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PHP script execution time is important for the purpose of determining the time of a page or element to building a safe and robust code in General.

php script execution time

There are three fundamentally different options for this goal: the formation of the entire page, the updated page element and the execution time is not limited, including the fact of the termination of the session by the visitor.

Execution Time of the script

The PHP script execution time to determine just like it was done on the first programming languages. Identifying the time stamps at the beginning and at the end of the sample code by calculating the difference of these values, you can determine exactly how much time did execution of all syntactic constructions that are between the initial and final markers.

A Simple script: example of determining the execution time of the loop.

Author's example is not a picture

PHP provides developers with two function: microtime() and time () that can be used to generate timestamps. Defining these labels before the beginning of the studied code and upon its completion, you can calculate the difference, i.e. to obtain the actual time that was spent on code execution.

Functions microtime() and time()

In this example, the loop contains a different number of iterations: 567 or 56789. In the first case the cycle is faster in the second - ten times slower.

Author's example is not a picture

The Function microtime() can be used without any parameters, then the result will be a character string of two numbers separated by a space. The first number is the number of microseconds that the second number is the number of seconds that have elapsed since the date recognized as the beginning of the era of "UNIX".


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script sample

If the function microtime(true) is called with the parameter and its value is true, the result will be a number as a sum of seconds and microseconds. Using a function without parameters is equivalent to calling: microtime(false).

The time() Function works with microseconds, for example cycle on a smaller number of iterations gives a time of zero execution.

The Practical value of execution time

PHP is a fast, modern and functionally sophisticated language. In most cases the PHP script execution time even identify does not make sense. But the formation can be performed on the basis of data obtained from the database. In this case, apart from the delay information, can occur, and time for delivery of data to the accounting server load and other circumstances.

Advanced Internet programming often forced to reckon with the requirements of distributed data processing, need of data collection from various resources on the Network online. In these and similar cases, assessment of execution time of the script plays a strategic role and may have considerable practical value.

In particular, the development of a search engine may want to review systematically the range of a specific network resource on the subject executed on them changes over a period of time. But some resources can be:

  • Available;
  • Blocked;
  • To be on maintenance.

In these cases, the script will either crash or will be unreasonably long wait for the necessary events.

Setting a precise time for the execution of the script, for example, 10 sec., 1 min. or 5 min., you can provide your own resource strict observance of the rules for the processing of all the remote resources necessary to solve their problems.

Time and place of execution of the script

PHP is a server-side language, but it is not in all cases means the PHP script execution time is determined solely by the speed of the server. Only a limited number of tasks require server-side processing. Accessing a database or resource in the Network from a script is beyond the competence of the servers and additional time will be spent waiting for the establishment of the desired connections and obtaining the necessary data.

run php script

Run a PHP script can be done via AJAX technology, that is, after the click of the visitor on the page element. It is common practice, when the page is not updated as a whole, but only a single element. As a rule, such a decision may be due to the sample of the desired data. Any delay in the execution here is critical for the visitor. If the time exceeds his expectations, he'll just go on a fast and comfortable share.

The Developer can estimate how long it takes the required process, and if the PHP script execution time will start to go beyond acceptable limits, it can send to the visitor instead of an answer adequate to the message. This significantly increases the quality of the resource and is a good solution.

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