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The Company “Toyota" is the largest manufacturer of cars. Its headquarters are located in Japan. At the moment it is one of the few creators who produce a huge amount of cars per year. Spetsializiruyutsya cars at work in urban environments. It should be noted that if we consider the official data, this company creates a vehicle for any buyer.

There are minivans, SUVs, compact cars, tools, bath and so on. The article describes the range of Toyota cars that are currently known.

What is a minivan?

Minivans at the moment are quite popular in Europe and Asia. The exact parameters that must be followed in order to name the machine “van”, at the moment does not exist, so manufacturers in the design add features. This allows you to select a car from other computer. In General, a minivan would be considered a machine which is powered by C, has a weight of 3.5 tons and not more than 8 passenger seats. We can say that a minivan is roomy wagon. Quite often they are bought by families who have children. In the lineup Toyota has a large number of vehicles of this type. So we will be reviewing all models of minivans from "Toyota".

Toyota Verso


To begin to consider the range of minivans this manufacturer should be the city the Prius. Currently available machine marked with the Prius+, which has two versions. We are talking about the five - and seven-seater cars. The machine is designed for European buyers. It should be noted that the car received a hybrid engine, so this model is quite popular. Two main differences - the efficiency and environmental friendliness. In principle, these characteristics are most likely to interest the Europeans. It should be noted that the vehicle produced since about 1997. Continue the review of the model of van “the Toyota Prius" description of appearance.


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At the moment the car has a futuristic design. Despite the fact that she got a small capacity, the vehicle has good acceleration characteristics. The same applies to aerodynamic performance. The latter is achieved by streamlined shapes.

As for power, this car can accelerate to 97 horsepower. If you use the motor, then this figure is reduced to 80. The last specified motor is allowed to charge during drive on petrol. To buy this car in Russia is 2 million rubles. In General, fuel consumption is not that large: 100 km takes about 3 litres.

Interior Prius Toyota


Next, you need to say on Verso. The company releases this car in two variants. We are talking about the van with the marking S and the normal vehicle on the basis of the previously released "Corolla". It should be noted that this vehicle is designed for 5 passengers and almost all models of minivans “Toyota". It is quite economical, as it consumes per 100 km is not more than 5 L.

In Russia, you can purchase two version of the car, the power of which 132 and 147 horsepower. The cost of this machine starts from 1 million rubles If to speak about maximum configuration, as a rule, it costs about 1 million 600 thousand. At the moment this machine is one of the oldest in the lineup of minivans from Japanese companies.

Toyota Verso white


Inside there is climate control, table, chairs, got a seat, there is plenty of available compartments as well as integrated footrest. This machine is considered one of the most expensive in the lineup. To purchase this car for 3 million rubles., if we talk about the set “Prestige”. If you buy fully equipped with Executive, it will cost 4 million.

The vehicle is equipped with the petrol engine. Its volume of 3.5 L. the vehicle is Designed for a capacity of 202 horsepower. Acceleration of such a vehicle does not exceed 8 seconds. Maximum speed - 200 km/h On 100 km, the car spends about 10 liters, if the motion is a mixed type of roads.

Toyota Alphard


Will Continue to consider all models of minivans from "Toyota". Now a few words about Sienna. The car is in the Russian Federation officially is not delivered. To buy this car, you can have dealer networks that are in America. The cost will be just over 3 million rubles.

Exactly the same as the above car, Sienna belong to the premium class. Under the hood you can see the motor that is rated for 266 horsepower. At 100 km the car will spend about 14 l. it Should be noted that the machine is not designed for the Russian roads, it's made for the American market.

"Toyota" minivan


Now we need to see the car Hiace, which is a little different from all models of minivans “Toyota". Left hand drive,the capacity and the similarity with the van - features for a vehicle of this class.

The Rear seats fold and fold, so you can get a cargo van. If you transport people, maximum capacity is 12 people. However, the driver must have not only conventional law but also the category D. the Cost of such machine will be about 2 million rubles.

Toyota Hiace

Right-hand drive minivans

In the model range of the company “Toyota" there are two cars that got the RHD management. We are talking about vehicles and Wish Previa. Both cars, unfortunately, are not supplied to the Russian market and left hand drive are not available. You can only buy them at distribution points, which spetsializiruyutsya selling all models of minivans “Toyota" altogether.


This car is equipped with one of two motor options. We are talking about petrol engine, which is designed for a volume of 1.8 liters, its capacity or 144 HP (first option) or 158 HP (second modification) with the same filling. Models have special inlet valves. Both motors consume for 100 km no more than 7 liters of fuel. If we talk about the checkpoint, the cars are equipped with only one type. We are talking about sports transmission, which allows you to select one of seven gears. If to speak simply, this box is equipped with a CVT. The salon has a dashboard easy to use the wheel, there is a button that is responsible for the running of the motor. Seats are comfortable, back can be folded. That filling are different in almost all models of minivans from “Toyota". The airbags are arranged so that they protect the driver and passengers in all seats. This car can be purchased with either front-or all-wheel drive. To buy a car is really only in Japan. The cheapest package will cost 20 thousand dollars, a premium of about 23 thousand.

Reviews about cars

Complaints from the customers, almost none. Customers have noted that the cars run like a clock. No failures or even minor problems. Allocate maximum reliability and the ability to use the car more than one decade. Repair, if necessary, to carry out cheap as all parts are available for sale.

Salons, convenient and comfortable. Cars warm and cozy. The internal ergonomics thought out 100 %. All buyers recommend cars from the Japanese manufacturer.

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