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In major cities are constantly actual problems with Parking. The smaller the car the easier it is to find a place. Skoda Citigo – one of such instances. The car introduced in autumn 2011 and belongs to the class of subcompact hatchbacks. Skoda Citigo comes with a three - or five-door body. Main competitors – “Citroen C1”, “Fiat 500” and “Peugeot 107”. What is a “Skoda Citigo”? Description, photo and technical characteristics – further in our article.


The Exterior of this car is devoid of any expressive shapes and lines that cling to look. Front car bumper has a simple, almond-shaped optics and compact hood, fades into the windshield. citigo SkodaHowever, the machine looks pretty, and ugly to call it difficult. Wheel arch from Skoda Citigo able to fit 15-inch wheels. They look pretty impressive. Also note that in 2016, the year was made a restyling of the model. Now «Skoda Citigo” looks like the one in the photo below.skoda citigoThe Design was slightly modified, but the General line remains the same. So, the changes affected the grille, which is vaguely reminiscent of “Rabinovsky”, and bonnet. He became more prominent. In the bumper there is a wide air intake cavity. Fog lights were rectangular and located slightly lower than in the previous version.

Overall, drivers are positive about the appearance. The machine is not allocated from a stream, but not distasteful. “Skoda Citigo” is the ideal car for the female half of humanity.


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“Skoda Citigo” refers to the A-class, which is the most compact. The length of the vehicle is 3.56 meters, width – 1.65 m, height-1.48 meters. As noted by reviews, “Skoda Citigo” great for large cities. With it, you will not face the problem of finding Parking spaces. Because the car is less than half the space that you need chetyrehdverny classic sedan. Ground clearance at the “Skoda, Citigo” - 14 inches. Due to the short wheelbase car seems quite high. With this layout, the hatchback can easily move through the major speed bumps.


If externally «Skoda» it seems some kind of toy, decoration – almost like a full-size sedan. Remotely the interior design reminds us "Octavia” or “rapid”. The front panel has a combined finish. The centre console is a large unit with radio and climate control unit. Instrument panel – as “Mini Cooper” – the huge scale of the speedometer and a pair of arrows at the sides. The wheel reminds the rest of the lineup «Skoda» - the same used in "Octavia”, “Fabia” and other models. Skoda citigo specificationsSeat ", Citigo” are close to each other. But sitting inside is quite comfortable-ergonomics at a high level. The salon is built qualitatively, although the materials sometimes openly budget. Back row is able to fit two adult passengers. And they will not be constrained in free space. And all thanks to the almost square roof, the angle of the bevel which starts already in the trunk.

The Trunk

The Luggage compartment has a capacity of 250 liters. But «Skoda Citigo” feature convertible rear backrest. This allows to extend the useful volume, if necessary, to 959 litres. Under the floor is a "stowaway" and a minimal set of tools. The trunk is narrow, but very deep.

What is “Skoda Citigo”?

Next. Company «Skoda» was always given a choice of power plants for customers. And even this car was not the exception. So, ruler powertrain consists of two petrol engines. When the first volume in 998 cubic centimeters has an output of 60 horsepower. Torque of this “baby” is 95 Nm at three thousand rpm.

In the more expensive trim levels available engine with 75 horsepower. Most interestingly, the working volume remains the same - 998 cubic centimeters. Torque of the unit – 95 Nm in the range of three to four thousand revs. Skoda citigo reviewsBoth power plants are equipped with phase shifters at the inlet, individual ignition coils, and have multipoint injection. “Skoda Citigo” meets environmental standard «Euro 5».

Transmission dynamics and flow

Depending on configuration, “Skoda Citigo” is equipped with a manual transmission of five speeds. Or “robot” (not DSG) with the same number of stages and single-disc clutch.

Disperse hundreds with the weakest motor takes 15.3 seconds. In “robot” and with a 75-horsepower motor, this parameter is reduced to 13.2 seconds. Limited top speed of 170 kilometers per hour. But to go on “the Skoda Citigo” over 80 getting scared. The car holds the road and poorly run at high speeds-note reviews. What is really pleasing is the fuel consumption. It is no more than 4.7 liters in the urban cycle. And it's gasoline motor.


The Car has a simple suspension design. The front used an independent system with telescopic struts and coil springs, rear – semi “beam”. Steering – rail, supplemented with Electromechanical steering. The front are disc brakes, rear – drums. Suspension “the Skoda Citigo" extremely harsh. The cause is not only simplified its schema, but also a short base. Due to this, the car literally jumps on bumps. To drive it outside the city simply uncomfortable.

Specifications and prices

Sorry, car city «Skoda Citigo” is not delivered officially to Russia. At home (in Czech Republic), this hatchback is available at a price of 200 thousand CZK. In terms of rubles is 530 thousand. The basic package includes a car:Skoda citigo description

  • Four airbags.
  • Electric Windows.
  • Power steering.
  • 14-inch forged wheels.
  • ABS.
  • On-Board computer and multimedia.


So, we found what has a “Skoda Citigo” specifications, design and price. According to the manufacturer, the car does not enjoy high popularity even in Europe. And in 2018 the company plans to complete serial production of the model. The car is of high cost – at a similar price (about 600 thousand) you can buy a four-door sedan In a class with at least a good level of equipment.


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