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The development of the gaming industry is always impressive. Medicine, education, technology - none of that rushed forward as fast as entertainment. This applies not only to gambling, live quests, and more, but to computer developments. The strategy about the middle Ages, like any other genre, has evolved continuously. Improved graphics, the interface became more user-friendly, but the essence has not changed. Build, fight, and win. Now let's turn to a more detailed analysis.

Economy - go!

Any strategy about the middle Ages can be divided into two genres - military and economic. Of course, the best of the games represent hybrids of both genres, but there is always a bias to one side or the other.

strategy defense

Where should you start? One of the brightest representatives of his time was the game "Caesar 3" and its sequel part 4. This project is the economy, pure and simple. No, of course, the player is given a choice - go through the plot in a peaceful or military missions.

You can build only 6 legions, which will manage to send help to Rome or to reflect the raids of the barbarians (or to defeat a punitive Legion of Caesar, sent to your town for the debts). But the economic component is put on hurrah - to develop the infrastructure, take care of the citizens by fulfilling their requirements, fulfill the whims of the gods, trading with other cities, in your locality just in excess. If you are not tempted to ancient Rome, you can try to play "Pharaoh". In fact, the same thing, only all the action takes place in Ancient Egypt.


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"Knights and merchants" - with a more advanced military system, but not less detailed economy, this strategy was produced in Russia under the title "War and peace". You have to wrest his Kingdom from the hands of the dictator and to lead the revolt.

War craft

The Strategy about the middle Ages, which are based on fighting, make the majority in its genre. At the time, the game Stronghold is a revolution in the gaming community. When she was released, she was positioned as a simulator of the siege of the castle. Precipitated you precipitated you to either perform a peace mission on economic tasks.

strategy game about the middle ages

A year Later was published the following part - Stronghold: Crusaders. What has changed? Nothing but the smallest details - now the enemy was with you on the same map. No need to wait for the next siege, to complete the mission. You can collect an army and destroy the opponent, and in conjunction with a detailed economic process, this game became a model for any fan of old times.

Strategy Game about the middle Ages are different. One of the special projects was Mount and Blade. You start playing for the usual lone knight without lands and retainers. But there is much more to assemble an army to become a vassal of one of the kings, to the castle and create their own Kingdom. It is not a strategy in the usual sense - each of your soldiers is in the account, you will learn to control the army for real.


Strategy Game about the middle Ages is inextricably linked with legends and fairy tales. So we can't ignore the fantasy. "Heroes of might and Magic 3" is a cult game. No matter what fans of good graphics, this part has a related storyline, skill system and a good balance of locks.

Another project that needed attention was a series of games Age of Wonders. Similar and not similar to "Heroes" at the same time. The opportunity to create significant global spells to fight armies without heroes, summon monsters - this was the main feature of the series.

strategy game Empire medieval


In a separate caste, you can highlight strategies that are played via the Internet. Of course, most of the already described developments support a multiplayer mode, but browser - based games are something special. For example, the strategy game "Empire". The middle ages represented fairly one-sided, by military development, but continuous gameplay will not allow you to break away for a second, because every hour of your absence it is a handicap to the enemy. Fight and win!

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