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Car Brake system requires regular maintenance. In particular, this applies to replacement brake pads, inspecting for defects in disks, fluid change, etc., But it is not always done on time and done at all. Many turn on HUNDRED only in case of obvious malfunctions. But all this can be avoided if time to change pads and not to forget to pierce the brake discs.to pierce the brake discs

About the brake discs car

Typically, manufacturers specify a service life of one or another of the served node. Therefore, the specific figures to speak does not make sense. On some cars the pads go 10-15 thousand miles, others are running around 50 or more. This also applies to drives. If they are high quality, easy live 100-150 thousand kilometers, provided the serviceability of the entire system. If jam guide caliper, and the pad will not move away from the disk, it is quite logical that will warm up the entire Assembly, and the disks and pads are not only subjected to increased wear, but also can fail due to overheating.

Brake discs are ventilated and non-ventilated depending on many factors. In most cases, the ventilated design is on the front axle. Back can stand the usual discs and drums. In the process, the disc gradually wears down, and when it reaches the minimum thickness it must be replaced. This is because the thinner the metal of the contact pads, the more it is heated.groove brake discs without removing the

Sharpen or change?

Someone is advocating to be machined brake discs, others tend only to be replaced. Here it is necessary to look at the situation. If the disk is erased, then at least point him, though not, properly perform its function it will be gone. When the wear is negligible, but during braking there is such an effect as runout in the wheel or the brake pedal, then it is acceptable to the groove. And again, in the absence of mechanical defects such as cracks, etc.


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That is why a simple answer to the question is not possible. Often there are reviews that the groove provides only a short-term effect and can only save as a fill-in pair with pads. This is partly true, but not always. Let's take a closer look at how to pierce the brake discs. Today, there are lots of equipment and different technologies to do it not only quickly, but efficiently.groove brake discs price

Express groove brake discs without removing

As the name implies, in this case there is no need to dismantle the repaired unit from the vehicle. That is why this groove is very fast, and is as effective as a full repair on the lathe. A modern one HUNDRED are equipped with such stands. To perform work, you only need to remove the wheel. Further stud installs a special unit, the unit is brought directly to the plane of the disk.

The process of cutting takes about 10-15 minutes. Therefore, to perform the work in a circle will take no more than one hour. Cutters for groove brake discs on the unit machine installed on both sides. This allows to significantly reduce the beating during the operation. However, there are disadvantages in this method. The main disadvantage is the impossibility of cutting discs with this brake element as the handbrake.

Cost of work

A lot depends on the repair place and his way. In many garages you will see the different price tags, but at the same time, everyone will extol the quality of work. It should be noted that groove brake discs without removing will be cheaper, as the masters will not need to remove the extra nut. Also the cost of services varies depending on the car class:

  • Domestic passenger car - 700 rubles per disk;
  • Car - 1 000;
  • Foreign car business class - 1 100;
  • SUVs - 1 200;

Luxury car (sport) - 1 500.lathe brake discsIf the drives are, among others, also perforated, the sum should to add another 200 rubles. As you can see, if you perform work in a circle on the car, then everything will cost 4 000, 5 000. But if you think about it, it's not so cheap. Because of 6 000-7 000 rubles to buy new wheels. So here the situation is somewhat ambiguous. Of course, it makes sense groove brake discs, for which the price is quite high. Usually it is the original or tuning. If they are Chinese, that sharpening does not make sense, much easier and cheaper to replace.

Lathe brake discs

Plays an Important role used for work equipment. Today, many garages are portable stands that allow you to perform groove without removing the wheel. However, stationary lathes has not been canceled. They are more functional, but if there's a professional, and the result is much better. The lathe brake disc allows to work in three dimensions. That is pritachivajut side, where the adjacent pad and place the clamp to the hub. You will have a perfectly flat disk, about the wobbling during braking it is possible to forget as about a bad dream.

The Most popular machine - PRO-CUT at a cost of approximately 200 000. He is a professional and allows you to sharpen the disc, without removing it from the hub. But if possible, better to change, as a last resort - turning brake discs. The price of the service today is constantly increasing. In major cities can achieve 3, 000 with a check for runout etc yet it is quite an expensive procedure.where to pierce the brake discs

Can you do yourself?

In the user manual and repair of cars VAZ have the appropriate section. It is clearly stated and understood that the groove can be done in the garage environment without special equipment. For example, to remove the collar is formed as a result of disc wear or use hard pads, you can use the file. You need to perform the following actions:

  • Raise car on Jack and remove the wheel;
  • To start the car and turn on the 4th or 5 th gear;
  • Using a file or coarse sandpaper disc, clean up the shoulder first one side and then the other.

Of Course, this is true only for the axis, which is the leading. In addition, the cars that is not recommended, its better to just replace the discs for a new one. Where to pierce the brake discs? Better just checked the station where you have already addressed. Also it is desirable to read the value of the work. In some services over the groove take too much. Perhaps there doing well, although this is not a fact. Too cheap is not good. It is likely that neglect quality and deceive customers.

How to do?

First of all, you need to inspect the condition of the brake discs. A large part of the defects can be identified visually. This applies to the thickness of the disk. If he's served his purpose, then there is no point go to the station and attempt to restore it. Cracks also demonstrates the futility of gnawing.braking disk

If, however, it was decided to pierce the brake discs, to reduce the cost of works are advised to do their removal. There is nothing complicated. Thrown off the wheel, removed the caliper. For this you need to Unscrew a couple of long bolts and studs. Then with a flat head screwdriver to hook the retaining bracket a little and pushed the plunger. Now you can perform the removal of the brake disc. If necessary, you can use WD-40 and before installing, lubricate all screwed connections with graphite or copper grease. Latest for braking system is more preferable.cutters for groove brake discs

Bottom line

Sometimes there is no reason to engage the groove. As noted above, today there are a huge number of Chinese brake discs. It is worth noting that not all of them are of poor quality. You can pay attention to European counterparts. Reasonable price tag and fairly good metal. Try not to brake at high speed in the puddles, because it is overheating and sudden cooling often result in distortion of the brake disc.


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