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Currently, most tire manufacturers offer models for winter. It's much easier to find tires to motorists, as they have plenty to choose from. In a lot of Nokian winter models. One of them – Nordman 4, it interest many motorists. After reading this article they will finally choose.


The Manufacturer says about this model tire some incredible performance. But the fact that the tires performed efficiently, as proven during the performed tests and in practice. The quality does not depend on the country of manufacture, as it uses one and the same technology. In Russia the company is located in the city of Vsevolozhsk.

Tires Nordman 4

According to its characteristics, the model is similar to “Hakkapelitta 4”, but it is much cheaper. The quality is about the same in both instances, different place of manufacture. “Hakkapelitta" made in Finland.

Despite the fact that the production of Nokian Nordman 4 established in Russia, the whole process observed exclusively Finnish engineers. This explains the high quality of the products.

Tires are fully consistent with its value. On average, the price for Nokian Nordman 4 for one wheel – 2-5 thousand rubles depending on the dimension.

Tread pattern

The tread pattern of the model is quite unusual. In the Central part has a longitudinal rib. It is responsible for directional stability, which is most important when driving on the highway.

Drainage system of tyres Nokian Nordman 4 is composed of a plurality of grooves, a portion of which is located on the side of the tread. Due to this, the moisture and snow the tread is significantly improved, providing a safer driving experience.

The Protector helps to improve vehicle dynamics and reduced braking distance.

rubber Nokian Nordman 4

Features of the Nokian Nordman 4

These tires have a number of features. The most frequently note that they have increased the resource. The grooves of the tread pattern are recessed by 9 mm, for which the wear resistance increases. On average, as noted by motorists, resource, tires last up to 5 seasons. Someone is rising and someone on the contrary.

Also tyres Nokian Nordman 4 reduce fuel consumption. In the city it will not be particularly noticeable, but on the track the difference is palpable. This effect is achieved by reducing rolling resistance and improved traction.

The Need for studs

Most motorists prefer the studded tires. And it is not strange, after all the ice and snow they significantly improve the permeability. However, when driving in city conditions on the pavement they are useless. So choose the tire it is on the basis of the operating conditions that prevail.

Nordman 4 Tires are fitted with spikes. On average, one tire set of 100 spikes. Due to this, on ice or snow tyres show themselves perfect. Because of the unusual location of studs, tire while driving is almost not create additional noise.

Tires Nokian Nordman 4

Reviews on Nokian Nordman 4 about how to use a bus

According to many motorists, the properties and characteristics of tires depend on compliance with operating rules.

The Disks must be smooth and without any defects, then the resource will be enormous, as the protector will wear is minimal.

Some complain that the tires make noise while driving. This should not be, so the reason may lie in poor balancing. Often this lack is the place to be on tires of large sizes, as noted in the reviews on Nokian Nordman 4.

These two factors are decisive, as weak resistance and noise when driving occur because of this. Also initially, the tires need to break in.

Overall this is a good tire for a very budget price. Therefore, car owners often prefer them.

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