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How are the clips? How hard it is – to create a themed video in which are combined different types of files? Actually the answers are fairly simple, and every PC user will be able to create this little masterpiece.

Videos. The concept and scope

Videos, or common videos – is mounted in sequence and of the selected file sequence (alternating sequence). Their scope is very large and is both entertaining and educational. Of course, to know how to make your own clip – is one thing, but to implement in practice – is another.

How to create clip

Moreover, the process of creating a clip is not only in connection of pictures of photos or videos. Additionally requires the ability to add special effects, elements of the installation and other technical details.

But how beautiful it turns out when people figured out how to make the clip, and gives a great videos about the celebrations, just memorable events. Such talent is highly valued and it is possible to earn good money.

How to choose the right file for the video

Before you do a clip of photos with music, or rather, to begin installation, you should attend to the selection of high-quality material.

First, you need to decide on the theme. And already depending on it to choose the pictures, music and video cuts.


Second, the choice of photos is not that simple a procedure. All images must be clear, have a comparatively small size. By the way, it is not necessary to add the clip only photos. You can find online few themed pictures that nice variety to the video.


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Third, if the movie will be available for public access in the Network, then it should be concerned about the musical accompaniment (if any). This nuance should be considered when deciding how to create a video from pictures and music. The main thing that was not violated anyone's copyright.

Instruction. Part 1. Preparing to work

Of Course, to understand how to do a video on the computer from photos, so even with various accents of video and music next, you should follow the instructions. There are, however, reservations that certain teams in the various special programs is different. Although the sequence of actions are basically the same.

Step 1. The choice of programs to create movie. Today, the Internet offers a number of programs that can easily cope with primitive videos and professional clips. The best choice for home – Windows Movie Maker or VirtualDub.

instructions how to make a clip

Step 2. The selected program to open, to become familiar with its functionality and main features. Most of these applications are localized, so this effect lot of time is not required.

Step 3. Selection of materials for the video. This item was described a few above, but according to repeat it. All photos, images, videos need to be high quality and optimal size. To tell you how to make a clip, manual does not explain details, but only gives advice. So selection of material is at the discretion of the user.

Step 4. Adding source files to the program. In any program there is an item ‘Add files”, which need to load photos, audio and video in the application workspace.

Instruction. Part 2. Merge files

After all the preparatory work completed, you can proceed directly to creative work. It is quite challenging and requires certain skills, and most importantly - imagination from the author of the clip.

Step 1. Placing files in the correct sequence. From here begins the most interesting. Usually, the workspace of the program to create the clips contains a timeline with intervals where you want to place your photos and video cutting. For audio there is a separate number scale.

Step 2. Add effects. This item is not mandatory, but it would make the video more interesting and artistic. You need to find the program click “Effects”. By the way, for each frame you can set a separate effect.

How to make your own clip

Step 3. "Bonding" of personnel. After all files are placed in a user-friendly sequence, you can move to the final stage showing how to make a clip. Need in the application menu to find the button “Create a clip”, “Connecting the clip" or similar title. The program will automatically combine all components into a single whole.

Step 4. Save the video clip. After completion of all procedures necessary to save the resulting masterpiece, which you choose “Save as”. However, before you click it, you need to make sure that the clip has the correct format (corresponds to extension video – avi, mkv, mpeg4, mov, etc.), as well as the correct audio codec (AAC3 or MP3).

As you can see, to do a video on the computer is not so difficult. Just need patience and desire. Even if it is not the first time, but you must have.

Creating a video from photos

Perhaps the easiest type of videos. Although adding a musical number, it is still necessary, as a simple change of photos or images without additional effect will be dull and boring.

How to make clip-on phone

So, to figure out how to make video from photos, you need to perform a simple chain of actions:

  • Choose the desired files (photos, images, or combined);
  • To add them to the program;
  • To arrange pictures in the correct sequence;
  • Apply to multiple/all files a variety of effects.
  • Combine them into one video;
  • Save the resulting clip.

There is Nothing difficult, however, is more detail on a few points. Effects that can be applied to a given frame in all programs are different, but their purpose is essentially the same. You can install a beautiful opening each photo (deployment, smooth or sharp appearance of the file from the center and more). In addition, you can make some pictures/images will be placed in certain areas of the frame.

Creating a mixed clip

If the simplest photoclip PC user will be able to cope for an hour, then to figure out how to make a clip from the video with the music, and even photos, will take several hours of painstaking work.

First, choose the video difficult, especially that first source file should be split into several fragments. But if it is, for example, on the review of a game or a new film or the celebration – a long work by breaking original video file to collect the necessary fragments. But if a user wants his own to figure out how to make the video, program overview, which is shown below, it is easy to clarify all the obscure points.

Second, an important attention should be paid to combining video and audio tracks to events in the video match the music or the lyrics. This immediately puts the finished clip to a high level of professionalism.

A Good idea when choosing how to make the clip seem and add photos, either directly or indirectly relevant to the chosen topic.

Creating a clip using Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker – is one of the standard applications of Windows operating system which was supported until the release of Win XP. Given the fact that this OS is almost out of use nowadays, you may mistakenly conclude that tell you how to make a clip of this program, it makes no sense. The fact that Movie Maker is available online for free download, and its main advantage is the full compatibility even with the latest version of “Windows”.

Now the first step in the program is importing the selected video, audio and image files in the program's workspace. Use the command “Import”.

How to make clip on your computer

Now you can do the installation. The audio file is added to the special time scale (identical to the sound track). Here it should be noted that great importance is the location of the music file on a scale. If you place it at the beginning of the clip, the music will play immediately.

Now you put videos on a scale. This operation is performed by dragging and dropping videos on a special scale. Nuance – as...

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