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What is JDM? Literally stands for Japanese Domestic Market, which means “the Japanese domestic market». Strictly speaking, the term is used not only in respect of machinery, covering various goods and services. But almost always we include the concept of “G. Di Em” to the car. About why it happened, and that implies a JDM in a broader sense, will be discussed in this article.

Quick facts, or what is JDM

Mitsubishi is an example of how should look like a JDM car

This document applies to all types of goods and services offered to the Japanese market. But most frequently this magical acronym can be heard to the cars, past a certain external and even internal styling. Over time JDM has evolved and formed into what we see today. Simple terminology has grown into something more than just a set of letters, becoming for young boys and girls who love cars and speed, something like a hobby.

Today, JDM – this style is a subculture, which is a huge number of young people from around the world. Of course, it cannot be considered the car that has no tuning. But about all under the order.

JDM as a way of life

Nissan Silvia

Ask any owner of a tuned Japanese cars, what is JDM for him, and he did not hesitate to answer that it is a way of life. True connoisseurs of “g D Em" doing everything possible to achieve originality and 100% to match the style. After wandering through the expanses of the Internet, you can find a lot of different forums, blogs and groups in social networks, where young people gather to discuss the object of his adoration. They consult with each other about where and at what price you can buy spare parts and tuning, sell or buy “Japanese”, and just talk.


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It is Impossible to discuss the topic of subcultures in the Motherland of JDM, in Japan. There once existed a kind of clan, which formed the basis for the development of tuning cars. “Bosozoku” – the so-called subculture, through which the world learned what JDM. In Japanese Bosozoku means “aggressive racing clan” or “a tribe of fierce drive”. The subculture started in the mid 50-ies of the last century. The movement was based on a combination of street riots – racing and hooliganism. However, "bosozoku” cannot be called style. This subculture combines very different elements, features of many styles. Rather, Bosozoku is an ethnic culture, but not in the people, specifically in tuning the car.

In Short, the subculture was a criminal, consisted mainly of biker gangs. In the following some of the riders were transferred to the cars. Gradually the members of the "clan" began to move away from crime, trying to translate its movement to discharge a legal groups, but clashes between law enforcement and members of the “Bosozoku” did not abate, and, as a consequence, many of the latter were in prison. There was even created a separate colony in which the re are only participants Bosozoku. Now there are "Protestant" there are fewer, and they can be found in few parts of Japan. And JDM, based to some extent on the crime, it is hard to call something illegal. From the original understanding of the left, probably the only part in street races.

A Separate branch in the world of tuning – what is JDM style?

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO

Improvements in the car are different, the tuning can address both the interior and exterior of the car, so be technical. This direction implies improvement, the introduction of elements that largely affect the overall look of the car and its capabilities. In most cases, these machines look more attractive, but many owners are ardent opponents of tuning, whatever it was.

So, what is JDM style? “Clean” the ideal is a RHD car that is made directly to motorists in the Country of the rising sun. As for brands, it doesn't matter. The main thing that was “Japanese”

  • Mazda;
  • Honda;
  • Toyota.
  • Nissan.
  • Suzuki;
  • Subaru;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Isuzu;
  • Daihatsu;
  • Mitsuoka.

No less important, the car must be released prior to 2000 (inclusive). For example, Toyota Crown or Mark II Altezza, Honda Civic, Nissan SkyLine GTR and so on. Stylistically JDM is characterized by the exhaust from all sides, wide drives (“shelves”), moldings. It is often assumed to replace some body parts carbon parts. Glass, usually tinted everything including the windshield. In General, such tuning like JDM-style, implies the implementation details, could radically alter the stock look of the car.

What is the meaning of the existence of JDM?

Honda S2000

As has been written above, ‘Gee Dee Em” exists in order to change cars and make them better, more beautiful, more convenient for yourself. These machines are members of races. However, it is worth remembering thattuning should be moderate and thoughtful, not chaotic and meaningless; that will improve and not spoil.

What it – JDM car?

The Main components of the JDM-style are body kits, wide wheels, carbon parts, tinted glass and other bells and whistles. Also, the machine must be at least 2000. But if you talk clearly and specifically, what is JDM? These cars have to be planted. Low ground clearance, and exhaust, is an integral part of this style. JDM-cars literally lying on the pavement. Of course, in the conditions of Russian roads to achieve this will be extremely difficult. Low clearance is required in order to participate in racing. The lower landing is, consequently, below and center of gravity.

Many Japanese cars belonging to the JDM movement, you can see a lot of stickers. It's called Sticker Bombing. Used primarily camouflage, which can cover the entire body. “Sticker bombing" required to minimize the repair, as it provides excellent protection from external damage received during the race. Also stickers car owners to hide any defects on the body, received before, but never repaired.

Now a little more about the need to use carbon in JDM Style. What is JDM Style already known and written, it is clear that it applies more to motor racing, though not professional. Carbon has such an important property as easily. So often guys change heavy duty metal hoods for carbon fiber to reduce car weight and increase its speed. In the same way may be replaced by wings or other body parts.

JDM Subculture in Russia

Toyota Mark II JZX90

In Russia, a popular tuning in all its understandings and Japanese cars. Therefore, car owners naturally formed a liking to JDM. Of course, it is rare to see a car plastered with various stickers and wide wheels “spoil” a few. Do not risk the majority of car owners to tint the car around and reduce the clearance so much that she “crawling” on the road, as it is punishable by traffic police. But to see “Japanese” in the kits quite often, especially in the far East of Russia. Subculture does not just exist, it evolves and each year attracts an increasing number of young motorists.

Summing up…

Subaru Impreza

JDM Style – it is beautiful and unusual, this is an opportunity to distinguish your car from the huge flow of city cars. But this issue should be approached carefully, and if there is no skill in tuning, it is better to contact the experts because of the probability that the car will be ruined. Moreover, by any of the above is wrong, as suggested by JDM style, then have to blush under the gaze versed in the field of tuning people.

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