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Device not recognized? What to do in this case? Technique often breaks down at the most inopportune moment. How fast to restore it, and will be discussed in this article.

device not recognized what to do

General information

The Greatest number of problems occurs when you try to connect a USB. When your computer connects external hard drive, flash drive, printer or something else, he often says that the device is not recognized. What to do to fix this problem? Most in this respect, sin USB 2.0 and 3.0. It should be noted that the reasons for this phenomenon may be a great many, therefore it is impossible to speak about a particular universal solution. Therefore, the article will be presented with several options what to do. One works there, the other - otherwise, to solve the problem, you should may be try them all. And even this does not guarantee the likelihood that identification will occur successfully. Alas, but much is above the power of an ordinary citizen and his home workshop. Thus, the device is not recognized. What to do?usb device not recognized what to do

First aid

Initially, you should ensure that there is an error that says that the computer does not recognize device, not a consequence of his fault. In other words, if the stick is often dropped, it is elementary could fail. In this case, it is possible to connect it to another computer. If this also fails, then the problem is in the device itself. In this case, it will have to not diagnose a computer, and removable media, printer or other addition. If the second computer does not have, but we know that has worked quite successfully, you can follow the following steps:


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  1. Disconnect the device and turn off the computer. Now for us the greatest interest computer hardware. Should I pull out of the socket the plug of the power cord. Then you have to press and hold the power button for five seconds. This is done in order to remove from the motherboard components and the remnants of the charge.
  2. You Then turn on the computer and connect the previously disabled device after booting. After such manipulation, it is likely that the device is working.

As a quick alternative, you can try to change ports, if the USB device is not recognized. What to do if this doesn't help, we will now hardware

Working with device Manager

It's a bit more complex version. Initially, you should start device Manager. You can do it through the menu or through quick launch. The last option you can use by pressing Win + R. In the window that opens will have a line in which to type Devmgmt.msc And press the enter key. Where can we find our unknown device? Most Likely, it will be possible to see:

  1. USB Controllers.
  2. Other devices.

How to recognize him among the other hardware? This option is ideal if the device is placed in the section "Other devices". It is signed as "unknown device". When found (and if there is an Internet connection), click the right button of your mouse to see the drop down menu. It is necessary to choose such an item as “Update driver”, and the operating system will fix the device. However, to place great hopes for it is still not recommended. Such pessimistic words should be added because of the software and the human factor, because of which the drivers in a specific Network just will not does not recognize device

Working with controllers

If the identification went the other way, here is a little more complicated. So, initially you will need to click on the device, right-click. From the list you need to choose “Properties”. In the opened window go to the tab «Driver». If available, click on “Roll back”. In the opposite case, “Delete”. Then you need to go to device Manager and through the “Action” select “scan for hardware changes". You can then see if all work as it should.

That all recommendations have been implemented, and USB device not recognized. What to do in this case? You should then try to install the driver manually. Before that, it is very desirable to remove. You need to look for the correct program online and install it yourself. And if one is not reached, you should not give up. You need to try another driver. If, for example, installed software for printers, you should try not just to particular devices but also a universal configuration. But the recommendations made, and the device is not recognized. What to do in this case?

Power management

This is quite unexpected, but at the same time effective method. There are two versions of the changes. Let's consider the first. Initially we control panel, you must open the window that is responsible for the power supply. After that you should choose the scheme that you are using, and click "Change advanced power settings". Then you need to disable / disconnect devices or USB ports to save power. After such manipulation of computer hardware should work without problems. If Windows doesn't detect the device even after such manipulation, then it is difficult to advise what to do. At home, most likely to resume his work will not does not recognize device


And that's all done, and the device does not work. Okay, if it's the printer or the scanner. What should I do if I was able to revive a flash drive or external hard drive, which is extremely important information? Is there any options in this case? Yes, recover data, it is possible, but you need to understand the level of professional knowledge needed for this. Well, we should not forget about the fact that we need very modern equipment, which can be found is that the experts that are engaged in repair of devices. Therefore, considering all the homemade versions, it should be noted that one can only appeal to those who earns it on the bread.


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