Tires Amtel NordMaster ST-310 reviews. "Amtel NordMaster ST-310": advantages and disadvantages


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Products of the Russian tire brand “Amtel” today known throughout the world. The company produces fairly high-quality tires for various types of vehicles. Among the studded rubber demand model Amtel NordMaster ST 310. Reviews from owners and experts, as well as characteristics of the “Sparrow” will discuss in detail in the article.

About the manufacturer

The origins of the company «Amtel” takes in 1987. At that time its main activity has been associated with the supply of natural rubber in the domestic tire plants. After 10 years, the company has become a diversified holding company, which attached to itself a few tire factories (Kirov and Voronezh) with the aim of expanding production. In 2005, after the acquisition of Vredestein (Netherlands), the holding company is renamed to “Amtel-fredeshtajn”.

amtel nordmaster st 310 reviews

Currently, the company is considered one of the leaders in tyre manufacturing in Europe and the best manufacturer of similar products in Russia. Main markets-CIS countries, Asia, North America, Europe. The company has rich raw material base and scientific centre, which is constantly conducting research.


Today the brand offers a wide range of summer, winter and all-season rubber for vehicles of different categories. Different sizes allow you to select the driver most suitable option.

The Winter model tires are tailored to provide a good bond with the icy, snowy and wet road surface. For summer tyres, the manufacturer uses a special compound that allows you to maintain their density. “Vsesezonka” has a high resistance to mechanical damage.


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Winter tires

When approaching the cold time of the year most car owners think about cuckoo “shoes” to purchase for your vehicle. Not always there is a possibility to buy tires of known brands, but it is absolutely not a reason to be upset. Domestic manufacturers offer very good products in a quite large range. A special demand for rubber from the company «Amtel”.

tires amtel nordmaster st 310

“Winter” from Amtel Presents studded and friction tires. Each model has a maximum rigidity of a design that allows the wheels to respond instantly to helm commands. Unique rubber compound allows you to keep the softness even at very low temperatures and increases the permeability of the tyre on soft snow.

The most popular models of winter tires include:

  • Tires Amtel NordMaster ST 310;
  • Tyres "Amtel Metelica";
  • Tyres "Amtel NordMaster";
  • Tyres "Amtel NordMaster Evo";
  • Tyres "Amtel NordMaster 2";
  • Tires Amtel NordMaster CL.


A Series of “NordMaster” earned the highest number of positive reviews from drivers and experts. When developing models using the unique compound and the latest double-layer design of the tread. This allows it to “excellent” to cope with all winter “surprises”. Thanks to a high content of natural rubber the elasticity of the tires is maintained for the entire period of operation.

tires amtel nordmaster reviews

The Manufacturer claims that winter tyres Amtel NordMaster possess high operational characteristics and are able to provide car owner a comfortable and safe ride in the winter. Model acquired from the developers of the spikes that help to overcome without problems the icy roads and snow drifts. Tires have wide transverse and longitudinal grooves, z-shaped slats which improves grip.


“Studding” Amtel NordMaster comes in four sizes (R13-R16). The size of the tires selected, depending on the brand of car. The width of the rubber can range from 175 to 205 mm, as evidenced by the first digit in the marking. Profile height ( % ) relative width is determined by the second digit. Tires "Amtel NordMaster" can present numbers 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75. Maximum load on one tire & ndash; from 476 to 711 kg speed Index on the tires may be indicated by letters Q and T. This means that the maximum speed for these tires 160 and 190 km/h respectively.

The advantages of rubber

Specifications and reviews make it clear that a domestic manufacturer does offer high-quality rubber, perfect for use in winter conditions. The advantages of models "NordMaster" and "NordMaster 2" refers to increased durability, the safety spikes even after several seasons of operation, maintain control on slippery and wet roads, high permeability.

A Significant advantage is price. Domestic rubber production is much more affordable than imported products and not inferior in quality. The cost of winter tyres starts from 1800 rubles.

Amtel NordMaster ST 310

Reviews of car owners about the tires "Amtel NordMaster ST 310" Are mostly positive. To create the model for was based on its predecessor – "Amtel NordMaster". Improved bus belong to the category of studded and available in four sizes. Rubber is considered the budget and is designed for passenger vehicles.


When you create the model developers used the latest developments in the field of kinoproizvodstva and modern equipment. Many domestic experts believe that this model can successfully compete with some of the world's leading tire brands. Tires Amtel NordMaster successfully did on the tests and confirmed their high performance characteristics.

The Protector

The tread pattern is directional in nature and was created using computer simulation. This helped to obtain a secure grip of the tires with the pavement covered with ice or snow, fast set speed. The Central zone has a notched blocks, resembling an ear of wheat. Such constructional decision has contributed to increasing the area of the contact surface of the wheel with the road regardless of its state.

tires size

Network zigzag slats have sharp edges that improve the coupling and controllability, prevent lateral drift. In addition, they help to slow down and do not allow the tires to slip. Zebroobraznyj lugs provide excellent flotation on soft snow.

Drainage system in the form of wide grooves, outward, warn against aquaplaning. Water, snow, slush quickly out of the contact patch.

The rubber Composition

The Developers have taken care to see that the rubber remains soft in low temperatures. To this compound were added components such as highly dispersed techuglerod, silicic acid. The combination of synthetic and natural rubber helped to keep the elasticity of rubber.


Reviews of tires Amtel NordMaster in the model ST 310 say that these tires are more suited for operation in conditions of warm winters. Wheel is “row” loose snow and “clinging” for the ice.

amtel nordmaster st 310 r15

In Addition to the unique rubber compound, the manufacturer decided to use a two-layer protector. The first layer is made of a tough rubber that exhibits resistance to abrasion. This allows you to extend the operational life and use tires more than one season. A second layer of rubber compound more plastic and prevents slipping.

How to choose the size of the wheels?

The size of the tires is selected based on the factory manual for the vehicle. Usually in this document indicates several sizes, matching a particular brand of car. The correct size of tyres ensures a good coupling with the road to prevent skidding and reduce stopping distances.

Studded tires Amtel NordMaster ST 310 R15 can be installed on practically any make car. However, you must consult with a master. Usually the rubber is selected taking into account the radius of the disk.

A novelty in the line "NordMaster"

In 2015, the manufacturer introduced a new model winter tire Amtel NordMaster EVO. Budget rubber looks very impressive and quite similar to other models of this series. Changes were made to the tread pattern and compound, and the geometry of the blocks, and planting "steel teeth”.

tires amtel nordmaster

Specifications NordMaster EVO allow the conclusion that these tires will not fail the driver on slippery and snowy roads with ease will cope with the drifts and snow...

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