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Before the winter, motorists are puzzled by the choice of winter tires for my car. After that they forget about a similar problem not a long time, but only until the onset of warm days. It was then necessary to proceed to the choice of summer tyres as the winter is not fit, their properties are lost due to zero temperature. Some motorists pay attention to the company Continental. She's the most popular model is the Continental ContiSportContact 5. What is it? More on that below.

A Few words about manufacturers

The history of the company began in 1892. The stage was significant for her, as it began production of pneumatic tires. The company was the first in Germany that made the tires of this type at that time.

Continental ContiSportContact 5

Then the cars were not so popular as it is now. However, the situation has changed, and with it grew the popularity of the company. Also Continental first began manufacturing tires for winter. Soon they began to be equipped with spikes.

World famous company received after 2 discoveries. In 1908 she created a rim that was then called removable rim. At the moment, this invention is still used by all motorists. Also, the company owns the idea of making tires from a special rubber compound with the use of synthetic elements. Due to this, a tyre plant at the moment so developed.

About the model

Tires Continental ContiSportContact 5 is designed specifically for cars in the summer. The buyer is presented the choice of a huge number of dimensions: from 16 to 23 inches. The tires are ideal for powerful cars. Also, some establish their crossovers because the tires are able to withstand such loads.


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Tires Continental ContiSportContact 5

Development of the model lasted for a long time. It took a long time to equip tires for optimal tread pattern, which would ensure safe driving. Before the start of sales of the bus passed numerous tests and testing. As a result, the engineers achieved a reduction in fuel consumption and efficient braking. Also tyres can cope with a small road.

Part rubber

Continental ContiSportContact 5 uses a special rubber compound that cannot be found anywhere else. It is a proprietary development of the company. Rubber contributes to a comfortable driving and able to adapt to the conditions.

It is composed of silica. Due to it is provided by the elasticity of the tires, which is enough to improve handling. Also, thanks to this contact with the road area the maximum increases. Wheel quickly respond to the steering, as well as improved grip. Tires confident road holding even at high speeds.

Tires Continental ContiSportContact 5

Tread pattern

Tire tread from Continental ContiSportContact 5 at first glance does not attract attention and it seems normal. However, it depends on many things.

A Similar pattern applies to many models that are designed for high performance cars.

In the Central part has a longitudinal rib. It is responsible for directional stability and also helps to maintain traction during sharp maneuvering. Also, due to the ribs increases the rigidity of the frame, which turns the tire is not deformed. This affects the resource - it became more noticeable.

On the side of the tread blocks approximately the same size as in the center, but they differ in the presence of slats. They form a grip edges and improve contact with the road surface while driving.

Side part

Here is the tread blocks of increased size, which is quite unusual. They located the fins, which also affected the handling.

Tyres ContiSportContact 5

The Units here provide additional rigidity to the framework. Because of this when cornering and manoeuvring of the bus is practically not deformed, providing excellent handling. The risk of skidding at a minimum even at high speeds.

Also due to this the tire is more resistant to mechanical stress. The risk of hernias or cuts is minimal.


When driving on dry asphalt tires Continental ContiSportContact 5 SUV 235 55 R18 have excellent performance. However, in the wet specific deterioration is not observed. Responsible for it of numerous lamellae, located on the protector. Running through the moisture that falls on the surface of the tire. Slats provide effective and quick moisture.

Also due to their improved traction on clay courts. However, off-road, these tires did not fit.

tires Continental ContiSportContact 5


The Bus turned out versatile, as they can pick almost any car. Just in the range has 200 dimensions of tires suitable for passenger cars and SUVs. Mostpopular motorists tires Continental ContiSportContact 5 235 45 R17. It should be noted that this model is suitable for cars and crossovers.

Improvements over the previous generation

Tires are Continental ContiSportContact 3 had excellent performance, however the tyre in the new generation are much less prone to rolling because of what they contribute to the reduction in fuel consumption. Due to this reduced also the amount of noise during movement.

Thanks to the rubber compound, increased tire life and grip. Tires now contribute to the improved dynamics and reduced braking distance. Also improve the coupling properties and numerous slats on the tread blocks. Have Continental ContiSportContact 3 these figures were worse. Despite this, the bus at the time was the leader in the market.


The Difference in cost of rubber Continental ContiSportContact 5 SUV is huge. It varies from 6 to 25 thousand roubles for one wheel. The price depends on the dimension and other indicators. Overall this is a normal value, as tyres are often mounted on premium cars with powerful engines.

ContiSportContact 5

Positive feedback

Motorists often leave reviews on these tires. Most of them are positive. Motorists have noted that during the movement of the tyres practically do not create noise, which ensures comfortable driving. When forward motion directional stability is excellent. She maintained even during sharp maneuvering. Also tyres have a shorter braking distance on any surface. To pick up tires can almost any car that is undoubtedly an advantage.

Negative feedback

Though in small quantity, but still they are there. Motorists say that the cost of the tires is not the lowest. There is also information that the bus quickly wear out because of its composition.

Reviews and official data: a comparison

As the company claims the tire is able to ensure safe driving in almost any conditions. However, do not converge information about the durability, as many motorists tyre has worn in 40 thousand kilometers.


Tires are ideal for cars with powerful engine, including for crossovers. You can verify this by reading the reviews on Continental ContiSportContact 5 235 45 r17 94w.

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