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The Appearance of xenon caused a great interest of car enthusiasts due to its ability best way to illuminate the space in any weather. Its power and brightness, like sunlight cut through the darkness and give a number of advantages when night driving. At the same time technical characteristics of the xenon was the highest and reliable in operation. And if the original xenon could only be seen on expensive cars today to equip the light can be almost any car. But, as often happens, not without a spoon of tar.

In this article we will talk about what is a lamp D2S modification "xenon", which its quality was ahead of the figures the usual “galogenok” and what are the disadvantages of xenon lighting.


Overview lamp xenon

Bulb with a D2S base represent the bulb, which under the pressure of the injected gas xenon, providing a bright glow. The color of light depends on the additives, is pumped along with the gas.

The gas Ignited as a result of electrical discharge between the electrodes. Due to the lack of a bulb filament, the service life of such lamps is much higher than normal, and the quality of light close to the light of the day and can easily handle a wet road surface. In essence, the xenon bulb works on the same principle as conventional fluorescent lamp, widely used for lighting offices, houses, apartments, entrances, etc.

Bulb xenon d2s

Because of its design hid xenon bulb D2S initially could not match the near and distant light, which led to a significant increase in their use. But later the solution was found in the Bixenon which provides several designs of lamps and their working methods in two lighting modes.


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lamp xenon

General features

Almost all the lights "D2S xenon" head lighting work in the far and middle mode. They differ in color temperature on the basis of increased glow number. Regular color xenon has a color temperature in the area of 4300 K, when the highest luminance level. This color lamp is considered the best and the greatest demand of the consumers. At 5000 K xenon will have a cool white color, and at 6,000 – “blue crystal”. Offers on the market today, there are xenon bulbs from 4,000 to 10,000 K. it Should be noted that lamps with a particularly high number of nitro get a lot of negative reviews from car enthusiasts because of the powerful blinding light of the headlights.

Average power consumption hid xenon lamp D2S - 35 watts, voltage – 85 volts.

Among the major world producers of these bulbs include China, South Korea, Hungary, Japan, Germany. The most well-known brands of xenon that can be considered as Philips, Bosch, Osram, Infolight, MTF-Light, General Electric, Sho-Me, Bluestar, Optima, Koito, Neolux, Mitsumi, ProLumen, Prolight.


  • Lamp "xenon" provides a luminous flux of up to 3200 Lumens, which is up to 3 times more than halogen light source.
  • Rated power “galogenok” is 55 watts, the power consumption lamp D2S - 35 watts, which leads to a slight heating of the optics and reflected on the long period of its use, as well as the quality of light.
  • The area of the lighting lamp is much broader and allows you to "capture" the shoulder.
  • Light Quality excels in all weather conditions.
  • The lifetime of the bulb is D2S (xenon) up to 4000 hours, which exceeds 5 times the lifespan of halogen lamps.
  • In the absence of a helix in the design of your vehicle, their work is much more reliable than the halogen.


Among all the advantages over the “galogenki” has a main disadvantage which is price lamp-xenon D2S. Despite the fact that xenons have long ceased to be a luxury and is set on almost any budget cars, the cost of these lamps will not be low. Sellers of economy class offer their products for an average of 3,000 rubles (about 50 dollars). But keep in mind that when buying such lamps is to obtain a quality product with a warranty period of operation is almost impossible, and the defect rate reaches 50 %. In the end a considerable sum for the defective product is wasted. Wish to get cheap xenon experts advise to buy the lamp is not cheaper than the 4800 RUB.

But for stable operation of the system and achieve the best performance of light should pay attention to the xenon premium. Here is a reliable and quality goods perfect focus lamps and price to 16500 RUB of Course, to this amount must be added the cost of the installation, and the output will be the sum of 18000 rubles.

The disadvantages include a high probability of blinding the drivers of oncoming vehicles that may result from road defects, improper installation or the lack of further adjustment.

blinding xenon

Features lamps "Philips D2S xenon"

Today, the company Philips is among the world leaders in the manufacture and sales of hid xenonlamps. That xenon bulbs "Philips D2S" are the most popular on the forums and consumer reviews. In this regard, we should also focus on the range of products "Philips" the following proposals:

  • "Xenon Vision";
  • "Xenon X-tremeVision gen2";
  • "WhiteVision Xenon gen2".

The advantage lamps Philips xenon include:

  • Optimal selection indicators light for safe and comfortable movement.
  • Standards Compliance ECE regarding road use.
  • Genuine parts to ensure reliability.
  • Environmentally friendly components.
  • Manufacturer of quartz glass, resistant to temperature changes, vibrations and eliminates the flash.
  • Coated with special coating to increase the lifetime of the lamps.
  • Special design Philips protects lamp from ultraviolet radiation.

Overview lamp "Philips D2S Vision Xenon"

One of the differences between xenon bulbs from halogen is to change the color of the light flood in result of the operation. In the case of change one of the lamps, the light will still be different from new. So if you need to change the lamps usually change both, which leads to unjustified double charges.

The Bulb "Philips Vision Xenon" equipped with nanotechnology "Philips Xenon" and able to adapt to the color of the old bulb in the other headlight, thus eliminating the need to change both lamps.

Considering that the price of the xenon lamp D2S is their main disadvantage, the ability to avoid having to replace both in case of failure of one of them, without losing quality of light will be a good savings for the car owner.

philips xenon Vision d2s

Features bulb "Philips Vision D2S Xenon"

Present features in the form of a table.

Color tO 4400 K
Lumens 3300 ± 300 LM
Weight 101,5 g
Whdh (cm) 14х12,5x6,8
Voltage 85
Power 35 W
Applicability Far and driving lights
Safety Standards ECE Met
Base P32d-2

"Philips Xenon X-tremeVision gen2"

With the Command "Phillips" today are the lamp of the second generation xenon X-treme Vision 2gen with the presence of development "Philips Xenon". It combines the latest developments, allowing to illuminate the pavement for 150% brighter than standard xenon due to the increased beam with the exact direction that does not hurt the eyes of drivers of oncoming cars.

As a result of interference on the road previously detected by the driver, and you receive extra time to them to react. Also better lighted signs on the road, the turns, the bumps and the road in poor light conditions, allowing the driver to be less stressful when driving with poor visibility and reduce fatigue.

The Optimal vision color temperature of 4800 K makes driving the most convenient and safe.

In General, the level of light "Philips X-tremeVision gen2" will satisfy the most demanding motorists.

Xenon X-tremeVision gen2

Features lamp "Philips Xenon X-tremeVision gen2"

The following table lists the main characteristics of the lamp.

Color tO 4800 K
Weight 81 g
Whdh (cm) 14х13х7
Voltage 85
Power 35 W
Applicability Far and driving lights
Safety Standards ECE Observed
Base P32d-2

"Philips WhiteVision Xenon gen2"

These lamps have a rich white color similar to led. In effect the color temperature of 5000 K provides a high contrast color, the darkness is dissipated well, and the trip becomes as safe as possible. Contrast white color helps to improve the review and does not interfere with other road users. A powerful light beam increases coverage to 120 % with respect to the standard lamp. These indicators are considered ideal for light car, and the results of such lamps "Philips D2S" price will justify.

WhiteVision Xenon gen2

Features "Philips WhiteVision Xenon gen2"

The table shows the characteristics of the lamp.

Color tO 5000 To
Weight 88,5 g
Whdh (cm) 13,7х12,5x6,8
Voltage 85
Power 35 W
Applicability Far and driving lights
Safety Standards ECE Met
Base P32d-2

Summing up the review of Avtosvet with xenon, it is safe to talk about unconditional advantages of xenon lamps in front of another car as light technical characteristics and in respect of safety for the optics of the car. And let the price of the lamp D2S (xenon) exceed the usual cost of halogen products, the benefits of comfort and safety of movement while using it justify the high cost.

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