the original fuel (in our case – DT), the savings were not significant. If the petrol engine runs completely on gas, the cost of fuel is reduced exactly twice. But in our case the savings would be only 25 percent, tobish in half. And this despite the fact that the price of installing the Dual Fuel system – not less than 70 thousand rubles.

gas in the diesel engine reviews

It is Easy to calculate what the mileage will pay off this system. Under favorable conditions, payback period for LPG on diesel will come in 70-100 thousand kilometers. And only after this run you will begin to save. That's why the gas diesel engine is put only in rare cases, and then – in the domestic trucks. On passenger cars this system practically does not occur.

Summing up

So, we found, is it possible to install gas in a diesel engine. Due to different working principle, the installation of LPG on an engine like that requires a lot of rework. And still this unit will require a small, but a portion of the diesel engine. Savings from the use of such equipment is. But it is so small that nobody bother about the question "whether to set the gas on the diesel engine”. High payback period and the difficulty of installation – the main factors which discourage the use of LPG equipment for diesel engine.

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