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A Booster is a car seat without the backrest that allows to raise a child to a higher level in order to fasten its built-in belt. Most often, car seats, boosters used for children weighing 15-40 kg.

Isofix - mounting system booster or car seats to the car body. In addition, this international standard rigid mounting for manufacturers and child seats, and car. The main purpose is to eliminate the possibility of installing seats incorrectly.

In this article, let's talk about the boosters with Isofix features, the complexities of choice and manufacturers.

Car seat When to replace a booster?

Buying car seats - quite expensive for the family budget. However, it is imperative for car owners who care about the safety of your child in the car. Cheapest purchase in this case would be the booster with Isofix.

Booster with Izofix - security

Choosing between a booster and a full car seat, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Still at stake is the safety of your child. If, however, the choice fell on the booster, then go to the purchase responsibility. When you need a booster?

  • The child does not want to sit in a regular car seat with a back;
  • When the child no longer fits in the seat of the group 2/3;
  • If you want to accommodate in the vehicle the maximum number of people;
  • You want to save money to buy automotive restraining devices for children;
  • If you have to use different vehicles (to carry a booster weighing just over 2 kg, much lighter than a conventional car seat).

Boosters usually fairly compact, easy to install, are lightweight. Useful for installation in smaller vehicles.


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After Analyzing the numerous consumer testimonials, it is recommended to fix his attention on children's booster seats Isofix the following companies:

  • Chicco - among the main products have high quality and comfortable model booster Qussar, which is suitable for children weighing 18 kg.
  • Graco - this trademark on the modern market of goods for children presented car Booster Basic. It is easy to clean and padded seat for children from 5 to 12 years.
  • Clek Olli - unlike these firms, produces more economical counterparts. This follows all the necessary standards for quality. And models from this manufacturer is designed for the weight with a peak limit of 55 kg. It is very convenient for large children.
  • Heuner - specializiruetsya this German producer in the production of a wide range of car boosters that comply with international standards. Chairs of this brand are manufactured using the latest technology, which allows on hot days to protect the child from overheating, while in cold weather - hypothermia.
Installation of the booster with Isofix

Car Seat booster Chicco Quasar Plus

This model car seat is a booster conforms to ECE R44/04 - safety standard in Europe. It has an anatomic shape, designed for groups 2 and 3 (for children weighing from 15 to 36 kg). The correct location of the seat belt on the child's body is provided by the guides. The fabric cover of high quality material can be removed and cleaned.

The Booster does not have its own safety belts and secured during the movement of the car in the backseat.

Features and specifications:

  • Certified for group 2 and group 3 children weighing from 15 kg to 25 kg and 25 to 36 kg;
  • Can be used only with a stationary seat belts.
  • Removable cover is erased;
  • Complies with safety standard ECE R44/04 in Europe.

Booster for the kids with Isofix

Clek Olli is suitable for children 4-12 years and weighing 18-54 kg and corresponds to the group 2/3.

This is one of the first boosters with Isofix fixation. This booster due to this mounting ensures a safe and rigid fixation on the seat of the car. It is easy and versatile put on European cars (Isofix) and the us (with Latch system).

Manufacturers of booster completely exclude in its design, the likelihood of deformation in the crash. It became possible thanks to the absorbent material, the metal base and multiple layers of soft framework.

The Clek Olli Booster with Isofix complies with European and American safety standards, has passed multiple crash tests either lateral or frontal impact, and has long deserved in Russia a lot of positive reviews from buyers.

Booster with Isofix


  • On the Isofix mounting, self-latching locks.
  • Easy removable and installation.
  • Material HoneyComb shock-absorbing impact energy.
  • Metal base.
  • The Crypton Fabric has water and dirt repellent, easy to clean.
  • Optimal height of the booster ensures that the vehicle belt will not touch the baby's face.
  • Removable cover easy to wash.
  • High armrests.

The travel

Carolina Booster Isofix Baby Life has a number of important functions and will certainly impress your kid. It is very convenient, has a wonderful design and brightcolor.

Security in Carolina Baby provided the following design features:

  • Padded armrests are designed to create additional support and a high level of security for your child;
  • Hard commit will make the process of seat not so tiring, but the trip is more enjoyable.
Children in booster seats Isofix

The Top cover can be removed for washing at 30 degrees. Durable and soft padding booster made of antimicrobial material which will not cause irritation if a child rides in a skirt or shorts.


  • Group 3 (22-38 kg)
  • Maximum weight of the passenger - 36 kg;
  • Weight 1.2 kg;
  • Comfortable armrests for a comfortable fit;
  • Soft padding with possibility of washing and removal;
  • Rigid fixation;
  • Material: textiles and plastics.

Booster Capsula JR5

This model, like most analogs, is fixed built-in car seat belt. It is designed for kids from 3 to 12 years old and is set on a course of movement.

Booster with Isofix


  • Complies with the European requirements;
  • Booster child car seat belt is fixed;
  • The novelty of this model is a special clip for added blocking and guiding of staff of the belt;
  • Elevates the child to the required height for the correctness of the fixing belt.


  • Extra comfort is provided by a full armrests;
  • Has a very comfortable wide seat cushion;
  • Padding is made of hypoallergenic, breathable and durable material;
  • Cover removable and washable at a temperature of 30°;
  • Easy to transport and has a small weight.

You can Buy a booster with Isofix can be in the shops ‘Daughter and son”, “computers” or specialized shops selling children's car seats.

Models of booster seats Isofix

Portable car seat booster

Mifold Taxi – is the latest solution to create child safety in the car. With this portable compact device your child will be in any car in complete safety.

Made this model in a rugged metal housing made of aluminum and heavy-duty polymer that provides superior impact resistance.

Booster Mifold folds up and fits in car glove compartment. You can also put it in a backpack and use in any machine. New car seat-booster with Isofix is 10 times smaller than standard car seats a 5 times safer.

You can adjust the three positions of the width. This changes the height of the shoulder. Through the use of technology of packing foam, booster cushion remains cool even in hot days.

Based On feedback, the installation of a booster takes no more than 30 seconds.

The Booster cushion Mifold for correct contact with the child's body adapts car seat belt. In the end, when hitting your child is protected, like wearing adult.

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