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The Laptop is the Samsung RV515 - the proposal 2011 from the same company. Budget model based on dual-core 1.65 GHz AMD Dual-Core E-450 is currently out of production. Buy it has not come from official distributors. But at the time the device has proved to be excellent as a laptop for work.

More about external design

It is a miracle weight almost two pounds (actually 2.4 kg) made of silver-black colour, which you can see in the photo.

samsung rv515

So the keyboard area and the bottom third of the laptop cover Samsung RV515 are black in color, and the bottom of the laptop is made in this practical color. The rest of the case silver textured band. It has a matte surface that plays a role in maintaining a diligent, fingerprints and dust become visible immediately. The dimensions of this beauty: 381.6х256.2х31.9 mm (width x depth x height). Height three and a half centimeters for today's consumer is too large. But recall that this model Samsung RV515 was presented in 2011 and belongs to the class budget. Because the target thickness is just right. Especially because minimizing the height of performed by refusal to drive in the first place. Here the drive is present.

samsung rv515 specifications

Display information

The laptop Screen is 15.6 inches with 1366x768 resolution. The glossy finish LED display will allow you to work in browsers, office programs. It is worth remembering that luster reflects the sunlight and glares hard enough (in comparison with a matte finish), because you need to care about a good location with suitable lighting to not experience discomfort from the above mentioned side effects. Graphics adapter discrete, same manufacturer, AMD, Radeon HD6470M mark, with one Gigabyte of dedicated memory. It is clear that for modern games with powerful graphics, this card will not work, because the positioning is user with low demands on graphics capabilities: office programs, applications, study, viewing videos, and the like.


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Samsung RV515: the characteristics of the other toppings

The Laptop is equipped with memory of type DDR3-1066 4 GB. The chipset conforms to the stuffing (also AMD A50M mark). Hard drive, which is equipped with a Samsung RV515 laptop, will be able to store 500 gigabytes of your information.

The model Also has an optical drive DVD Super Multi, that at the moment uncommon, after all, the manufacturer is chasing the minimum value of the thickness and weight. Plus media disks after the disks gradually go down in history, opening the way for USB drives, simply put, flash drives. Under them, by the way, there are three USB 2.0 ports, which are already quite outdated and have a little brother 3.0 at speeds ten times higher. In addition to them, also available:

  • VGA and HDMI connectors under the monitor;
  • Card reader that can read MMC, SD, SDXC, SDHC;
  • Output/input for headphones and microphone;
  • RJ-45 for Internet (LAN) through a Fast Ethernet adapter.

In addition, the network can come out with wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

Wireless technology has a built-in Bluetooth 3.0.

notebook samsung rv515

Like any other notebook, Samsung RV515 has a built-in microphone and webcam, "power" which is only 0.3 MP. This, in principle, it is enough to communicate via Skype with their loved ones or work colleagues, partners, etc.

Pre-installed operating system

All this build is good because included in it is immediately installed Windows 7 Home Basic. All drivers needed for proper operation of any device, is also supplied, and a so-called demo version of office programs, with limited functionality, and riddled with advertising banners. But for simple text work and this is enough to enable you to buy a laptop and immediately start working with him, and after to do additional installation of new programs.

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